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  1. Wow, I don't mean this in any derogative way but I didn't know you could be that articulate. Absolute respect for everything you said and the way you said it. I'm still a bit sus on the motivations "sugar"
  2. Yep, but it wasn't you I was asking but thanks for your input. Let's just say I'm cautious of the motivations of someone who hasn't posted before or for a long time under another handle and this is the subject they want to bring up a couple of days out from a GF.
  3. Would be Gus no doubt and then the question might be; JJ to a wing where he has played before or Hunt who has played there before? I'm really warming to Hunt due to pace and experience in other roles.
  4. Joined yesterday at 1:30 pm, and this is what you choose to post first? I call troll and possibly a Dogs supporter at that.
  5. Mrs Dw took Max with her to the supermarket.
  6. I have a signed caricature that Robbo penciled while waiting at the Bali airport in 2002. I just never got around to framing it. When I got home last night Mrs DW had this surprise waiting.
  7. I have a small collection of headwear but only wear one particular hat during finals. I was wearing it on Thursday and some random says to me; "I see you've jumped on the bandwagon". My reply; sure everyone has a hat like this signed by Clayton Oliver.
  8. Importantly I also like the umpiring panel of; Chris Donlon (1), Simon Meredith (21), Jacob Mollison (32). I don't think any of these three are likely to blow the whistle for a "dangerous tackle" or " insufficient intent to keep the ball in" that isn't justified. Doesn't mean they still wont make mistakes but I don't expect the howlers we have had recently. I live in hope.
  9. While I agree with you, I don't think the players will be immune to the support coming their way. All Australians love an underdog and I know we're not that on current form but we are in the sense of 57yrs of history. I've had a look at how the Cats are promoting support in WA and it is nothing by comparison to what the MFC are doing. I think the Cats are going to get a big shock about how much the crowd will be behind Melbourne and we have first hand experience of what that is like in a negative sense. Will be fabulous to see the shoe on the other foot after we have been sent down the highway to ****tt park for so many years.
  10. It's a game where Hibbo might have to take one for the team if he is selected. Hope it doesn't come to that of course.
  11. Then again, is there still a Blue Pub and a Brown Pub at Methven?
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