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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but I was sure Melky was a natural right foot kick but very handy on his left as well.
  2. Thanks @Tough Kent, @Caligula's cohort, @DeeSpencer and @pitmaster for the wonderful write-ups. Cracking efforts that I really appreciate.
  3. I haven’t called you a name - I’ve described you. Patton is probably suffering from huge anxiety right now but if he didn’t do what he did everything would be oxy and he’d be fine. Don’t turn it into a sympathy vote for anyone concerned. I do realise that pragmatism isn’t a virtue you’re familiar with.
  4. What sort of a reply is that? You’ve shown support for JP because the clown has pulled the mental health card. Snowflake.
  5. So, who are you supporting?
  6. Of all the set backs he’s had with his body this is the first groin complaint as far as I know.
  7. Read David Wheadons ‘The Art of Coaching’. Good detail on game ‘plans’ and team ‘rules’ - particularly during his time at Essendon.
  8. Another Covid outbreak and the WA hard border has returned. Will we even see the game against Freo given the quarantine period that may or may not be in place? Will the players be back in hubs before we know it?
  9. There’s always LSD mate.
  10. Still 1 hour and 34 minutes to go over here in Perf. But we’re not sure because of daylight savings and that Covid thing confusing everyone. Whatever. See you weirdos next year. Go Dees. #getfkd2020
  11. Didn’t want to start a separate thread for training but loved this from Petracca’s Instagram account. for some reason it’s not embedding. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJcTcncl56I/?igshid=1jepb2ehmu2at
  12. I rate your footy acumen Deespencer but with Weideman you seem to be able to see things in his game that I’m unable to. The recruitment of Brown you were dead against and went as far to say it will send Weideman back to the VFL. If it’s only a couple of uncontested grabs and half a goal between becoming one of the best forwards or battling at Casey - what am I missing?
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