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  1. Thanks JV and Max. I know it's a win but hmmm only just. Great effort in the dying stages from young Brown.
  2. Petty checked out at half time after he got ten touches. Job done.
  3. I think we deserve to lose this. Except for the umps and commentary I hope we don't.
  4. They are clearly trying to get North across the line. And here's me hoping for a % win. Silly me.
  5. Salem has to be injured surely? Chandler, Oliver, Nibbler, Kozzie and Fritta ...all experienced players have a lot to answer tonight. This is the bottom team and they couldn't turn up.
  6. North smell blood. Rightly so. We are playing more bruise free footy...enter Fritta.
  7. Frittas in a rut for sure. Can't afford another fwd not scoring 11 goals against the bottom side.
  8. He often has more time and space than he thinks. Or doesn't make space for himself like Pickett does.
  9. Fgs Oliver how about just once you look before you just bang it onto your boot. Maybe find a teammate for once
  10. Expect more from the Kolt if rocking a perm like that.
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