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  1. Where did I say they were complacent? So, not complacent then.
  2. I reckon we played this season as if we had one hand on the cup and it was up to other teams to try to get it off us. But ... it wasn't last year's cup we were playing for. It was this year's, and no team had any hand on it. It was in a cupboard at AFL house and all teams started equal in the race to get it.
  3. I regard all AFL premierships from 2022 on to be illegitimate and undeserved. (Except for the ones we win.)
  4. I think we already know the answer to that. The integrity department is going to get a mighty workout.
  5. Off the ground, head contact, concussion. Dozens of times we've seen guys suspended even when the football loving public thought it unwarranted, because "the head is sacrosanct". But no, Cripps was denied procedural fairness. After being permitted to appeal the MRP decision, front a tribunal hearing and then being permitted to appeal the tribunal decision. Unfair.
  6. Whatever it takes. The AFL have degraded their already degraded award because of the absurd Cripps appeal. Let it be sung far and wide.
  7. Hear hear! In fact it is not even best & fairest. It's fairest & best. Which is why a guy like Woewodin can win it. An anomaly that Robbie never did. And the Dipper thing was when the "fairest" aspect was mysteriously overlooked, seemingly for ever more.
  8. Because the media sites are all so useless it's impossible to get the full leaderboard ... I could only get the top 11 from The Age. Cameron the only non-mid in it. The umps now have an out. Because it's become a "mid fielder's award" there is no incentive for them to assess non-mids, and now they can take the easy way out and only give to mids, because that's now the expectation. It's something of a miracle that Cameron got as many points as he did, which says someone about the season he's had. All adding to the degradation of the Brownlow as an award deserving of respect. The overturning of his suspension was of course a travesty. But not due to bias. It's a consequence of the AFL turning over their sporting tribunal to court room barristers and giving them free rein to w*nk on and on for literally hours. Procedural fairness my backside. By the time the barristers had finished polluting the simple proceedings of a sporting tribunal, the tribunal members were so befuddled, they didn't know their own names, let alone what day of the week it was. It's been apparent to fans for years, but it seems it took this debacle for the AFL to wake up to it.
  9. The secret to winning flags is to be there or thereabouts year in year out, then wait for things to go your way. Exhibit A: Melbourne Storm.
  10. Counterpoint: it's Collingwood, so let's not be fair.
  11. Yeah, but it's Collingwood. All normal feelings/reactions to be suspended. GET ****ED COLLINGWOOD
  12. That was too close for comfort. Would have preferred them to go out like Brisbane. I can't get over the hide of this Collingwood club, trying to win an important final. Oughtn't be allowed.
  13. GET [censored] COLLINGWOOD COLLINGWOOD GET [censored]
  14. There's bugger-all we, a city-based football club, could have done. Unfortunately Liam was born under a troubled star. A long term AFL career was not his fate.
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