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  1. He dominated with the Big V, just quietly.
  2. Love how the demon hierarchy and club weaponised 'the long suffering demons'. This became a strength for us this year.
  3. Red Fox says that VFL rules were set up to allow Melboyrne to recruit RDB due to father connection.
  4. Interested to know how Brian Wilson's health. He was videod from hospital bed during GF.
  5. Wearing two pairs of quality kmart jocks would solve that problem.
  6. Winston Churchill once said that: “democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others that have been tried.” NB Could also live in China where their head-honcho is about to be 'elected' to a lifetime gig - presumably so he and his hangers-on won't be purged at some later date.
  7. Not in any order: 1. ABC multi-call was the best by the length of the straight: "Their run is a pleasure to watch". (After Brayshaw's goal'. 2. Kysaiah Pickett needs to be honoured on the forward line. IMO there were a couple of occasions where KP could have been 'hit up'. 3.TMAC didn't have a big impact but did some fantastic team things such as the unacknowledged love-tap to Petracca resulting in the dribbled goal. 4. Brayshaw was magnificent, and I don't just mean the uncle. 5.Tom Sparrow bears an uncanny resemblance to Canelo Alvarez. 6. Alan Jakovich's post-match gig with Gaddy Lyon is immortal. 7. All demon detractors are forgiven: you know red and blue are the best colours. 8...
  8. How very true - presence of mind which was a game changer.
  9. If you don't like BT turn down the sound on your device, it's just theatre nothing more. We are lucky to have free games, you can also go to kayo.
  10. As a second post-script I don't suppose anyone here remembers BT on 3UZ with a character called 'Rocky' - this was BT on training wheels - truly humble and not prone to hyperbole or over-statement.
  11. Where were you guys when fellow grandstanders Sandy Roberts, Peter Landy and Michael Williamson big-noted themselves through the long seasons of black and white telly? The mighty BT is streets ahead. Television has to appeal to a broader demographic, not just 'centre-clearance analysts'. PS Bush Demon goes Bang, bang, bang, bang.
  12. Hope you will go for a threepeat, with Gawny being 'hoisted' up ten and twenty years hence...
  13. Greg Parke's FIRST game v Collingwood is on YouTube, he takes some big overhead marks and they say he is going yo be a good player.
  14. PS I'm not arguing against this and other decision just re-stating the general premise that umpiring is going to be 'minimalist' on this day kind of like a Tom Wills game in the park.
  15. So why was Maxy's push-out quickly paid earlier in the game? Because it was in the backline?
  16. West Coast's last 'goal' from the 2018 GF has stayed with me since their premiership win of that year. How can blatant push-outs not be penalised. And that's because it's a grand final, where umpires by traditional custom don't get involved on the last day. We saw it again this year with Johannisen's double-handed 'speccy' plus plenty of others. It just goes to show that our code is basically ungovernable so you can put the whistle away.
  17. I'd like to add Brad Miller. Not a superstar but he always gave 110%
  18. Who would that be, and what premiership year?
  19. Knocks back S.A offers. Fantastic turnaround from our earlier days when one of the Jarmans refused to play for Melbourne.
  20. What is your favourite 'wine' before we won this year's flag? From my cellar would include: 1. A '65 Barassi 2. An 80s G Healey . 3. A 2010s Chip Frawley 4. A 1980s Michael Byrne 5. A '75 Crackers/Alves.
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