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  1. Very high quality packaging and not too much wastage. Scarf is a bit simple, and would have liked to see the years of membership stitched, but trade offs I guess!
  2. Not a problem Luci - it was a fair question! I’ve always had a lot of respect for your posts.
  3. Luci, the Neeld/Davey allegations were completely false. Nothing was leaked. From memory Davey refuted this immediately once the one article was published and he was quite upset at the allegations. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/false-race-claim-leaves-afl-red-faced-as-davey-denies-involvement-20120403-1wb4j.html Austin left after his fathers passing and his role in his community changed. Jurrah’s circumstances are well documented. It was good seeing him at Alice Springs supporting the club where no ill will was mentioned. You’re asking fair questions under the topic, but be conscious of unfair conclusions and comments.
  4. Congratulations, we’ve hit 200 pages of speculation!
  5. It’s better than turning 16 and getting a letter from Prince Andrew
  6. Did I hear Brisbane supporters booing Petty?
  7. I’m weirdly excited for this game. Not confident, but genuinely excited because this game will help to answer so many questions around our loading, fitness, game plan, predictability and selection consistency.
  8. I think that’s the most contested and hard game of footy I’ve ever seen - so good. And from my two most hated clubs. Off to punish myself for this dirty thought with a nice glass of wine.
  9. Whatever this new inboard kick is from the 50m defensive arc needs to stop. Both Gawn and May cost us 4 goals from it. It doesn’t open the game up and it hurts too much on the rebound. Kick it long or only explore this as an option when you’re two kicks from defensive goal. New, and really poor strategy.
  10. Ladhams likely out with suspension in the VFL. Had to go back to Round 17 against the Bulldogs to see when he last played in the ones. Not a big out for them and hasn’t particularly played well this year, but means they have limited ruck depth to Hickey. He also plays pretty rough so less collateral damage.
  11. Cam Guthrie is out with an injured shoulder. Was playing very well with a couple of goals. Kolodjashnij is out after awkwardly landing on his upper back/neck from a mark. Rohan looks a bit proppy and maybe has injured his leg.
  12. That’s a really good point. Appreciate your perspective.
  13. For all the criticism about our ‘apparent’ deteriorating culture and selfishness, last night all I saw was a single united club playing and supporting each other. Jonathan Brown’s comment is extremely disappointing. As a senior commentator, influential figure in the sport, a father and a 40 year old man, he should have been much more considered in his commentary - particularly given it was known from the outset to be something inflammatory about a family member and Petty is a young 22 year old. I think he behaved completely appropriately in the circumstances. In addition to their focus of mental health, inclusiveness, women and on field behaviour, Brown and Fox Sports should immediately apologise to Petty, and the AFL investigate the incident.
  14. Was rewatching highlights from our GF and it’s been a while since we played with such confidence, strength and speed. If there is ever a H&A game to treat like a final this is it. As usual against Brisbane, Hipwood, Daniher and every other mug to bash up Gawn and the forward line. Dees must stand up and make a statement.
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