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  1. I noticed that Mahoney didn't present any of the awards. Was he even there?
  2. I'd be wary: Shaw believes Brown's lead-up play is not suited to his preferred game style, which in many ways mirrors that of his former club Sydney – slower, considered ball movement that prioritises contested possession. So not sure he would fit our game plan, either. He needs space to run into and ops are learning to shut down space. It seems he turned down a three-year contract at the start of 2020 worth upwards of $750,000 per season. May be regretting that now.
  3. It wasn't the lack of a smile the 'adage' was referring to...
  4. Agreed! 13th. He should be embarrassed. A better season from him may have got us well into the finals. It was left to Sam and a few small fwds to carry the fwd line for the season.
  5. Melksham should be embarrassed finishing that low. Outshone by so many younger less experienced teammates. Terrible season from him.
  6. Are you sure? Picture 4 of 16 in the 'gallery pics' from the Blue. The old adage: "if looks could kill..." comes to mind. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/albums/818214/gallery-2020-keith-bluey-truscott-trophy?modal=true&type=gallery&playlistId=818214&playlistSize=16 I can't seem to reproduce that one pic but Jack looks very desolate.
  7. Re Sam's voting. Didn't play rounds 1 to 4. 134 votes rounds 5 to 12 38 votes rounds 13 to 18
  8. I would guess Lever would be disappointed finishing 11th. I thought he had a better season than that. Even thought he was a smokey for top 5. Got that wrong!
  9. I must have been off with the fairies! I do think his relationships can cloud his judgement. Some selection decisions are otherwise inexplicable.
  10. Final Leaderboard - Top 20 385 – Christian Petracca 362 – Steven May 311 – Jack Viney 296 – Ed Langdon 291 – Clayton Oliver 208 – Christian Salem 186 – Angus Brayshaw 179 – Michael Hibberd 172 – Sam Weideman 165 – Jake Lever 154 – Bayley Fritsch 119 – Jake Melksham 102 – Kysaiah Pickett 94 – Trent Rivers 92 – Adam Tomlinson 90 – Aaron vandenBerg 80 – Charlie Spargo 79 – Luke Jackson 72 – Mitch Hannan Good to see Kozzie, Rivers and TJ in the top 20 considering they didn't pla
  11. 6th Gawn 7th Salem 8th Brayshaw 9th Hibberd 10th Weideman Well done all. Especially rapt for Sam.
  12. 1st Well done for the huge season. God knows where our season would have been without you!
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