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  1. For me it means re-claiming part of my childhood. It would also mean MFC returning to its rightful place as a leading club. Success breeds success, and a win may usher in years of enjoying the Dees as a power club.
  2. Tomorrow 3.00pm ABC radio will be doing a replay of the '64 Grand final.
  3. There was a message to members from Gary Pert yesterday so scroll down where info is given about using your barcode and purchasing tickets.
  4. I think you can buy ONE ticket per membership, multiple tickets (up to 8) with multiple barcodes. That's what I thought Pert's letter meant.
  5. He has the Barassi-esque will to power, I have no doubt.
  6. Hawkins also missed a gimme. It happens.
  7. Worst game/memory was our loss to Hawks in the '87 prelim, a game we're we choked. Bailey Yeats Jackson Eisghold from memory missed gettable shots. Most amazing win/s have to be v North and v South in the '87 finals with an amazing pro-melbourne crowd on each occasion. Special mention v Geelong last round and the Gawn goal.
  8. And round the corner from my place:
  9. "At the end of the day some you win some you don't but I'm glad that I'm here in the premiership window oh we'll all smile if we bring the cup home ...with A. Cerra A Cerra A Cerra." (Apologies, Justice Crew).
  10. Got my bro, sister and families in Perth they will mop up on my 4 x membership. I also have grand final access ticket so will probably have to raffle that to pay for my next year's membership.
  11. No that was a short segment, now all over YouTube but I had definitely not seen it until the 1980s. The full replay apparently does not exist.
  12. I know in '64 we beat them at Kardinia Park after beating them pre-season in Hawaii and San Francisco!
  13. We got a TV with a massive aerial in 1963. On GF day the TV was on channel 2 which provided regular racing and football updates on a rolling paper telex device. Melbourne v Coll scores kept appearing beside Caulfield race 7 etc when finally Collingwood's 'winning' goal appeared, only to be trumped with 'final scores' showing Melbourne as winners. We went overseas for a year and the next game (now on my portable radio) was round one 1966. It was match of the day but Melbourne was now an inept team that could barely get the ball into the forward line whilst StKilda were rampant. Many years later I walked into a video store in Swan St Richmond where you could purchase 'name a game' videos. I asked the guy at the counter if I could look at the '64 footage and saw for the first time the TV footage of Crompton's goal. I was spellbound with Crompton's fist-pumping and Tony Charlton's commentary that MFC would be 'the talk of all Melbourne tonight". Apparently the full '64 TV footage was wilfully destroyed.
  14. This is the modern-day version of swap cards. Trade out our soul and buy in Cristiano Ronaldo.
  15. 1. Catch a blue train from Springvale station to Richmond. 2. Buy a tin of koolmints and eat them all in one go. Look for the donut van and buy six hot jam don't. 3. Read the Footy Record all the way back to Springvale 4. Buy 20 cents chips one piece of flake and a can of RC cola. 5. Play pinball at Rocky's with Ray. 6. Get up early Sunday for a copy of The Sunday Observer. 7. Watch highlights of the game on WOS.
  16. They weren't exactly chasing up Daisy Pearce for her views either (ch 7). It was all mansplaining by the boys.
  17. What happens in the Grand Final, stays in the grand final. That's what MFC have got to be prepared for. Not capitulate like we did in 2000. Another poster correctly pointed out that the Greene nudge is exactly what pub bullies do to instigate one-sided brawls.
  18. If Greene gets off it will be with a twenty million dollar AFL Biro.
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