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  1. Or is that a goose? I am I being a goose? I can’t tell
  2. Under the F/S rule, if another club nominates Ashcroft at their highest pick, does that mean Freo then have match with their highest pick? (Thinking of Luke McDonald a while back) He sounds like he is worth high pick regardless, but just highlighting that Freo may still need to use their top pick on him if another club goes for him?
  3. I noticed that in our Geelong game. We played so high between the 50 and centre square. Ball flew in over the top to a Geelong spare and got spat out so quickly. Those types of turnovers hurt because the mids start to press on the entry then are out of place on the return. Bring back the old Plugger strategy and stuck BB in the goal square!!!
  4. They’re the only team we haven’t beaten in two years…
  5. My understanding was GWS lobbed a substantial increase plus his old man a job in the final couple of days.
  6. Keays on Saad last night was an interesting role. Shut down the Blue’s easy transition out of HB, and when they struggled Keays himself was able to score a few goals. Wouldn’t mind seeing something similar with Harmes forward against N. Daicos. I don’t know if Spargo is up for it and Kozzi should be left free.
  7. The dribble from the commentary box tonight was atrocious. 5 minutes on LJ and 3 minutes on stucko. Call the game! Pearls of wisdom such as… Taylor: “wow the ball spun and bounced backwards. If that bounced over the line if would have been deliberate. What do you make of that? Brayshaw: “I guess it’s the oval shape of the ball…” Enoughs enough. Get rid of these idiots.
  8. Would love to hear from people at the game. How were we behind the ball? Looked like the set up was unreal. Did our forwards press up, or have they started to hang some one loose?
  9. Why did you change your name?
  10. Potentially a concussion test?
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