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  1. So was watching the Knicks play the Grizzlies this morning on the NBA app and were getting soundly beaten so I took to Demonland and saw that today's match was on. So at half time in the NBA, I turned it off and took the drive from the Golden Mile in Frankston to a cold, wet and windy Casey to watch a winning team. Thankfully we got there in the end, despite a few concerns along the way with certain elements (skill errors were a killer!). But here is my break down of what I thought of our players. 12. Toby Bedford: Showed a bit today, especially in the 2nd half and was a factor in us
  2. A win is a win is a win. I'll provide my view on our players a little later once I get home.
  3. Brown now running the boundary at half time.
  4. Yes, I have discovered that since my post!😂 Haven't been to Casey since early 2019, so when they weren't where they used to be I conceded defeat without looking elsewhere.
  5. Made a last minute decision to head along today and got here just as the match started. Two big things already stand out so far. 1. Shattered no bar or bacon and egg rolls for the practice match! 2. Ben Brown must play next week. Get him in!
  6. Carlton with a case of the CBF's for the Pratt trophy presentation.
  7. Also Collingwood surely have someone else they could try at FF ahead of Cox! How he keeps getting a game is unbelievable.
  8. Agree with this. Enjoyable game to watch, but both these clubs have significant issues and I don't have either in my top 8.
  9. Yeah there's a massive aquatic center (Casey Race) a few hundred meters down the road which the club has used in the past. Athletics track next door as well. Think they're certainly going to be set there at least until the vaccine hits next year.
  10. Didn't expect Jordan to be demoted. In all honesty I feel he's a chance to have a break out year next year if he were given a chance on the other wing. Still he's on the list, so has every chance!
  11. Yes for me. Slots onto the wing and he can mentor the likes of Oskar Baker or James Jordan to play the role in the near future.
  12. Well in the initial press release they thanked the Steven Marshall state government. But then upon realization that South Australia weren't contributing anything they decided to amend it.
  13. Matthew Parker takes my interest the most out of those available at the moment.
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