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  1. What’s worse? 1) copping a 3 week holiday for it? 2) your opponent copping a week or more concussion or another type of injury? 3) squibbing a contest and trying to shake that label off? Number 3 everyday of the week for mine.
  2. I think the question for you is “sweet or savoury?” Or maybe “savoury and then sweet?” 🤣
  3. Our worst performance of the year. If there’s any Sam Weideman supporters left you’re delusional.
  4. Pumping a club with an outgoing coach will add another layer of ruthlessness about the team. Exterminate.
  5. Got My Beanie this morning. Usually chuck a sickie over here in Perf for the QB game but my boss from Brisneyland is flying in at lunchtime the [censored]. 🙄😆
  6. You mean 'inverted' apex?
  7. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/nathan-buckley-to-step-down-as-collingwood-coach-20210609-p57zd3.html
  8. John Worsfold is mentoring Teague. "Here, David. Take a valium.....no, take a couple"
  9. It reminds of where we've been and only recently too. But that said, Teague doesn't come across as an inspirational coach when I hear him speak. He doesn't have the answers.. The players aren't invested, Cripps has checked out and Docherty is having a mare of a year - doesn't bode well when they're your Captains.
  10. De Goey goes missing when a little accountability is placed on him. Hibberd will school him when forward and he’s not a concern in the middle for mine.
  11. I don't think so. There's quite a bit of room at Gosch's - an imaginative group of like-minded individuals could really make it work. The locale is perfect and the precinct is ripe for an upgrade.
  12. I would really appreciate a PM of the article.
  13. Good lord the umpiring in this Swans Saints game is atrocious.
  14. Keep him and get him to do the same pre season as Tmac with agility training at the top of priority list. He was filthy with himself walking off the ground last night - I really felt for him. All the other lads were super pleased but Sam was clearly self aware of another poor performance. The clock is ticking for Sam... but for now Brown must be given another crack.
  15. Crap. Lions clearly getting the rub of the green
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