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  1. Here's an idea. Having thrown away two years of the careers of the best list we've had in a generation (at least), why don't we throw away another one by having Goodwin coach in 2021?
  2. Our premiership windows is breaking! Or is it ... our premiership cuckoo clock is chiming? Something like that.
  3. We'll finish 9th by a bee's proverbial, and he'll coach 2022 because maybe THAT will be the year he does a Hardwick
  4. Cripes. What penalty will the MFC face for p!ss!ng all over our selves in public in rounds 15 & 16?
  5. Steadiness? That's the very thing he has not exhibited this year. For a player of his experience to have made the blunders he has ... sorry, Nathan, time's up. Oh wait, it's not September 2019? It's 2020? Sorry, Nathan. Time's DEFINITELY up.
  6. Club will keep him. If we dump him, some other club will pick him up as a low risk/high reward "free swing". We'll get to watch him tear it up after we put in the effort of working out his injury problem and solving it. That will be the thinking anyway.
  7. Old saying: you only play as well as you are allowed to
  8. What's happened to our game? This is a shocking spectacle, and the umpiring ... it's in crisis
  9. Freo don't deserve to have us play finals
  10. I'm imagining ... Every week, one team randomly draws the hanging judge ... the hanging judge awards every free against that team At half time, the team in front can replace one umpire of their choice with another umpire of their choice Viewer poll ... vote for the next free kick and what it is Each captain has a free free kick they can call at any time of the match, anywhere on the field. Umps in WCE home games and all Hawks games can mark the ball, handpass it, kick for goal as if they were players for that team (not too different from now, but here it's out in the
  11. We're pinning our hopes on this low-skilled pack of try-hards to get us into the finals??? (Answer: yes! Heave ho Freo!)
  12. Save money, AFL, and abolish umpires. The game couldn't possibly suffer from it
  13. You might as well ask Goodwin to train the coaches/players in his method of rotating crops. You don't need to when there isn't one.
  14. One week after we learned Danny Frawley had brain damage. Hilarious!
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