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  1. Not to mention Ian Cooper taking big speccies on the backs of our players when Saints went wild in the 3rd quarter.
  2. Damn, we were beaten by Collingwood after sitting 5-0. Len Thompson slit us up. I always thought that was about 8th round. So we can win next weekend and go back into a time portal.
  3. I think you'll find we were about 8-0 in 1971 under Tiddles Ridley. In a fact I'm going to look it up now.
  4. Weed = 7 as stay home forward. That translates as one more week for BB, and Weed promoted next week.
  5. Sam is cherry ripe after that mark and goal.
  6. Seems to have a more creative role and can show his smarts.
  7. Ok, Neville Jetta to the forward line after that mark: 27 - 70.
  8. Great snap by Sparks to break the stalemate.
  9. Jeka's round the neck tackle results in gifted umpire's goal to twopoos.
  10. Where can we get every other players' school bios?
  11. It's the AFL drip-fed propaganda that there is a level-playing field, as promulgated by the draft. Hence any given club has 'stars' who can sway match-day results from season to season. In reality the comp. rewards clubs that have foresight to purloin the country's top talent.
  12. FWIW I think Wells and Healey also kicked lots of goals. Healey also played as a forward and kicked 90? One year.
  13. Ssssh! That's supposed to be a closed session.
  14. It shouldn't, that's the problem. FWIW I find Brian to be a funny and entertaining presenter. It's just that he presents an old guard view on this topic, and my example presented some necessary truth-telling.
  15. Another reason why you need female commentators. On Fox the female commentator rightly described the incident as a 'rogue elbow', only to see the cavalry arrive with Brian Taylor and good old afl.com au rush in with the accidental elbow line. Compare this with the Neville Jetta dangerous tackle decision. The AFL are either protecting the head or they are not.
  16. Didn't look good at all on the replay. Fortunately the AFL.com.au opinion editors cleared it.
  17. We were about 8-0 with Tiddles Ridley in '71.
  18. I am saying that the grass roots underpinning of 'Australian rules' is what holds up football, not 'Head Office'.
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