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  1. A reminder that while the maximums on lists are: 38 for seniors (currently 33, assuming reports that Jordon has been delisted/rookied are correct) 6 for A rookies (currently 4, assuming reports that Jordon has been delisted/rookied are correct) 2 for B rookies (currently 1) The overall total cannot exceed 44. The minimum for seniors list is 36 so we must add at least 3 from the draft/DFA's Edit: I will update the 'Contracts' thread when the Jordon move is confirmed by the club.
  2. 'Not Retained' refers to Rookies, 'Delisted' refers to senior list players.
  3. Frawley on his move to the saints. a-few-beers-with-roughy-then-frawley-became-a-saint Its rather odd that he has had all these years to think about life after footy but didn't seem to have something to get involved in. Thought this was a nice touch: "(Danny would) probably come in and give me a headlock and a punch in the arm and say 'You've got a big name to live up to, don't stuff it up'."
  4. Will be a real loss. Development of our players to be their best is our next step to being successful. Hopefully we can get someone with a strong development background rather than a newbie who needs to develop himself and his program. We don't have time for another coach who needs training wheels.
  5. Max is being quite honest. I doubt many would disagree with this comment: “When we do flash back to 2018 and see a Prelim Final, but nothing else either before it or after it, you almost see that little dynasty as a fail". He is virtually saying 2018 was an aberration. Following on from his comment a month or two ago that 2019 was 'a fail', I'm not sure it is fair to describe his comments as 'fluff pieces'.
  6. It would be fair to assume we traded out our 2021, 1st round pick to help get high up the order this year. I have a theory about our pick swapping and what now look like limited options to get into the top 10 - 12 (which go out to 14 - 16 after affiliated picks). My theory is that we (and few other clubs) did not expect so much draft power in a few hands: Ess and GWS. I doubt anyone would have predicted that Ess would end up with 6, 7 and 8, thinking that one of them would have gone for Dunkley. Or prediced that GWS would prise picks 13, 15 and 20 from Geelong (to add to the
  7. I wondered about that strategy. And like you I hope such shortsightedness is not the case. fwiw, if we are relying on 3 or 4 newly drafted 18 year olds (in practice 2nd round picks) to succeed in 2021, it is starting to feel all a bit too desperate. The chances of them getting games (even if we happen to swap some picks for one higher) I reckon this years draftees will come in less developed for not having played much in 2020 so will need a bit more development and time especially those from Victoria. New draftees won't materially affect 2021 results. imv we either have the l
  8. trades-analysis "Melbourne (38) was one of the rare teams trying to trade into this year’s draft, rather than trading into 2021 for bid-matching or pure talent purposes. Simon Goodwin’s team clearly feels there’s talent to be gained this year, sending out all four of their future picks, including being the only team to trade away their 2021 first-round pick. In the process they landed selections 18 and 19, along with 28 and 50, which will either allow them to again package up picks to move even higher, or simply take four quality kids. There’s a risk to this, because the 20
  9. Has a comparison being made by the saints of Frawley vs the Mac bros? I doubt it. They will get Frawley for 'chips', excuse the pun. That comparison of the saints view of 'value' seems a bit of a cheap shot.
  10. No, a club cannot exceed 44. But it seems the AFL is not beyond changing the rules in these weird times. They are Rookie drafts. A club can keep a rookie spot free or create one by retiring/LT injury list a player from their senior list and promoting an existing rookie. rookie-draft-details NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft The AFL today proposed an alternative model to the NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft for 2021 that would allow Clubs to fill vacant list spots or replace inactive players on a monthly basis. Details of that proposal are as follows: Between the end of
  11. A max of 6 (A+B) rookies is based on a max list of 44 and filling the 4 senior vacancies we have which gives 38 senior players. Of course we may not fill all 4 senior list spots and then there are any number of combinations of senior, A or B players to reach 44. My initial point was the club has maxed the rookies in recent years so saving on the sal cap. It is not a new strategy for mfc. As I noted I have little doubt the club will leave a rookie (A type) spot (or two) for the PSSP or next year's mid season draft.
  12. I have updated my earlier post for senior list size. The 6 rookies allowed is the total of A and B types. As long as we have Bradtke we can't have 6 A rookie spots.
  13. Yes. mfc has been doing this for several years. 6 rookies in 2020, a sal cap saving of $480k The minimum senior list is 37 36 maximum is 38. We have 34 senior players so we must add at least 2 to the senior list as draftees or DFA's. The advantage of keeping a rookie spot (or two) vacant is that we can add players as part of the PSSP or the 2021 quarterly mid-season drafts. Clubs that max out their rookie list won't be able to, without a LT injury or retirement. There may well be some gems among the draftees that don't get drafted due to small list sizes and list capacity reache
  14. A little clarification. Clubs have until Monday Nov 30 to delist players. Then clubs can add players as DFA's until Wednesday Dec 2.
  15. Correct. Pick #50 is now 'live'. @spirit of norm smithAs KK's retirement is before final list lodgement, he will come off our lists altogether. Similar to Stevens at Geelong. On KK, the club gave him a second chance and every chance to continue his career. A shame it worked out as it did but he has made a good decision. Good Luck to him for the next stage of his life. EDit: kolodjashnij-retires-from-football He seems to be doing well: Pleasingly, Kolodjashnij has overcome his concussion issues and is in a good space. He is now running his own business with h
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