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  1. Yeah there's a massive aquatic center (Casey Race) a few hundred meters down the road which the club has used in the past. Athletics track next door as well. Think they're certainly going to be set there at least until the vaccine hits next year.
  2. Didn't expect Jordan to be demoted. In all honesty I feel he's a chance to have a break out year next year if he were given a chance on the other wing. Still he's on the list, so has every chance!
  3. Yes for me. Slots onto the wing and he can mentor the likes of Oskar Baker or James Jordan to play the role in the near future.
  4. Well in the initial press release they thanked the Steven Marshall state government. But then upon realization that South Australia weren't contributing anything they decided to amend it.
  5. Matthew Parker takes my interest the most out of those available at the moment.
  6. Agree with 58er here, I would certainly have Petty ahead of McDonald for our tall defender coverage. Personally the fact we couldn't move Tom on makes me think we'll have to pull the pin on Mitch Brown. Even though he played some solid football, I just think he's the one that will have to make way and will be delisted with Oscar. Tom will be tall forward depth, but could also become a handy utility at a pinch.
  7. Reckon if Andrew Phillips gets delisted we'll pick him up, but that could be about it. Go to the draft with Picks 18, 19 and 28 and 1 live pick in the rookie draft. Though if we can package two of our first three National Picks together for a higher pick then we'll do that and take two rookies instead.
  8. So I know we still have the draft and DFA period to go. But I feel we're far enough along to make some predictions in this spot now. FB: Lever, May, (one of Jetta, Lockhart, Chandler) HB: Hibberd, Tomlinson, Salem C: Langdon, Petracca, Fritsch - move to a wing HF: Melksham, Weideman, Harmes FF: Hunt, B. Brown, Pickett FOLL: Gawn, Oliver, Viney INT: Brayshaw, Jackson, Rivers, 22nd man* *22nd spot is a hard one to decide who should get it. Would love to see Jones given 6 opportunities here, maybe try some of the kids like Sparrow, Jordan, Baker, Spargo or
  9. In theory we should be able to cover the small forward issue with Spargo and Bedford as well as Chandler there. Fair concern about the wing though. I share them!
  10. We had 6 Category A rookies Bennell, C. Wagner, Dunkley, Brown, Chandler and Lockhart plus one Category B Rookie, Bradtke. My reading is that we will be able to keep our senior list at 38, reduce our Category A rookies to 4 instead of 6 and keep Bradtke as 1 of a maximum two Category B rookies (previously 3).
  11. So I reckon we might package 19 & 28 and offer them to Freo for Picks 12 & a future 3rd rounder maybe? Pick 12 might be high enough for us to get MacRae.
  12. Have you looked at our list recently? If we don't need half backs, why on earth were we trying to reinvent Harmes as a half back this year? We have Salem & Rivers who can hold spots down for some time, though they may eventually want Rivers to move to a wing. Hibberd and Jetta are both the wrong side of 30 and that leaves us with either unproven or NQR options like Lockhart, Hore and Smith. Oh and as for disposal, since 2016 Williams lowest disposal efficiency in any season is 71%, a mark Lockhart is yet to hit in his two seasons.
  13. In all honesty I haven't seen it anywhere outside of this site. I mentioned him after he was delisted and have seen one or two other posters mention his name in whispers. But he does make sense IMO. Seasoned 27 year old small defender/HB with a bit of pace and good kicking skills. Kind of what we need.
  14. Ben Brown trade done early. Andrew Phillips trade done for one of our picks in the 60's. Bundle some of our picks to the Bulldogs for an upgrade to a 1st Round Pick. Word that we're committed to taking Marley Williams as a DFA. Would be happy to hear of a trade for Tom McDonald or ANB out, but will live if it doesn't happen.
  15. I'd be shocked if we don't sign him. Only thing I can think is it's due to the uncertainty on list sizes and they probably wanted to sign up players who were being targeted by other clubs first. eg Sparrow and Hunt.
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