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  1. It's good to see West Indies doing ok in their tour match. Yes the CAXI aren't exactly Australia A, but there's some decent players in the CAXI. Peter Handscomb, Tim Ward, Jake Doran are all very handy first class Cricketers. And Teague Wylie has some big wraps on him. Brief score run down approaching lunch on Day 3 (final day). West Indies 1st Innings 8/251dec J. Greaves 65 L. Haskett 3/57(18) K. Hodge 52 D. Warren 2/47(20) CA XI 1st Innings 174 T. Ward 50 K. Roach 2/23(9) B. Hope 24 S. Joseph 2/28(8) West Indies 2nd Innings 4/235 J.Da Silva 105 L. Haskett 3/61(10) K. Hodge 92* L. Scott 1/15(11) So looks like Kavem Hodge has guaranteed himself a test debut as a middle order batsman with twin 50's. Shamar Joseph has probably won out for the 3rd fast bowler spot ahead of Akeem Jordan given his extra pace. Though will leave the Windies with a really weak tale from 9 down. Also worth noting that keeper Da Silva made his 100 as an opener. Could they promote him to 3 for the tests given there's no obvious candidate for that spot? Anyway I was concerned that CA XI might have won this tour match easily. The fact that the Windies have been comfortably in control though, gives me some hope they might be a total embarrassment for the series.
  2. Pakistan played a pretty good series and could have easily won a test or two with a bit more polish. Will be an interesting watch the Windies series and whether they have Green or Smith open or go with another option before heading to NZ for that tour? Then comes the T20 World Cup in the Caribbean before some white ball tours of Afghanistan (neutral venue anyway), Ireland and England before we're back home. And I hope the ICC don't green light another T20 or T10 comp in October/November. We've often toured South Africa then, the ODI World Cup was then last year and is set for then in 2027 and its also the start of our domestic season. Cricket needs to make sure they don't let private enterprise ruin the sport.
  3. I agree that the sport of cricket is in good health, however the ICC needs to make sure that all forms are looked after. I've heard a few suggestions of late that all have merit and could work. Someone mentioned earlier in this thread about about England and India moving to a 3 year cycle instead of 4, which I think has strong merit. Especially if to allow for the future tours program to work they start those summers off with one off tests against the likes of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Ireland etc before the 5 test Ashes or Border/Gavaska trophy starts. Then on the 3rd year you can have two 3 test series against South Africa followed by New Zealand. Or a 2 and then 4 test series against one of Sri Lanka or West Indies followed by Pakistan. Steve Waugh came out the other day and called on the ICC to start to make separate payments to players (outside of the country boards) to incentivise selection for your country in Test match and ODI cricket. I think this is a great idea and a way to help keep players playing for their country. T20 cricket still needs Test and (to a lesser extent) ODI cricket to thrive. T20 cricket is built off the back of stars from the longer format such as Warne, Kohli, Dhoni, Gilchrist, Gayle etc. I could go on. And finally from the ODI perspective. Wasim Akram had a great idea I remember him talking about during the World Cup. He mentioned no one cares about the bilateral ODI series anymore, so that they need to get back to the old tri series. His theory that every country only plays one tri or quad series a year each and that you have to win a series to qualify for the World Cup. By the 3rd year of a World Cup cycle, any full member nation that had yet to qualify would have to host a tri series against an associate nation who would have gone through their own qualifying process (think Scotland, Netherlands, UAE, Hong Kong etc) in order to get a final World Cup squad. This allows for each ODI series to feature multiple teams with their own final and proper steaks. All really good ideas in my opinion which could all work in conjunction with eachother.
  4. Here's a link to the last 2021 Phantom Draft by Cal Twomey. Van Rooyen listed as Defender/Forward that can play either end. *Twomey had him going at 20 to Brisbane. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.afl.com.au/news/688361/cal-twomeys-2021-phantom-afl-draft-top-30-late-picks-club-whispers/amp
  5. 4. Harley Reid - Would be fitting having Jack Watts present him his jumper. 6. Vacant. Potential new number for McVee if he wants it. 14. Jack Billings (wore 15 at St Kilda) 23. Shane McAdam (same number as at Adelaide) 27. Kynan Brown (reckon we'll grab him with our pick 42. Close to Nathan's old number) 34. Tom Fullerton (because) 39. Rookie pick.
  6. Disagree with the above. I started working on a mock draft last night, and while I do have it coming in, I only have it coming into 40. Gold Coast have a heap of Picks before us yes, but most will be chewed up with their first academy player. Then they'll mainly be using picks with points after our Pick 42. Throw in Bulldogs and Hawks using points for Father Son selections with picks after our 42. It won't be as drastic a pick upgrade from 42 as some think it will be.
  7. As stated in the OP. I expect Melksham to be moved onto the rookie list and we'll have 2 picks in the National Draft and 1 in the Rookie Draft. If we can package 6 & 11 up to move up to 1, then we'll use Pick 42. If we keep 6 & 11 then I expect we'll pass at 42 and hope we can get Brown in the Rookie Draft.
  8. Poor interview, but we can't trade him today as there's no obvious replacement. Another 12 months into Jefferson and the possibility of luring a Ben King or someone like that could open up the trade possibilities for him at the end of next year.
  9. I can't find the team at all online. But from memory JVR was named at CHB in the 2021 U18 AA team.
  10. Melbourne should just leave future 2nd on the table and nothing more. If Adelaide refuse to play ball, then walk McAdam through to the pre-season draft with a massively front ended deal of 900K for year 1 and 150K (approx) for years 2 & 3. The advantage of clearing out the 1.5 mill with Grundy, Harmes, Jordon etc.
  11. I would have been in the minority about a week ago and said yes as we need some rebounding half back flankers with Hibberd retiring, Joel Smith going forward and Deakyn Smith being delisted. Yes I know O'Brien mainly played wing, but he spent time at half back as well. After seeing that the filth delisted Trent Bianco the other day however, I would rather take a punt on him.
  12. Does this really need a new thread to the Tom Hawkins thread?
  13. Could be awkward. Pretty sure I've heard Max say at a function that Hawkins is his wife's hall pass.😬
  14. They have farms in Gippsland to...
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