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  1. First Goal: Bailey Smith Norm Smith: Clayton Oliver Most Goals: Bayley Fritsch with 5 Margin: Dees by 33.
  2. To make it worse, Fox Footy are showing a couple of Grand Final replays from 1:30am. Dees v Pies 64' and Dogs v Swans 16' I hear you assume??? Nope. Hawks v Swans 2012 and Hawks v Swans 2014. WTF!!!!
  3. Well if this morning's news on the AFL site is correct, we know Weideman won't be part of any trade for Cerra. Still won't rule out the club being able to get it done though if he nominates us.
  4. No. If we nominate him and no one bids in the national draft, he automatically gets attached to our final pick in the rookie draft. (To my understanding)
  5. Well our record in Grand Finals is really pretty good, so in theory they've only got four up their sleeves. 1958 which they've obviously used for this year. The year 2000 which we've seen someone show already. So that just leaves 1988 and 1954 as the other options.
  6. Does anyone have/know what our unused 1988 Weg poster looked like? I agree the 58' doesn't make much sense and I always thought the 2000 one lacked a bit...
  7. McAsey was a very highly rated junior and was a top 10 draft pick only two years ago. He would have at least as much trade value, if not more than Weideman without doubt.
  8. No doubt. If we give them two first round picks however, they can play with those to try and move further up the order.
  9. I get where you're coming from there, but the club have shown a great ability to get deals done over the last 5 or so years. I think it will come down to if any of our players wants out for any reason. For example if Sparrow wants back to South Australia, there could be a deal like. Sparrow to the Crows and Pick 33 to Richmond. Crows send Fischer McAsey to Richmond. Richmond give us Pick 15. We could then potentially do some sort of a deal like our Future 1st Round Pick, Pick 15 and Sam Weideman to Freo for Cerra and Pick 27. But as I said, I think it will hinge on one of our players wanting out.
  10. I'm not against keeping Weed on a 2 year deal. Gives us some depth with a young enough player on not huge money who could still turn things around. And if he does, he puts himself in a great position after the 2023 season as a free agent. If he doesn't turn things around then we can delist him or let him walk then. Plus hopefully we draft a young key forward this off season, who by then would of had 2 years under their belt and will be ready to take the next step!
  11. 23. Francis Vine, Ray Wartman, Geoff Tunbridge (all premiership players with over 100 games each), plus James McDonald and Bernie Vince. 24. Percy Beames, Ian Ridley, Russell Robertson.
  12. I'm not opposed to the extended seconds competition featuring teams from multiple states. But as others have said, the AFL trying to do it this year with COVID still a thing was naive at best. I mean I get why the Northern States want better 2nd's comp then what the NEAFL was providing, but why it all fell onto Victoria I have no idea??? I do like the idea of every state and territory having a team that players can aspire to play in, so that they can get exposure should they not get drafted as a teenager. However with one of the stand alone Queensland teams (Aspley) already indicating they want out after this season, I think some changes are required. Going forward, I'd ideally like to see the WAFL stay as is. 10 team comp where everyone plays eachother twice. Do it over 19 weeks maybe so everyone has a bye and a 4 week final series with a top 5. Obviously this takes in Fremantle aligned team and West Coast reserves. The SANFL becomes the SANAFL (South Australia, Northern Australia Football League). Keeps the current 10 SANFL teams with Adelaide' s reserves and Poet's alignment. Then add the Brisbane and Gold Coast reserves plus a stand alone Northern Territory team. Makes a 13 team comp which can be played over 22 weeks with every tram getting 2 byes. Four week final series featuring a top 6. Reckon it could work! And finally the VFL becomes the SEAFL. (South East Australian Football League). Keep the 10 aligned and reserves Victorian teams, plus the 6 stand alone VFL teams. Add the reserves for Sydney and GWS and throw in a stand alone team from both the ACT and Tasmania. You then get a 20 competition that can be played over 21 weeks (everyone plays eachother once and one team twice plus 1 bye). Four week final series with a top 10. Could work for me. Every state and territory suddenly have a clear pathway with South Australia picking up some of the burden Victoria were left with. Only areas not really covered and Northern Queensland and WA as a way of creating easier path ways for kids in those areas. But over time that's somewhere both the WAFL and SANAFL could look to expand.
  13. Will be sad to see Jake go, but the move makes sense. He's now a depth player for us only, so he probably wantsto get another 2 or 3 years as opposed to the 1 with us. North and GC are two realistic options, however Jake has a young family, so not sure if he'd want to move interstate? He'd walk into the filth's 22, however they really need to start blooding some kids, so I doubt they'd take him. The of course the handbaggers would see him as an injection of youth! And an upgrade on Rohan. Melksham has actually performed in finals before. Wish him all the best if he goes. But if he stays, he'll be very handy depth for another 12 months.
  14. Anyone else notice/think they celebrated their win in their rooms a little more than us? Dees by 25-35 points!
  15. Not 100% sure which was the first game I went to, but the first I remember was the 1990 Semi Final against West Coast out at Waverly. Best game is a tough one as it's all subjective as to what makes it a great game. But for sense of occasion, it's hard to go past our Elimination Final win over Geelong in 2018. Worst game was Essendon 2013 by the length of the Flemington straight. Never been so angry after a game!
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