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  1. In the Neeld years we carried off a mighty victory against top of the ladder Essendon and that's exactly how we did it. Dragged them down to our level and then beat them with experience.
  2. People at the ground. Is it my imagination or are our forwards getting monstered off the ball? As in, illegally? Coz on TV it sure looks like it.
  3. FMD. When Max runs to the right he kicks to the left every FFFFING time
  4. FMD. These umpires do not know how far 15m is!
  5. Michael Christian now reviewing the commentators opinions to find out what his decision should be.
  6. There are four hamstrings in each leg.
  7. Funny, a lot of North supporters are also planning to desludge their bathroom u-bends, starting from just before 4:30.
  8. I think with the retirement of Tippa we all need some cheering up. So on this topical note I bring you:
  9. Well they did promise a day grand final to make up for the one we didn't get last year. So there may be some shred of integrity floating around headquarters that they haven't managed to expunge yet. I'm okay with the compromise that we win last year's flag in the twilight, and this year's in the daytime.
  10. Umps / AFL. Which ones are the real amateurs?
  11. What a [censored] joke. Maybe have them train on someone's nature strip? It's grass after all. Opportunity here for the mighty MFC to curry favour and invite them to train at Casey, or Gosch's when it's ready.
  12. If I was a Bombers fan, I would want my team to emulate the awesome Melbourne team and play hard physical, but fair, football for 120 mins at a stretch. Win or lose. Set a benchmark. A cheap shot would most likely serve as a distraction than a spur. But when you're desperate, maybe anything will serve. Either way they can't continue on as they have been. Although it wouldn't bother me for a second if they do. In fact (brace yourselves for controversy) I would rather they did. But, they've missed the moment. They've given the message to the football world that Shiel is soft (he might or might not be), that the Ess team as a whole are soft and indifferent, and that they play bruise free football. It's a crisis of their own making. They've gotten ahead of themselves, gotten too fancy, and now their players apart from Wright have no idea what they're supposed to be doing. They need Tippa back more than they can imagine.
  13. When you've gone from deadset certain premiers to cellar dwelling directionless rabble in 9 rounds, it probably is time for a line in the sand moment. This!
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