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  1. What about John Northy and Graeme Yates?
  2. Shame I'm not doing tipping this year, it looks like I'm 6/6 so far. Very happy to see St Kilda beat Geelong yesterday. Looks like the slide is on! I agree with some others on here that it looks as though the 8 is set. I'm just hoping both Geelong and Richmond draw eachother in an Elimination Final so as to take care of one of themselves. And my early pick is St Kilda to take a top 4 spot along with us Fremantle and Brisbane. I thought they gave the best 4 quarter effort of any team against us last week.
  3. In all seriousness Nasher. If North were to relocate to Hobart and become the Tassie Kangaroos, keeping North's history etc, similar to South Melbourne to Sydney. How do you think it would be received?
  4. Don't disagree with you there.
  5. Between propping up two expansion teams in markets that don't want them, coming out of two interrupted COVID seasons, rushing out an 18 team AFLW competition with a pay increase for them in a competition that's yet to show its commercially viable on its own two feet and now Tasmania trying to get a 19th licence. No, I'm not 100% convinced the AFL can afford better cameras.
  6. Dogs should be to good at Marvel. Tigers over Hawks. Port over the Roos. Saints in a tight one over Cats. Swans should down the Bombers assuming they learn how to play at the SCG. Lions too strong for Crows. Dockers should down Suns, though GC are a sneaky chance. Giants to send Cameron off with a win over Carlton. Dees to destroy the Eagles.
  7. Little surprised by this take on Roos. When he came in we had lost 43 of our last 49 matches including losses of 148 & 186 points. He had a playing group devoid of confidence and had to try and build them up while also trying to attract other outside players to join the club. We went 4 wins, 7 wins, 10 wins over his 3 years and were still in finals contention with 2 rounds to go in 2016. An easy job, Paul Roos didn't have. PS: I don't want to take anything away from Skilton, who aa far as I'm aware came the closest of anyone to ending our finals drought between 64 & 87 if it weren't for a Bulldogs win over Carlton at Princess Park...
  8. 1. Goodwin - Broke the Premiership drought. Nothing more need be said. 2. Northey - Coached a tough team that made 5 consecutive finals series, making a Grand Final and probably could have gone all the way in 90. Also did it without the top end talent of some other teams. 3. Daniher - Great promoter of the club when we were well behind the rest of the league in resources. Amazing effort making the Grand Final in 2000 and what could have been in 1998? 4. Roos - Came to the club at its darkest end and helped give the players purpose and supporters something to cheer for and see progress on the field. 5. Barassi - Similar to Roos, came to the club at a dark time and helped lift standards along with the likes of Slug Jordan and helped lay a platform for Northey.
  9. Good thing there's two elections this year. Maybe we can do sausage sizzles at a bunch of different polling booths???
  10. I've said it before, but personally I think Van Rooyen will be a bit of a Cameron Pedersen type who himself was only 193cm and 95kg, but still capable of playing as a key forward or defender and even chopping out in the ruck. Van Rooyen probably has a few more tricks, but I don't see him being a star. I do however see him being a very solid role player who could certainly hold down CHF while some more dangerous forwards do the bulk of the damage.
  11. I don't disagree with any of your points above. However T Mc doesn't strike me as the type to retrie early. I suspect he'll spend most of 2023/24 the way Mitch Brown has these last few years. A back up who might play a couple of games a year and help support our young talls at Casey. How many games he still plays this year are still TBD I reckon.
  12. He's contracted until the end of 2024.
  13. Agreed. Best thing AFL could do is move GWS to Canberra and have Sydney play out of the GWS ground. Meanwhile Buddy is turning back the clock in the 3rd!
  14. If they're going to play in Cairns, it should be a twighlight match so the humidity/dew isn't as bad. At least they always get a crowd in Cairns. Personally I feel a team in Cairns/Townsville would make more sense than Gold Coast.
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