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  1. That mop of hair will be much easier stomached in a Melbourne geurnsey.
  2. Definitely an upgrade on Tmac. We need to go very hard at BB.
  3. @Demonland, I’m requesting a basic poll be applied to this thread. A simple two options: Yes No Let’s put numbers around this.
  4. Bring on the pre season training reports!
  5. Dogs have the required mental fortitude and gumption built in to their make up. We’ll all be put out of our misery today.
  6. Maybe Gooodwins final message was “okay boys, give each other a pinch on the bum and get back out there”!
  7. His role is less ‘physical’ than what it was in 2017. Back then it was the bash and crash attack no matter who you were. I’m seeing less full blown defensive efforts where he puts his body on the line but more of the run, speed, link up and overlap play we know he’s built for, And as far as the experts online goes, we all have an opinion and sometimes it doesn’t turn out right.
  8. Looks like he’s returning to 2017 form. He’s a keeper for sure and based on today’s output anyone who’d entertain a trade has rocks in their head.
  9. What a rubbishy and boring game of footy. Must be time for a beer.
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