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  1. Where is the demographic centre Melbourne? Is it Glen Waverley or nearby? Easier to get to Cranbourne from Glen Waverley than from Glen Waverley to Gosch's.
  2. Can you move a metre back from the mark and then sideways?
  3. As a player who could have been delisted or traded I feel that Hunt has become important. As a lead up forward he had pace to take a mark and also pace to run back toward goal and break the line.This season he would be imoortant down back because of the new man the mark rule Having said that he will probably struggle for a spot
  4. A few games played here Bob. There was an agreement that no candidate would promote themselves. However you could have the Pres do it for you. The number of members that voted has not been released nor has the number of votes counted which could be anywhere between 1 and 4 times the number of members who voted. The election does not have to be democratic but it needs to be fair for each candidate , I feel. I guess Peter Lawrence will have to by his own lunches.
  5. 58 I will agree to disagree but I see that your 4 ticks are worth 25% each of your 1 vote. You have just spread your vote evenly across 4 candidates. Obviously you have done your homework and each of those candidates equally deserve your tick.
  6. I understand perfectly that t h ey are ticks and not votes. A vote consists of 1 to 4 ticks. 5 ticks is an invalid vote but a vote nonetheless. One membership equals 1 vote not 4 votes as you suggest.
  7. If you have 2100 members and 2000 of them tick 4 boxes equally across candidates a,b,c,d,e (5) then they receive 1600 ticks each. If the other 100 members tick only 1 box (b) for instance then candidate b wins. Are far as my comitment goes, and you do not know, I may feel that two of the candidates are not worthy. I fail to see how that diminishes my commitment to the club
  8. 58 you can say your "interpretation" is incorrect without a personal attack but if you want to use your keyboard for that then feel free. For you to query my commitment to the Dees is baseless as I was merely pointing out quite simple mathematics to many situations not just a MFC election. 1 vote will let you tick four boxes. 1 vote and 1 tick will still give you 4 board member over 40,000 votes unless no-one ticks 2 of the candidates.
  9. 58 look at it another way then. If you tick only one candidate then it is 1 more vote that the other 4 get... and so on..
  10. As I have previously outlined. 1 tick is worth 1 vote and 100% percent of your vote and it proceeds. Two ticks 50% percent each, 3 ticks 33% each and 4 ticks 25% percent each. You only have 1 vote to spread over a maximum of 4 ticks.
  11. If you cast 1 vote for candidate A then it is one vote more that B, C, D and E gets. If you vote for Candidates B, C, D, E then they have equal votes and only A misses out. Ticking 1 box is 4 times the value for your selected candidate. ,,
  12. That is correct. If you tick 4 boxes each candidate gets 25 percent of your vote. Tick 1 box and your candidate gets 100%.
  13. Sorry to disagree with you Deanox but the email explains quite plainly that the support for 4 of the nominations come from the 4 that are not for election or re-election, not 6.
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