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  1. Anyone else thinking Buddy may not play? Could they bring in Blakey, listed as an emergency, instead? Or bring in their master tagger, George Hewitt, who seems to be a late inclusion on their list of emergencies.
  2. I like the changes. In the interest of consistency and maintaining the chemistry a 'like-for-like' player is the best way to go especially as we are still needing to assimilate Brown into the team and structures. Right now Harmes offers more options than Sparrow so I'm ok having the more experienced guy in the team. He will be raring to go to make this work and keep his position in the team. I'll back him in. Plenty of time for Sparrow.
  3. AFL website also says Baker omitted. Will be interesting to see who the emergencies are as the medi sub will be one of them. Edit: just saw the emergencies. would expect Chandler or Sparrow to get that gig.
  4. Jake Niall is Collingwood. I think Michael Gleeson is also. Not sure I can find any other 'real' journalists. The non-ex player 'pretend' journos: Purple is North Mark Stevens is North (I think) Sam McClure is Carlton John Ralph is Richmond Tom Morris is Melbourne Robbo is Essendon
  5. Jungle Game tonight: Cats vs Tigers. Can't bear to pick a winner. Can only hope the Tigers lose simply because the more losses they have the harder their finals run will be. They are more threatening in finals than the Cats.
  6. From the article: "Forget about Rioli's own sophomore campaign in 2009, it's more illustrative to compare Pickett's first seven games of this season to Rioli's best seasons – his All-Australian years of 2015 and 2016. That's where a picture of Pickett's true impact can best be painted. The beauty of Rioli was that he sustained such a level of greatness over a longer period than just these two years. Even still, the two years is a significantly larger sample size than Pickett's first seven games of this season. But for the 19-year-old Pickett to already be reaching such a gifted
  7. Talking of Melbourne footy commentators/fans, haven't heard from Schwartz lately. He would be rapt about our 2021.
  8. I couldn't find any comment from Cornes about Ollie's contract extension. A relevant aspect is that Olllie will be 32 when his contract expires and Petracca 33. Not a lot of difference regarding longevity. I may be wrong but Cornes has a habit of being selective. I actually feel a bit bad saying he is a 'dope'. It is very rare for me to make a personal criticism but he is one commentator I cannot abide and it got the better of me.
  9. If the media come out with that line they don't understand adversity: it isn't 3 coaches working remotely. If Rampie and Buddy play they will be at almost full strength so in a better injury position than us. So, agree we really need to take care of business. I'm half expecting us to lose. Their book ends are back, Parker and Kennedy are very strong in the middle, Hickey is in fine form and their small/medium players (Heeney, Papley, Florient) are extremely dangerous around goals. We can match those strengths but Sydney have a well drilled game style that regularly beats us; beats u
  10. Worth starting a new thread on this as folks have been keen to hear from roffey. I'm relieved to hear we are unlikely to end up with a back-ended contract/sal cap problem like the Pies.
  11. ollie-wines-contract "Foxfooty.com.au can exclusively reveal that Wines has inked a new deal that ties him to the club until the end of 2026. He will be 32 by the time the contract expires". At the time, (Nov 2020) Wines had 2 years left on his contract which they extended by 4 years, to 2026 ie a 6 year contract until age 32.
  12. Coll also traded out their second round pick - currently pick 21. So picks 2 and 21 have gone down the gurgler for 5 -6 picks in 2020 that were in the mid teens to mid 30's range. All to protect their Daicos position this year. Huge own goal. Double own goal if they have to go into points deficit this year and chew up part of their 2022 first round pick. They will probably trade it out but it just prolongs the pain. Their first pick this year is the Bulldogs second - currently pick 35. Add in any F/S, Academy picks and that goes out to mid 40's. World of pain for years.
  13. Not sure if it is spin. The Age gives a different angle: list-manager-ned-guy-quits "Guy arrived at the end of 2017 and inherited a salary cap that had for years back-ended and extended contracts to push problems down the road with large, long-term deals. That (2 first round draft picks for Beams) deal was done on the basis that Beams was a top-10 midfield talent in the league coming into a side that was a kick off a premiership, but also with significant pressure from the board to bring the former Magpies premiership player back to the club from Brisbane. He also si
  14. Did he carry on when Port gave Ollie a 6 year contract until he is 32? No! And I bet if Port had secured Petracca's signature on a 7 year contract until he is 33 he would say it was a great coup. Cornes is a dope.
  15. I doubt the 3 assistants not being at the ground will make much difference. They will get all the usual vision and instant stats on whatever digital device they use, as if they were in the box. They will relay/talk with Longmire, as if they were in the box. The only difference is personally addressing players and lines at the breaks. As someone else mentioned addresses in the rooms can be done by zoom. Not ideal. Just a hiccup I suggest and they have 3 days to set up whatever is needed. If we win we win on our merits.
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