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  1. Not super quick, but he covers the ground pretty well does Taj. Looks to have more pace than his old man did anyway. I agree with others that wing is probably his best spot, but could see him doing a role in defence. He's pretty good over head.
  2. Edmund on SEN today said will still have some interest in him. So I get the impression it might be one to look out for later in the period.
  3. Yes I really don't get it. I could understand starting maybe on the Thursday (day before Free agency) so they can do their predictions etc. But starting today really is overkill.
  4. I love the way he launches at the ball and isn't afraid to split a pack. Could be very good for us for some time.
  5. Either two top 10 picks or two first round picks and a 2nd round pick (probably where Lobb to Dogs comes in).
  6. He's a [email protected], and the thought that he may have played his last game makes me feel warm inside.
  7. Nothing overly exciting. Just saying Dockers trading Lobb to Bulldogs for Pick 29 will go along way to helping get the Jackson deal done, noting the Dockers are also trying to get Jeremy Sharp from Gold Coast.
  8. So are you saying the Dees should relocate to Frankston for a similar advantage???
  9. Jackson to Fremantle. Fremantle send Pick 13 to Filth and future 2nd Round Pick to Gold Coast. Collingwood send Grundy to Melbourne. Gold Coast send Bowes and Pick 7 to Melbourne with Freo picking up a large portion of Bowes contract. Dees get Bowes, Grundy and Pick 7 for Jackson Gold Coast get a future 2nd Round Pick and cap relief for Bowes and Pick 7. Filth get Pick 13 for Grundy. Freo get Jackson for Pick 13, Future 2nd Rounder and taking on part of Bowes contract?
  10. I wouldn't be opposed to Francis. Could finally see him reach his potential and play him back while shifting Petty forward.
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