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  1. I promise not to do it again!
  2. OD I'm unsure if anyone has mentioned this previously but I've noticed you have a residential address listed under your avatar, is it a Deementia unit?
  3. As some have noted, this thread is devoid of humour and so I feel compelled to inject my own feeble contribution. Do you own a pair of moccasins and are you likely to wear them in public? Are you a MCC member? Is the reason you are sick of being on the receiving end more associated with you being a teacher (sorry that wasn't funny). Please, please tell me you're not thinking of becoming a postal worker?
  4. I too would defend her, except she doesn't need defending!
  5. I think she could be a big asset if she becomes as toned up as Hanks, Purcell and West.
  6. Been keeping a close watch on Daniel and had the opportunity to have a chat with him at the B&F. I asked if he had grown at all since arriving and he said he was now 195cm. Also asked about working with May and he was very appreciative of the help and instruction he was getting from him. He is a terrific young fellow and definitely has that determined look about him when he is out on the field. I can see him getting more chances next year.
  7. She also seems to have found a yard in pace and now has some serious closing speed and speed away from the contest. This aspect and the better skills and connection, could be attributed to the extra dollars and importantly the extra time training together and developing individuals.
  8. I've added some photos to my previous post for illustration, unfortunately I don't have one of Uncle.
  9. Head North out of Sunbury and go back a 100 years
  10. I'll equally feel free to keep reading them.
  11. Thanks for the sage advice, I'll take that onboard however I will remain cynical when people make statements and then won't back them up. I posted that Hunt wasn't happy and that's because that's what he told Mrs Dw at the B&F. She should have asked him if he knocked back a 2 yr deal several weeks ago and then we might or might not have some clarity. By the by I'm not asking him not to post information but if it's from a report in the Media I think it's far enough that that is stated. If it's a confidential source he could always state that instead of being ........ defensive.
  12. Well if that's what his source was just come out and say that.
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