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  1. Not impossible. Carltank had the chance to do it in 2013!
  2. Are your eyes painted on @58er or do you just struggle to read? Where have I said we should target Kent? I've listed him as an option along with several others and in the quote you referenced, have even said there's two others I'd clearly favour ahead of him I also fail to see what's disrespectful to our HFFers when I've said we could put him on a wing??? Again if you could actually read you'd see I've said Baker would be the one to make way (wingman) which is who Kent or any of the others names I listed would replace. I will stick up for him that he was in our 22, but was just
  3. I'll give you that. Not wrong. Though to be fair he's mainly been played as a pressure forward. Not saying he'd be a super recruit just one option amongst 4 others I suggested as a cheap option. Personally I'd love to see us turn Lochie O'Brien around or pry Jeremy Sharp from Gold Coast. But also I wouldn't be shattered to see Dean Kent return.
  4. I had this Dean Kent more in mind. And the one who kicked the goal to seal the game v West Coast in 2018.
  5. Agree on all of Jetta, Jones and Nietschke. I expect one of Joel Smith/Hore to go, but not both. Mitch Brown will likely go unless Weideman walks or B. Brown demands a trade for not playing enough seniors. Others who I think will get the chop are: Aaron Vandenberg Oskar Baker Austin Bradtke I think with Jetta going that they'll hold onto Lockhart for at least one more year. Otherwise with an ageing Hibberd it only leaves two very young Bowey & D. Smith as his only backups. I also think they'll keep Bedford. Like the look of him and he along with Cha
  6. As @rpfcposted above, I don't think we'll be in the hunt for any name players. I think if we recruit anyone, it will be for an area of need who won't be on big money, but isn't getting a regular game, so we can get them reasonably cheap salary wise. We'll also have the selling point of being able to develop young talent, so we might be able to go for a highly regarded youngster who hasn't quite come on. With (in my opinio) Oskar Bakker likely out at years end and Fraser Rosman still an unknown, an outside wingman is probably still out lightest area. Some potential targets IMO are;
  7. Port are talented, but clearly like it on their terms. Geelong are capable but are off the pace with their ageing list. We could drop games to these two in the home & away season. No chance of doing so come finals though. We've got this!
  8. I enjoyed this one: After being one of the top teams part way through 2005, we lost 7 in a row to be out of the 8 with 3 rounds remaining. After a thrilling 1 point win over the Cats in Geelong we played the white hot Bulldogs on a Saturday Night who were also pushing for a spot in the 8. With a host of our regulars out we were trailing pretty much the whole match and were 22 down with less then 7 minutes remaining. However a late flurry and a Jeff White free kick and goal from 50 meters from a tough angle saw us claw out a 4 point victory and keep our finals chanc
  9. While I rate Maynard, I don't see him as a priority, especially given what he'd likely cost us in a trade and in salary cap. Jetta's replacement should come from one of Bowey, Deakyn Smith or even Lockhart. As for Hibberd's replacement, we still have both Joel Smith and Marty Hore on the list. And even Gus is an option for that role. He's shown himself to be capable in the backline, and we could possibly get another wingman like Richards from the Dogs for less which would allow Brayshaw to potentially move to the backline to fill the void left by Hibberd?
  10. Robbo's performance at that press conference was one of the funniest and cringe worthy things I've ever seen! If you were his employer, you'd have to think about making him take personal leave and get his sh*t together surely!
  11. 1 year extension coming up. No inside knowledge, just a matter of opinion.
  12. IMO, at the end of the season we'll be saying goodbye to Bradtke, Neitschke, Mitch Brown, Jones, Jetta, Baker, Vandenberg and one of Hore or Joel Smith. Chandler joins Jordon as a promoted rookie. That would leave us three senior list spots and two rookie list spots for the 2022 season. Gives us the flexibility to bring in someone via trade or free agency if need be, but otherwise we can just go to the draft.
  13. Why not. Turner wore 10 in his highlights and Declase 15. Add 30 to each and we're away!
  14. Adelaide or Belrieve Oval for mine. Already come to terms with the fact we'll likely miss out on it this year.
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