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  1. Neeldy should make a call to Noble and tell him to prep.
  2. In: how to kick to forwards and better forward line movement Out:High and long bombs into the hot spot.
  3. I love our ferocious and tough midfield.
  4. Fizzing Fritta had destroyed my multi on this game. Hardly a way to celebrate 100 games.
  5. Personally I don’t think the umps have been too bad. Am pretty stoned however.
  6. I loved his game but that highlights package doesn’t do it justice. His influence isn’t portrayed as overly clean and meaningful to the untrained eye. His brute strength and will to win the ball and move it forward was pretty bloody impressive. ❤️💙💪
  7. Just need to maintain this intensity and we’ll sail home.
  8. On another note…. Thursday night beers as as tasty as Fridays. 🍺👍
  9. If Brown had of kept his hands down then he would’ve got a free
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