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  1. I received my membership packs last week, give them a call on Monday.!!
  2. A big thanks to goto and PF great reports sounds like the boys are picking up where they left off.🤘
  3. Ha ha that was my third attempt as well spell checker gave me nothing.
  4. I remember seeing Clarry pick the ball up one handed in a pack very early in his career and I was pleasantly surprised how easy he made it look. I think that JVR is showing that he is a level above the rest a bit more special.!!
  5. You may be a bit jaded and a bit hard to please Demonstone But you are very sharp witted and humourous.!!
  6. Sorry DS you must have much higher expectations than us mere mortals I have been on a bit of a high since Maxy broke the Cats hearts down at Cardinia Park in Round 23. My football life has changed forever we are no longer the “slum Dogs” we are the best in the business.!!
  7. I am loving this count down Deespicable, we have had a lot of very good players over the years, also keen to see our top 40.👍🤘
  8. It was great to get back home from holidays last night and watch that last 40 minutes again, slept very soundly.!!
  9. It wouldn’t have mattered what changes they made we blew them off the park.!!
  10. We arrived back from a weeks holiday in Sunny Mildura yesterday and we sat down last night after unpacking and re- watched that magical 40 minutes of footy. How good were we, will we ever tire of this football perfection.💕❤️💙
  11. I am no longer haunted by the magnitude of those losses we constantly suffered when we were so poor that anyone could defeat us. I have drawn so much enjoyment and comfort from our current crop of players, coaches and administrators that I have forgiven our players weaknesses and our enemies former strengths, we are a different club now.❤️💙👍👌🤘
  12. It’s a name that will be easy to remember.!!
  13. Another three quality kids coming into the club let’s just hope that they are knocking the door down when they are needed, agree Jibroni no external pressure on our four newbies.👍🙏
  14. Maybe a bridge to far for Melk I hope that we get him to his 200th at least and agree very do -able for Hibbo. I will be very surprised if Steven May doesn’t play 100 for us and Jake Lever is a shoe in at this stage.!!
  15. You must have been a bugger of a kid.😀😀
  16. We peaked three months ago and now everything seems a bit passé.!!❤️💙💕
  17. Thanks WJ that is the icing on the cake for me - since the start of the season I have read The Red Fox, Ronald Dale, Max’s Diary everything that I could find melbournefc related so I can sit back and relax now.💕❤️💙
  18. Finally MCC produced a live wicket, I haven’t seen such great bowling for a long time, bowlers on both teams dominated the bat but the Australians were awesome and if Boland never plays again he has gone down in the Record Books. Well done Scottie Boland.🔥👍💕
  19. LJ is pretty chilled and doesn’t give to much away.!!
  20. We just arrived home from our best friends after sharing Xmas dinner with them for the 30th consecutive year with our children and they are also die hard Demons. We discussed the Grand Final win and how it has affected our life, raising our spirits and making us finally complete as footy supporters and MFC members. We had a few drinks a lot of laughs and a beautiful meal together, how sweet it is.💕❤️💙
  21. Thanks again WJ jeez sounds like he was really hoping that he would end up at Freo.??
  22. Our three haven’t arrived as yet so maybe next week .!!
  23. We to WCW this is the best Xmas ever the whole family is happy and contented, it has been a sensational 3 months. Merry Xmas all Demonlanders, what a year 2021 has been for all of us.💕💕❤️💙
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