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  1. 6. Grundy 12. Hunter 19. Schache 26. Jefferson 28. Sestan 33. Verrall (saw him wearing it in U18 footage) 38. Adams (saw him wearing it in U18 footage) 47. Farris-White (seems done already) 39 available for a potential pre season rookie selection. 2 & 29 remain available of all numbers between 1-42. 2 out of respect for Jones until a worthy recipient comes along. 29 just because.
  2. Reckon the Dolphins will provide stiff competition for his services.
  3. I like the fact that Verrall is already 95kg, meaning physically he doesn't require as much development as Farris-White. Having Grundy as a mentor for Verrall (both drafted out of SA) and Gawn mentor Farris-White works well. Both kids get to learn off one of the games best rucks, and neither of our senior rucks are stretched too thin.
  4. I agree with your opening point, which is why I said with our 1st pick we should target Teal or Gilbee. Talls numbers wise are fine, but broadly speaking has its issues which is why I think Walker is a good temporary option. T. Mc and B Brown could well have used up all their petrol tickets, Grundy has struggled to get on the park the last 2 years while May and Gawn are now both over 30 where injuries can start to mount up. I agree Van Rooyen is ready for more responsibility, however whether Turner will make it is still an unknown and I don't know how much confidence I have in someone like Schache. Walker can play at either end and in the ruck. And at the very least for the cost of a 3rd Round Rookie pick he provides some protection to the likes of Farris-White, Jefferson and Adams at Casey.
  5. Well we lost Mitch Brown, Daw and Weideman from last session and so far replaced them with Grundy and Schache plus two kids who aren't ready to play. Throw in the fact there's major question marks over both Ben Brown and McDonald's bodies, I'd say one more mature tall doesn't hurt.
  6. With our first pick I'd be keen on Luke Teal or Jason Gilbee. Second pick I'd love to see us take a punt on Archie Lovelock. Third pick the mature age Josh Walker I think would be worth a go as I don't suspect Jefferson or Adams will be ready for a senior call up anytime soon. Luke Teal: Jason Gilbee: Archie Lovelock: Josh Walker:
  7. I certainly agree with this point. If you were to have a team based in Northern Australia, they'd probably need about 3 home grounds to be commercially sustainable. 4 home games in Darwin, another 4 in Cairns and maybe 3 out of Townsville?
  8. I'm glad it looks like Tassie will finally get a team in the AFL and its well and truly overdue. I share the concerns of some others with the unevenness a 19 team competition creates with the bye and and also the lack of talent to support 19 teams. The solution IMO, is three fold. 1. Reduce list sizes to approx 35 and have clubs able to play anyone on their VFL/SANFL/WAFL teams in the seniors if they have too many injuries. 2. Bring in a 20th team. Whether one based in Northern Australia, a third team out of Perth or maybe somewhere like Canberra or Newcastle are the best potential options I'm not sure. But 20 teams would be best. 3. Two divisions, whether you want to call them premier division and secondary division or premier and national? The premier could be 12 teams where everyone plays eachother twice. Top 6 make the finals for a 4 week finals series like they had from 91-93. While national could be 8 teams where everyone plays eachother three times (21 times) meaning the AFL can do their stupid magic round with that competition. Finals for this competition can be top 4 in a three week finals series which means it would likely conclude Semi Final weekend of the Premier division. Every year the wooden spooner of premier division is relegated while the premier from National is promoted. This could IMO be the best way to combat an uneven competition and the uncompetitiveness of some teams.
  9. That is true. But he's played 2 games in the last 5 years and can only play as a ruckman. Could get in the way of the development of Farris-White.
  10. Because of the way our list is looking we won't pick up anyone as a DFA, but might look to rookie list someone. For mine, if we're looking for some back up in the ruck, but also someone who won't impede the development of our Category B rookie, then Josh Walker is our best bet. Can play ruck, forward or back, so we can play him wherever needed at Casey. Low cost, max value rookie selection in a shallow draft pool.
  11. If Hollands is gone by the time our pick comes around, then I'd be happy to take a punt on George.
  12. FB: Lever, May, Bowey HB: Hibberd, Petty, Salem C: Langdon, Petracca, Hunter HF: Neal-Bullen, McDonald, Spargo FF: Fritsch, Brown, Pickett FOLL: Gawn, Viney, Oliver INT: Brayshaw, Grundy, Harmes, Sparrow EMERG: Jordon, Rivers, Turner, Van Rooyen Pressure on the likes of Brown, Neal-Bullen and Spargo to hold their spots with the emergencies as well as Laurie, Howes, Dunstan and Pick 13 (Hollands??) keeping the pressure on for spots.
  13. Is that so? I haven't heard/seen that? Personally I wouldn't be shocked to see them draft another tall like they did with Mac Andrew last year. They have mids coming out of their ears, where as their tall stocks aren't quite that. Especially factoring in an ageing Casboult and NQR Sam Day. Time will tell I guess.
  14. True, however Binns is also a noted half forward. Hollands I see as our long term wingman opposite Lingers. Hunter will be 28 at the start of next year and there will be some question marks if he can get back to his best. Also FWIW I'd really like us to get Teal at Pick 37 as a Hibberd replacement. But reckon Port will be all over him the pick before.
  15. Yes we had Ben Holland, however believe it or not there was also a Ben Hollands around the same time who played a few games at Richmond. He's the old man of this kid.
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