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  1. Of course rumours are going to run rife amongst the community. These things get legs of their own. "I heard a rumah that theyz gunna take away the dog area." "Yair, I heard a rumah theyz gunna take away all the dogs too." "Yair, I heard a rumah theyz gunna catch all the dogs an youthenise them!" "I heard theyz gunna concrete the entire place except for some fake grass for the Melbin footy club and ya get arrested if ya walk on it!" The proponents of the new Caulfield "sports precinct" must have anticipated complaints/demands from not only local residents but local sporting club. It's up to them to get out in front as much as possible with information. (I concede that they can't always do that on a time line that suits us.)
  2. Nothing except having to drag all our gear, including marquees, tables, laptops, etc etc, 200m from AAMI, and back again. Have you been along Swan St/Olympic Ave when we are training versus when the Pies are training? It's night and day professionalism. One's a major sporting club and one's a local team having a hitout. And you say we lack nothing?
  3. Collingwood, Hawthorn, Richmond will sit back and let us have exclusive training facilities built in to the G, and won't demand the same for themselves. Yes, I can see that happening. Two seconds after we get access for training, Richmond, Hawthorn, Collingwood, not to mention Essendon, Carlton, Dogs/Roos/Saints will demand the same. Scuppering the whole idea, as the MCG turf is more sacrosanct than the head. It is. While we're looking back admiring the sunset, everyone else has sprinted away towards the dawn.
  4. Rules that require "interpretation" : unique in the world of sport, and a joke and a travesty. A sporting tribunal that allows itself to be hijacked by QCs who are granted unlimited time to blather & split hairs & nitpick & run hearings like court cases; also a joke and a travesty. Good point. Head is sacrosanct, but there is a now a body of work, from Gablett Jr's two-weeks-in-a-row escapes, to Cripps' laughable exoneration (and plenty of other cases in between), and now Maynard, to show just how arbitrary this sanctity is. With the AFL MRO/tribunal jumping through hoops to get these players off. Jim O'Dea, in front of the modern tribunal, might well get off (except for the fact that he hit a Filth player).
  5. The upcoming class action lawsuit against the AFL.
  6. The AFL isn't wary of our fan base the way they are of Collingwood's/Essendon's/etc. Nor are any journos going to rile up the masses with op-eds demanding compo. No way we'll get any compo.
  7. That's the joke. "The head is sacrosanct" was supposed to be the proaction. Pathetic how it turned out to be as solid as drifting sheet ice. Gaps opening up all over the place.
  8. I'm not sure they even have the awareness to realise just how complicit they are in pushing the AFL's agenda du jour.
  9. Justice has been done! (not) Eat your words, McGuire. The limp jellybacked AFL and their "toss a coin" approach to the head being sacrosanct have contributed to this. Head high, Angus, you will always be a flag hero. That gutsy mark in the 3rd quarter will always remain a highlight. All the best.
  10. Everyone's happy with Brodie. The question is, is Brodie happy with the Swans?
  11. How can ANYTHING cost $2.7 bil? Someone somewhere in construction is making an absolute killing, while governments and councils are busy trying to distinguish their elbows from their [censored]. The Hoddle Street upgrade a few years back was delayed and its budget blew out by some $60 mil (and this was not the only delay or blowout) because someone somewhere had underestimated the amount of crushed rock required. So they had to get in an extra $60 mil worth of crushed rock. SIXTY MILLION You could build a row of luxury houses along that same length of Hoddle Street for $60 mil. But they needed $60 mil of crushed rock. SIXTY MILLION It's like developers watched "Utopia" and took notes, while govt people watched it and said "gee, maybe we need MORE sensitivity training!"
  12. Well well well what a surprise this is. What a shell game, all this siphoning of money for women's teams/junior teams/dog walkers/locals who want electric BBQs, etc. When the whole time it's going to facilities for the men's team. Dogs, Blues, Pies ... most Vic clubs seem adept at playing the game and pretending to tick all the right boxes. Apart from the Cats who don't need to do a thing except point out what a marginal seat they're in. And of course the Might Demons who don't even seem to realise there's a game involved and play a straight bat as if the whole thing is awarded on merit. "What ... us? Oh no! We want the money ... I mean, the community wants the money for better facilities for the womens' teams ... and junior soccer teams ... and we'll plant a few trees to save the planet while we're at it ... have an off leash area to placate, I mean, enhance the experience for local residents. Us? Why, it never crossed our minds! But now that you mention it, an extra oval the same size as the MCG might be of use to us ... plus a plunge pool, hypoxic tent. grandstand, social club (with bar) ... gee, these things the community are crying out for ... well, we might be able to use them too ...." [*back at the club*] "Yeah, I snowed 'em pretty good. They bought the lot. Sit back and wait for the cheque."
  13. So an amateur soccer club wants to play games at the race track? Should be plenty of land to go around. I can't see any proposal getting off the ground without support for local sport.
  14. Seagulls? Albatrosses? Huntingdale? Maccabee?
  15. In any match that year, if at quarter time the score wasn't something like 8 goals to 1 at quarter time (for the oppo, obvs), you'd say to yourself "we might have a chance to lose by less than 10 goals. We're in this!"
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