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  1. We won't, bar 2 games further down the track to allow him (Jacko) to freshen up. Oh and I think the term is "back up" not spare.
  2. The three field umpires are also listed at the bottom of the AFL Team lists each week although you do have to "expand" the list
  3. While on the fundamentals; how long has it been a requirement to spin the ball in your hands as you walk up to take a set shot? Every time I see this it just screams unsettled mind to me. If you have a standard hold for the ball and a standard drop I don't know how you can get it right every time if you are constantly twirling the ball as you walk in.
  4. Oh, ok, now don't do that again and stop feeding my paranoia. I've been to Tassie for 4 games in recent years and lost every one. The last thing on my mind is an increase in percentage. I just want to win down there.
  5. We booked from Friday to Tuesday to be sure. Now to book our tour of Maria Island on Sat or Monday.
  6. Contemplating the Geelong game this week I thought about the Hawks late run at them last round and all the talk around the great rivalry between those two teams over recent years. What suddenly struck me is the fact we now have the Hawks game day strategy coach on our side. All the knowledge and plans that have been used by Clarkson and Yze are now ours. I will be fascinated to see how we try to break down the game style used to frustrate and break us apart last year. For all the naysayers who have whined on about us not having a "plan b" or being prepared to change anything during games
  7. This and I would have Vanders come in for young Sparrow. Played off the bench with instructions to free up Oliver if Geelong try and copy the "hard tag" tactic.
  8. Currently enjoying a convivial at the Kingston prior to the game. Judging by the team colours on display we should out number GWS support by 3 to 1. Mind you Mrs DW and I make enough noise to drown out 40 oppo supporters
  9. Should have booked everyone in to tour the National War Memorial. With a special prize for the first person to find the tribute to Bluey Truscott.
  10. Mrs DW and I fly out this afternoon. We to are looking for a venue for pre and post game drinks.
  11. It would be wise not to get me started on the media.... or umpires for that matter.
  12. This is a bit I've really noticed more in the practice matches and the first two real games. The separation and holding of width has been evident. It's why I wasn't as harsh on Baker as some here as he performed the role and kept his width and was only drawn to the contest when it was necessary. What augers well is the whole team now playing to the plan. Now if we can just stop the occasional 4 defenders all flying for the high ball I will be very happy.
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