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  1. If you want to set standards and have good leadership then it's absolutely worth it. If you're worried about losing a rotation at the time then he should have been dropped the following week as a message. Anything but don't let it pass and if you think the only message that could be given on the phone is a spray then you probably don't know much about how to get the best out of people. The biggest problem I see with Melksham is he sets a bad example and there doesn't appear to be any consequence or attempt to modify the behavior. I can't remember which game he gave away the 2 penalties i
  2. Actually it's his lack of discipline that most disappoints. The number of times I've seen him give away 50's is inexcusable and he is never pulled from the ground and put on the phone to the coach, also inexcusable.
  3. Rosman getting the benefit of one on one training from Lewey.
  4. Some perspective on where the group were able to view from.
  5. My mate has suggested that as Kobe is wearing number 48 it is more than likely he is being added to the list.
  6. A big thank you to our intrepid reporters. They may have noticed a fellow with camera and tripod in their vicinity. He is a demon tragic whom I often catch up with at training (in the past at least) and at Casey games. With his permission I will share some of his photos and a few comments from him and myself. Young Farmer may not be as tiny as some have suggested.
  7. If you listen to the Ben Brown interview, he said there were actually 4 time trials. So I'm not sure which one is being talked about here.
  8. Agree absolutely BB. Apart from last year, I have seen him live for Casey at least 7 times and Dr D is full of BS
  9. Thanks Binman, I haven't looked but it would be interesting find a clip of Saban talking about the program today. The "Tide" certainly turned their results around quickly and have continued to be one of the most dominant teams in the highly competative College Football scene. This has meant they can attract highend talent every year and the system and results become self perpetuating. The football department program generates profits for the University of between $20million and $30million a year. As I've been writing this Bama have finished as the Champions for the seventh time in 13 years. We
  10. As a student of Dr. Edward de Bono I would always ask the question, "in replying to a comment /observation, do you begin with "but" or "and"? Often gives an insight into the motivations of the respondent.
  11. WHACK, and coming from an apparent newcomer! I like it!!
  12. While I agree with your comments around "mindfulness", the course I did and that the "Tide" do, had much more to it. When mindfulness is mentioned I think of techniques like meditation and yoga that focus an "calming" and clearing the mind. I have heard mindfulness connected with visualization techniques and this is more the kind of area where habits can be broken and performance improved. But, it needs a holistic approach. I'm sure that some of these things are being used however I'm not sure how well. Similar to my comments around Clarry, I've always been dismayed by how down on himself Hoga
  13. It's great to have something inspirational but more importantly, how do you make it endemic?
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