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  1. Watched the replay of that recently. Aside from the 24 to 11 frees in dogs favor we were not that bad. But boy did the umps give footscray an easy run. I think dogs actually train for high tackle frees and they certainly dont get pinged enough for throwing the ball. Maybe it lulled the doggies into a false sense of security. The dogs probably were the 2nd best team this year and they lost a few key players with injuries. But they also got a good ride in the lions final and were very lucky to just win that one. I'm so glad the umpires didnt spoil the granny for us. So looking forward to playing them again as well as Geelong. It was strange that the dogs were heralded as having the best midfield about because ours smashed them. Same with the touted cats forward line. I hope the free differential next year is much more even as I think it really carried the dogs a long way. Same with cats home adavantage which is why they are exposed come finals. Anyway, ive had my rant. Cheers.
  2. I was going to say one of our most improved players but so many really did step up this year. I always thought this guy was a tad fumbly but he has really become quite smooth. Certainly fixed his goal kicking issues to the point where he has kicked some very special goals. Runs all day. Hard as nails. A tackling machine and choc full of passion. Great year from him. Loves his team mates and revs everyone up. Still loving his tigers goal from the boundary line with a wet ball and the following against giants
  3. Gee Demonland has been very polite and civilised since the flag😀
  4. I love Bts form where he leaves comments half finished....."and the Melbourne fans are going absolutely". Didn't mind the bang bang but only because I was so caught up in the emotion. Wasn't there one bang to many or was the fourth a metaphor for the flag? Probably not.
  5. As for me Petty might not be better. But given his talent he might be good there. I just think its great to have options and explore ideas. Remember the injuries we had in 2019? Petty may well be a better defender and if it aint broke........but Tmac has shown some history of changing form and Weid is not a proven forward. Even if hes only needed as a stop gap its worth knowing he could do it. But yea as it stands I would prefer Petty down back over Tomlinson. Footy is a harsh mistress.
  6. it probably comes from wanting to utilise the talents of both of them. Never hurts to have options and its important to explore them like moving Tmac up forward.
  7. And Kozzie. The four firing worth the price of a ticket anytime and balances out us having the best backline as well.
  8. Bizarre that a player that was almost unloaded set up our premiership with his earlier games this year. HIs dip in 2020 form also a catalyst for recruiting BBB who was no slouch this year either. toms form dropped off again at times the end of this year but played a huge part on other games. At his best hes one of the best forwards around and I hope he can return again at this level next year. An in form Tmac and co is a 100 point game every week.
  9. The next few years of the current bunch is going to be very interesting.
  10. Yea, was a look that seemed to say a lot. Mostly it encapsulated the fact that about 15 mins ago they could see a flag looming to it being taken away from them. None of us have really seen a last minute of a quarter of footy like that. I think the dogs fans would have had trouble processing it. Suffice it to say, they must have felt this was the end of their 2021 footy dreams. That it just happened so quickly and seemingly out of the dogs players hands would have been quite surreal. If I was a dogs supporters i would have been frustrated giving up a last minute goal (Tracs) but the other two would have seemed very unreal. Im pretty sure it knocked the stuffing out of the dogs players because we scored two more quick ones in the first two of the last that seemed quite easy. Im not sure why I was so worried after Bonts third and the dogs 19 point lead. I think it was that they had scored so many goals in a row and we gave up such an early break. But prior to that we certainly had plenty of shots on goal that could have been majors. We were inaccurate, where the dogs snaps (and there were a few) all went through the middle. Despite the 19 points we were at least equal in terms of shots if not more. But the dogs had a lot of luck, including the Lions games with many calls going their way. I think they must have felt a three quarter time it had all gone. On some level the Dogs must have believed we were the better team and that minute was a wake up call to the fact. Its one thing to win a flag but to win it like that almost makes it worth the wait. But Ill take another next year,
  11. Will never get old. Gotta love BBs run up. Does the job. Our shooting at goal has been pretty suspect all year but boy oh boy did we fix that in the third. So funny that Bt said ....gotta get the next one or two.....Still on the fence bw Tracs worm goal and Frittas fourth. Before it all arupted, I childishly removed myself from the family viewing and sulked into my bedrooom(after Bonts goal), licking my wounds and feeling a sense of doom. Didn't last long......I was dancing on the coffee table during the break.
  12. Was playing his best footy ever before his injury. Deserved to play in a Gf. Hope hes on the mend and gets a grand final birth in 2022.
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