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  1. No, No, No, we don't want any pushing or pulling.
  2. Steak (eye fillet of course) sandwiches here. Onion (cooked in a little olive oil and garlic), egg, bacon, a little bit of BBQ sauce, cheese, topped with beetroot and lettuce. Lit the open fire, a 2017 Jacobs Creek Merlot and a Graziers 2018 Shiraz on the mantel. Corona's and One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale in the fridge. Might have a little Jamesons after the win.
  3. Don't you be giving me that negative vibe ......... stuff!
  4. I reckon that's another lawsuit right there.
  5. Yep, next week during the Bye would be perfect
  6. You're fretting over nothing. Oh and if you get to the ground early and see the Umpires warming up you will often see Max wander over and chat to them.
  7. And we have to somehow fit Viney in at some stage.
  8. As a person who pestered Andy for years to have a facepalm added to the emoji choices, I'm perhaps the best placed to reply to you. First off, I'm not a coward and I think you need to tone down that kind of language. I don't know how long you've been posting here but if you think I can't construct an argument you haven't been here long enough. Alternatively, be careful what you wish for! One of the great things about the emoji's is that if you're time poor, like I often am, they can convey a lot without putting things into words. I always felt that there was a gap in the range of things we cou
  9. Thanks Dazzle, I said recently I listen to all the interviews and Podcasts but I've missed that one somehow.
  10. Never mind hopefully, if that was the case then he should be dropped for Langdon. Was the Goody comment in his post match presser?
  11. I'm no fan of the undisciplined Melksham but he seems to have curtailed that this year. As to his role last week, I read somewhere he had a stopper/tagging role on someone and apparently did a great job. That's often difficult to see on the TV. Anecdotally, during the Spargo interview in the rooms Melksham is on the floor stretching and Harmes walks over with a big smile and gives him a pat on the back and says something to him before walking off. Could be a "Taggers Club" moment.
  12. I'm sure Ethan is lurking somewhere but SWYL is on permanent holiday. I will miss him a little and he was the inspiration for my avatar after not having one for many years. Although I did realize he was a narcissist after a few exchanges and put him on ignore. He also got me to behave better as I was prone to a bit of baiting on here. I still have some character traits that can annoy people but what can I say; that's a matter for them.
  13. Oh I'm definitely these 2. I've even started taking the cheese and crackers to the game. I embrace my character flaws.
  14. Take a chill pill Binman your starting to sound like me.
  15. What do you mean the 90's. I've had a go at a few supporters in more recent times. Same people yell "same old Melbourne, just kick it without looking". I did upset a group of them when I turned around and yelled "make up your mind".
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