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  1. If by chance Bbb....Brodie and Max are all up fwd when the ball comes in...every afl team would struggle covering all that height. Go Sparticus...Kozzie and Anb.
  2. Sadly for us LJ was supreme at ground level for a ruck man and very mobile for his size. So is Max though not as much as LJ bit he is bigger. Don't think Brodie has the same skills. I do hope his body holds up as well. Lj will be a star ...sadly not for us but will always be remembered fondly as a part of breaking a very long drought. Especially that cameo in the 3rd.
  3. This is a bit of an over reaction. We still have Kozzie. It's always a risk but if a gun player leaves we need to be compensated. Not sure if Brody is a great replacement for Jackson. I feel like Jackson is a better fwd option. Great to have two big rucks but that doesn't translate to goals scored. We really need an established big forward in this premiership window asap. Tmac is injury prone and Bbb has slumps. Weid is gone...no biggy but we didn't have a big gun to target with bb out of form and Tmac out injured and it showed. Melk wasn't it that's for sure. We lost a flag as a result.
  4. Haven't read the article. Maybe it's assuming that Kozzie has already arrived if it's not him. I'd say Rivers....but if it's Sparrow I would also gel. See a bit of Tracca in him. Just read it.....confirmed what I thought. Had a better season in 21 and a huge part of our flag success. Dropped off a bit last year but will be a star of the fame imho.
  5. I hope we get a Petty clone because I would really like to see the original play full forward.
  6. Anyone notice how many games we lost when Tmac was injured? One tall outside the backline doesn't work. There's a reason we have 3 talls down back. Jackson in the ruck loses us a tall chf
  7. Goody asleep at the wheel again. Nobody to kick goals
  8. Both late to move Petty Goody you are dumb Gee a tall in the fwd line Wow ..good idea
  9. Lost at selection Spargo Sparrow Melk May a mare Oliver held all day Lions throw the ball. We have lost do many games by poor kicking Coaches failed to fix it.
  10. Straight sets Let's just kick it th exposition all the time. I don't care if Jackson goes. We don't need 2 rucks We needcanother tall fwd. What a waste of a season. Finish 2nd and blow it.
  11. We can't win No goal kickers One more it's all over
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