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  1. Apparently he will be right for commentary on w/e. Got some facial burns.
  2. North supporters would be browned off if that happened.
  3. Completely suckered the Geelong backs into thinking he was taking a shot:
  4. Footscray v Port Adelaide, the other-other white meat.
  5. Or even "toppermost of the poppermost" (The Beatles) would suffice.
  6. His story is essential reading for Dee fans.
  7. How many players has that player concussed etc for no consequences.
  8. Gawny and Brayshaw getting ahead of themselves on their podcast.
  9. Tread lightly the mighty Dees also have our share of misery.
  10. I went to that game. WCE totally outsmarted us by continuously kicking across the ground 'to the fatside', always unmarked players. We couldn't lay our hands on the ball.
  11. No that was when we smashed Adelaide in '98 who then side-stepped us through to the GF. Taken from Dud AFL Finals Fixturing, Vol 1, P1.
  12. Regarding the demonlanders who say "don't read the riot act' etc it would be perfectly proper for one/ some of the boys from that campaign to speak to the group re the mindset issue which was the case then and seems to be the case now. Our game plan is overly-reliant on groundnpound so we do tend to drop off when we drop off. (If that makes sense). Our challenge is that we have a mini-finals before the real finals, and we have to be up for both. PS the header is obviously not meant to be taken literally! He who controls the past controls the present etc Apologies George Orwell.
  13. As long as it's not David Hughes. I was once like you are now And I know that it's not easy To be calm when you've found Something going on But take your time, think a lot Think of everything you've got For you will still be here tomorrow But your dreams may not.
  14. The player's from our round 18 team of 2004 should read the riot act to this lot and tell them they are on the verge of squandering everything. The 2004 team was also a great one, unfortunately it lost its way. We are good enough if the self-belief can be re-ignited.
  15. I have met Glenn Lovett, Robbie Flower and Jim Stynes. Jim was thoughtful and took time to make conversation even though he was not well. That was in the Betty Cuthbert lounge. Glenn Lovett I met when I worked briefly at Monash uni library in Caulfield, he was limping. The most interesting chat was with Robbie in his sports shop around Glen Waverley somewhere. I asked him why Gerard Healey kept, and he said for the money.
  16. GAME LOST AT THE SELECTION TABLE: Instead of oiling the Jag the selection committee could be replaced with the following personnel: In: Captain Obvious, Jack the Blind Miner, Guru Bob, Sam "you know it makes sense" Kekovich and anyone else who can select a forward line.
  17. Selection committee blocking out fugazi, aka common sense with Brown's non-selection. Too much self serving tripe at press conferences not to mention the Gawn/ Bradshaw podcast rubbish.
  18. Have no fear with this pop-gun attack, we won our last two flags kicking 8 goals.
  19. Players first to the ball are being mauled by both umpires and opponents in the modern version of the game. Constant infringements by the tackler compared to the '73 version. Overhead marking so strong in those days, kicking to advantage not so much. Players follow the Kennedy rule: just boot the ball forward, so it's someone else's problem.
  20. Surely we were a better side than 7-15? Lots of heart-breaking losses that year.
  21. We are playing 'lock-down' football precisely because we don't have a B. Brown to chime in with 3-4 goals each other week.
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