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  1. With his illegal actions Hawkins has cost May 2 games, a half final and maybe a GF. This is on top of round arms etc to other players of other teams. Will only get worse as he gets older and his frustration increases.
  2. Something smells. They bring Narkle in as an emergency 4 hours ago. Replacing a player they must have known had concussion..or not. Now Narkle is in the selected side. Smells Cheating Not in the spirit of the rule. ..you choose.
  3. Geelong gave medi subbed a potential medi sub. Simpson has concussion..strange tgey didn't know that at selection.
  4. I seem to recall Keath missing for a couple of games at seasons end. Dogs lost their last 3.
  5. Tbat means we have only lost 4. Geelong have lost many more.
  6. I saw Petty grab a hamstring in the last minute of the game against Brisbane.
  7. Everyone would include me and it doesn't. Sorry to disagree but I do. I also understood that he is South Australian.
  8. Or at 28 yo and a Brownlow in tow he is worth more now than in 2 years time when the contract is up. From what I xan see his 44 possessions do not hurt the opposition too much this year so his currency is now and he knows it. Rip 4 years from Fremantle. Can't see what covid has to do with it. Neale has a contract to an employer for 5 years to live away from Perth signed 3 years ago.
  9. This news with Lachie Neale is strange really. Neale takes up a 5 year contract and moves to Brisbane with his young wife. Surely the young couple would know that they would start a family within those 5 years and have a plan for support given the contract value.
  10. We miss Andrew but he plays for Casey?
  11. 73% of statistics are made up. ...including that one.
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