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  1. He’s currently looking at the tag under the thread title. ‘#tryingtostayrelevant’ …..May be seen as defaming. #bewarethedefame
  2. I’ve lost my glasses old mate and I can barely read so sorry I’ll reply tomorrow (Thanks Siri)
  3. If MFC behaved in this way I’d drop my membership for quite some time. Let’s see how the Hawks members judge their family club now.
  4. Yeah but Oliver was voted by the Coaches as the best player. Means more than the votes from Umps. Umps aren’t anywhere near qualified to give the best player the ‘award’.
  5. This award depreciates each year - but it’s moving now more than ever. In all seriousness how can the umpires be so good at reading the game that they give these guys votes? The red carpet was probably more interesting to me. The girls OMG there was some stunning women on the arms of footy players. Oliver I thought polled okay and was a better player than Cripps - bias aside, Clarry is a relentless machine and was in amongst it.
  6. I reckon Collingwood can get it done this year. There’s just something about them… Beat Sydney and I’m all in.
  7. The Voodoo lounge in Perf fits the criteria if you ask me.
  8. What a load of nonsensical drivel. Covered all bases and hypotheticals in one minute. Bring back Tom Morris and his [censored]-eating grin.
  9. Fair enough. I was just conscious of he was about the last person/thing to apportion blame to.
  10. Where’s Pert been the last month? Isn't he paid well to run the club? Invisible man.
  11. Perf journo’s convinced he’s not much chop and either WA club should only cough up one first rounder at the most.
  12. Time to relocate the club to Perth.
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