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  1. Lever over Salem by quite a bit.
  2. Apart from May I can't see any other change required. Bring in Tom Petty, leave Sparrow in the side - he did some nice things today. Jimmy Jords med sub.
  3. 6 Lever 5 Petracca 4 Viney 3 Oliver 2 Langdon 1 Fritta
  4. That’s enough to rip the scab off a Sapporo. 🍻
  5. Let’s see some of that maturity and resilience they keep harping on about.
  6. That’s a big out on top of missing their other big mids.
  7. Too much positivity in this thread. Cats by 17 pts.
  8. Higgins out with a Hammy. Who’s going to snipe Oliver now?
  9. I thought we had the second coming of Chris Judd after Tyson played his first year. Upon reflection it was a pure indication of just how bog ordinary the list was. I wouldn’t be as quick to say we won that trade but maybe we’re starting to see the return on a long term investment.
  10. I don’t think he’ll ever have the presence of Rioli - particularly strength wise at contests. But by geez, can he read the play and map out plays like nobody’s business! What a weapon.
  11. 27 shots to 13. Keep it real.
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