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  1. I'd rather listen to the ads than Cornes
  2. Would have been difficult to swim back to shore with a dislocated shoulder I'd imagine. Don't be negative about a positive.
  3. This is my favorite, great work by the Sydney Media team. We are supposed to trust the Media to get things right.
  4. Interesting that when he was drafted I thought he was shorter than his dad. Doesn't look that way anymore.
  5. Sorry to disagree Fork (soz not soz), they absolutely have a defence 1st ethic, you only need to watch Banno get back to the last line of defence or listen to Macca in her interview. They are well coached, practiced and implement what they have been taught. They would be an absolute delight to be involved with and are loving the game and their teammates, long may it continue. On a a different note; anyone who hasn't watched the singing of the song after the Hawks win, do yourself a favour and watch it. I think it says everything you need to know about our women's team. GO DEES!!!
  6. I do like you WCW, you really are a glass half full person .... well except when you spill some.
  7. I'll be interested to see if he winds this back a little. Something along the lines of "I went too far", "I was hurting too", "we're all in this together", "I'll do better". It's a stick then carrot approach, if this doesn't happen then he runs a very real risk of losing some of them.
  8. You are going to continue to be disappointed. My tip for the day; go purchase some plastic sheet to put down over the floor.
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