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  1. Greg Parke's FIRST game v Collingwood is on YouTube, he takes some big overhead marks and they say he is going yo be a good player.
  2. PS I'm not arguing against this and other decision just re-stating the general premise that umpiring is going to be 'minimalist' on this day kind of like a Tom Wills game in the park.
  3. So why was Maxy's push-out quickly paid earlier in the game? Because it was in the backline?
  4. West Coast's last 'goal' from the 2018 GF has stayed with me since their premiership win of that year. How can blatant push-outs not be penalised. And that's because it's a grand final, where umpires by traditional custom don't get involved on the last day. We saw it again this year with Johannisen's double-handed 'speccy' plus plenty of others. It just goes to show that our code is basically ungovernable so you can put the whistle away.
  5. I'd like to add Brad Miller. Not a superstar but he always gave 110%
  6. Who would that be, and what premiership year?
  7. Knocks back S.A offers. Fantastic turnaround from our earlier days when one of the Jarmans refused to play for Melbourne.
  8. What is your favourite 'wine' before we won this year's flag? From my cellar would include: 1. A '65 Barassi 2. An 80s G Healey . 3. A 2010s Chip Frawley 4. A 1980s Michael Byrne 5. A '75 Crackers/Alves.
  9. I think Alves had a falling out with Skilton, someone can correct me on that.
  10. Well I'm pleased to hear that. Alves was my hero 'in the day'.
  11. Have seen no reportage of these two since GF. Crackers always talked the Dees down in favour of his beloved North. Stan never really showed the love of the red and blue either, after spending most of his career as a champion in a losing side. Stan's first three games in 1965 had been in the Dees' (very briefly) undefeated premiership team.
  12. We absolutely couldn't handle WCE switching the ball across the ground. They had perfected a keepings off game and we couldn't touch the ball that day.
  13. Will be v interesting to watch 'young turks' Petty and Tomlinson competing for spots with Lever and May over next couple of years.
  14. Clayton Oliver jumper bid now = $6,350!
  15. Three great 'recent' wins against the Dogs. '87 last round to get us into the finals, '94 final where Gazza kicked 10 and last night.
  16. Not sure if anyone has posted this: https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/afl-great-greg-parke-dead-in-grand-final-tragedy/news-story/b1ba85ae8b0d369039b5e97bb431f35f
  17. Do you have any special friends, family who did not make it to this day? I went to the footy with Ray from Springvale Under 12s onwards for years. We re- connected many years later when Ray developed an illness and sadly passed away. He was a demon FANATIC, and is survived by his two sons and daughter. Go RAY, Go DEES!
  18. In support of your argument would probably be all the Dees who retired early or went to other clubs. Bromell, Barassi, Roet, Mithen, Bob Johnson, Hassa Mann off the top of my head.
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