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  1. I'm probably more disturbed by the fact you knew about this. Do you always stalk the losers?
  2. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. Part of me was thinking this could be a "rope a dope" tactic but if it is, I think it's time we started to play how we mean to play. I think there has been a bit of evidence regarding the settling of the line up eg Hunt and Melky. It's time now to show our cards if that's what's been happening. The Brisbane game is just so important to win.
  3. Have you identified the tree this player grows on?
  4. I can't believe it's that hard, 12pm Sunday, at Casey
  5. I'm happy (I think) that my new "persona" has avoided Demonstone's jaundiced eye. Although, I thought I might warrant an honourable mention for a propensity to use brackets, inverted commas and other grammatical conventions.
  6. Sorry, for clarification; I did post a vomit reaction but I would prefer to think of Binman as " he's just a very naughty boy" rather than a guru.
  7. The problem is, some of it is not psycho babble. But then a group of profit sniffing wankers will jump on board and develop a "world first training programme" that is cutting edge. I'm a big fan of what the Pacific Institute do with their development style. Nick Saban has been using the philosophies and development techniques with them for years and amongst other things has kept Alabama College football team at the top for 20+ yrs.
  8. Sorry, what's an oxymoron? Askin for a friend. Is it a kinda O2 thief?
  9. G'day Guys, Below is an excerpt out of another thread which had me thinking about game time stats again. The question it raises is; can we drill down deeper into this stat and get a figure for TOG by qtr? From a tactics perspective it would make sense to say to a player like Sparrow; go flat out in say qtr 1&2 and have him spend the majority of his time on ground during those quarters. Then in the second half give him limited time in rotation and play someone like Harmes in the same role for the second half. This is one of those questions I've posed on the "stats" thread. Sparrow only played 65% game time. It would be great to know what his time on ground was in the 2nd half. So when you say he went missing, maybe he really was. I don't know the answer to that but I would love it if someone did.
  10. Originally I thought you were just working on your sincerity but now I see you have slipped over into your normal rhetoric. Which is pretty funny actually as I think mo64 was asking a rhetorical question.
  11. You know so much about nothing This has NOTHING to do with Free Agency at all. It’s about having a core group of leaders who set the Standards whilst the Club is in a Serious Premiership phase For a minute there I thought he was going to call you "John Snow"
  12. No, not ignored, lampooned and pilloried at every opportunity.
  13. Don't do that! People talk of head noise and what I had reading that was 2 half coconuts banging together.
  14. Well that was 60secs of my life wasted. But to put stuff in too contest, i carnt tink of any udder footy sight were dis dizcusion wood garner sew mutch coment.
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