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  1. Thanks Sam Weideman for choosing the mighty Demons going forward. Good luck Sam, shows what team first means.!!❤️💙
  2. I am in Doreen strong tremor here!! Wouldn’t want to be skiing on Mt Bulla though.!!
  3. Our three also Werridee, I didn’t realise how much I loved going to the footy until it was taken away again this year when we are finally the Best side playing. Jeezz we just had an earth tremor can you believe that.!!!
  4. It’s time for Troy to get his own thread.💕
  5. For some reason I have been drawn to Simon Goodwin from the get go, maybe it was because Roo’s and PJ anointed him or just his calmness and maturity. He won the boys over and surrounded himself with a winning support team and between Goody his coaching team and the playing group they have turned our club into a club to be proud of and now we are challenging for the Ultimate prize. Thank you PJ, Paul Roos and last but not least Simon Goodwin dual premiership player.!!!💕💙❤️
  6. When I read the story posted on here about Tom Wills it mentioned that some of his family were killed by aborigines in the biggest massacre of whites in QLD history when Tom was away getting supplies. I would seriously question the validity of anything that has not been fully checked out as it goes against his record of working so closely with indigenous peoples.
  7. I just hope these three umpire with honesty and integrity I would be happy with a repeat of the Prelim umpiring performance. Comeon Umps you can do this.!!
  8. As mentioned earlier AFL 360 and On The Couch was exceptional viewing last night it was great to watch and listen to Hardwick and Clarko with their guard down talking so openly. Gerard, Nick, Browny and Gaz also very entertaining as well. It helped that they all went for the Dees. Jonesy spoke like the legend he is, you could see the pain of missing out but also the pride that he has in our footy club and the coaches and playing group. Sad in his own plight but also greatful that he got him in time to welcome their twins into the world. We all love Nathan Jones for who he is and what he has helped the club achieve.!!! Thanks Nathan Jones.💕💙❤️
  9. Clarry has to be top 3, he has had a spectacular year.!!!
  10. Thanks Dazzle for posting this great interview, I always knew that PJ was the architect that breathed life back into this once mighty club of ours. It is so relevant to then and now I didn’t realise how important Demetriou was to our resurrection though, just listening to PJ and knowing that he is now a Demon shows what a great contribution and commitment he made to our club and I will be eternally grateful that he accepted the challenge back in 2013. It has taken 8 years but we are now starting to enjoy the fruits of their labour and the great people around them, also interesting that Simon’s footy philosophy was so strongly aligned to Roos and PJ’s. Wow and just Wow.!!!!!💙❤️
  11. Agree that was a great read I don’t think that Clarry has ever played a bad game, he was really good from game one and just keeps getting better. A true champion is our Clarry.!!!
  12. Yes LH I read it this morning and agree it is a great read. From the age of 13 new what he wanted and was prepared to work hard to get there without turning into a robot, loves family, friends, associates and dogs. Trac is one of a kind and thankfully he is ours.!!!💙❤️💕
  13. Being a bit of a traditionalist I believe that the Premiership medal only goes to those that were in the field of battle. However I strongly believe that our club should invest in Premiership rings that would go to every player that played and helped get the club to the promised land. Particularly for drought breaking 13th that would be something to cherish. I fondly remember the Premiership Penant that I received (3 Times) 72-74, the 22 players in the Granny are shown at the top and then the players that filled in during the year covering injuries / illness etc, are displayed below. We aren’t all made for Glory.,!!!!!!!
  14. I am thinking one of Alex, Trent, Harrison, Michael, Charlie, Sparrow orJJ imagine if they all come to the party.😀💙❤️
  15. Well done MFC And TMac he is back to his 2018 form, very important to our team and will see him reach his 200 and be a one club player. Thanks Tom..!!!!!!!
  16. This was the start when the playing group started to build trust in each other our recruitment was brilliant, this was the start of team first. We didn’t get back in one season but we learnt a lot of valuable lessons that have held up and now we are almost there. I enjoyed this and we still had to make those tough calls at the end of 2020 to make sure everyone was buying in. Go Dees.❤️💙
  17. I thought that Josh pulled out because the job was watered down?
  18. Totally agree Werride, thanks so much Pates that shows Nathan Jones as the great warrior and Leader that he was and always will be at the Melbourne Football Club. Thank you Nathan you will never be forgotten, a true legend of the club, we will be thinking of you and your family Saturday week..💙❤️🙏
  19. That is brilliant Flower Magic, very inspirational I will replay this many times before and hopefully after the Granny. Love the lyrics and guitar work and the vocals are special.!!❤️💙❤️💙
  20. Thanks CTM my wife and I both commented when we saw Goody give the sign / signal and wondered what it signified. Judging by the way the players love Goody I think it significant and all players recognise the meaning.💛❤️💙
  21. Sentimentally I would love to see Gaz and Yze do the presentation if we are lucky enough to win the Granny. They both have great MFC pedigrees and are not tainted by any other colours.❤️💙
  22. My family are receiving so much support from our extended family and friends it is unreal and we are so grateful given that we are in lockdown. If we win, it will be Tatts all around and re-new our premier memberships for 2022. This is so much more exciting than 2000 now that we are the legitimate favourites.❤️💙❤️💙.
  23. Come on Norwood, West Perth and all Red and Blue teams around Australia who are still in the race.👨‍👩‍👧🧶🧵🪢❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙
  24. Barring Stephen May not getting up I think No Change, Hunty is really stiff. If May doesn’t get up I would feel really exposed down back and we don’t have a like for like replacement? Im sure the coaching team already have this covered so I am not going to fret about it.!!!
  25. It is hard to explain the joyous feelings that we experienced whilst watching that Preliminary Final while madly texting our three daughters and grandson (all Dee tragics) in lockdown. All the highs getting higher and higher as Max and the boys went to town in the third quarter. Blowing the “hated” Cats out of the water in such an emphatic manner was pure bliss. Love this team.Rest up boys one more huge game to win.💕
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