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  1. Hope they both have a few sons for future teams too.
  2. Anyone else feeling this will be a breakout game for bbb?
  3. Used to love the radio station going around the grounds as they would say....over at Arden st.....back to Victoria park....live at lakeside.
  4. Used to be to get to the nsw pokies as Victoria was behind(or ahead) of the times. Top post CB f.
  5. Absolutely. It was great stuff but also vital. Next time another soft incident could kand Fritter in trouble just because dermie made up a media meal. Good clubs get out in front of rubbish like this. Well done Goody.
  6. Good old Waverly....such a strange spot to put a stadium.
  7. Someone like my fave childhood wrestler at ff. Ps...the bloke in the leotard...like i would let him hear me say that😁
  8. Glad this game has been swapped. Our record shows that we will bounce back. Dogs will be nervous.
  9. I wouldnt mind Spargo in their. Gutsy with great decision making.
  10. The kayo app menu drives me nuts but price wise its goid value. Im sure some people let their mates use the same account. Its not like rupert doesnt have enough ivory toilet seats.
  11. Great post especially re Jackson. Imho I have noticed he has been too far up the ground even when not rucking. We have been a fwd down . And he needs to stop going for marks against our other talls as hes not the strongest pair of hands just yet.
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