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  1. Port have dropped 13.6% so far today.
  2. Imagine a Tassie v Gold Coast grand final at Gosch's Paddock. Parking would be bedlam.
  3. And a big thanks Binman for putting out the rubbish.
  4. Ummmm, yeah, naaaah.
  5. I liked Essendon when they had their breakthrough flags in 1984/5 but must say have disliked them since their sniping tactics in the 1990 and especially 2000 grand finals. I still don't like them for this reason, plus the later d**g/p******s scandal, but must say the whole thing feels tragic now, esp. for many of their supporters. Don't forget the Dees spent generations in this wilderness, and it ain't pretty. They are my feelings after reading through some of these Bomber blitz comments.
  6. Is Stephen May the best player we have ever recruited from another club?
  7. Quite entertaining to watch the live ladder ATM, with Geelong and Melbourne separated by .1% and constantly swapping ladder positions.
  8. Call security. The Adelaide cheer squad have invaded the Channel 7 commentary box.
  9. Whether malice was used is immaterial, he nearly took out JVR'S brain in a ruck contest. At least the umpire saw that.
  10. Then there's those who sit on the fence.
  11. Someone who played football at the highest level.
  12. I was a bit concerned about Chol's knee after it got smashed by May's ribcage and Van Rooyen's head in the same game. Have seen no media or AGL reports as to whether he has pulled up ok.
  13. The very strong South Australian comp was decimated by the inception of the AFL, l am happy to see their teams do well.
  14. Commentators keeping Hawthorn alive.
  15. Sorry to sidetrack, but don't forget the past: "Tassie" Robert Johnson "Hassa" Harold Mann "Diamond Jim" Tiibrook "Tiger" Crosswell "Crackers" Keenan "Spud" Dullard Ian "Tiddles" Ridley "Doc" Roet Mark "Wacko" Jacko. Jackson Johny "Twinkle Toes" Townsend
  16. BBB straightened us up = he doesn't go out.
  17. What about spotting up Big Maxie v Geelong a couple of years ago. Possibly won us the premiership with that kick.
  18. Commentator dwelling on Clarrie's "back-story". Carry, clearly tensed up....
  19. Players are routinely niggled, retarded and interfered before and after they go for the ball. The game has become anarchic, which is either exciting or a turn-off depending on your point of view. The AFL could do worse in these circumstances than bring back Tom Wills' original laws of the game.
  20. Did l hear to be listed "available" if successful session on Thursday? (Petty)
  21. We don't give up. When the Swans piled on goals in the last, we still fought on and snagged a couple back. Since start of last year i don't think we have been monstered in any game (except for Essendon early in the season... even then we pulled a few goals back).
  22. Just throw someone forward. It's worked in the past. Even for a quarter or a half: Ray Biffen Sean Wight Neita Petty Steven May is the man. Then throw someone, anyone back: JVR, Fullerton. We have to get creative.
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