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  1. Its kinda of worrying I think we could struggle to find a top 8.
  2. How does a wooden spooner get so many free kicks. Crows fans are shockers. So are the umps this year.
  3. His lack of tackling in those 2 losses was a worry. Perhaps Brown should have come in much sooner.
  4. Smart move. Fritta would be better utilised further down the ground. Not because of his recent poor shhoting at goal but with his marking be a good link out of our defence. Also with his build he is more suited there as he can get outmuscled. Thrives in space. Weid at chf. Jackson at ff. However these 2 are still unproven prolofic scorers and someone like Cameron for example that can come straight into ff and kuck 40 a year would be nice. If we can unload Tmac in some way it would help with the $. Perhaps he would do well in a club that needs a proven fb defender.
  5. This is accurate. Can I suggest retire our wonderful servant in dark times Nathan Jones. Perhaps a kept on in a coaching role . Trade Melksham. Delist Smith. ANB a possible trade. One good game towards the end of the season isnt everything. Despite the week of hell, losing 2 innable games the club seems in a position to certainly improve if we implement the above. May and Trac have become what we hoped for. Langdon is a star. Much promise in Rivers and Jackson. If we can find just ONE 40 plus ff and a good crumber than we will be lloking good.
  6. Sorry Dd. I find your analysis very good but really?
  7. This. Thanks. Time to go.... so very many. Maybe Hunt redeemed himself so there are about 10 to let go.
  8. Fair call. Hes been far from perfect. Im pretty sure if we manage our list correctly and do some more smart recruiting we will play finals next year. As for Goodwin, i think he will still be around and redeem himself.
  9. I think we knew after our own game against the dockers what are fate was.
  10. All I can say is come on Hogan, dont let us down. Show us you still love the Mfc and kick a dozen.
  11. There ypung blokes. Before I get shouted down, can most of us those who are older and wiser think of the things we have done. We have had the luxury of not being under the spotlight. Im not condoning it , just sayn. They still need to be more professional. Its also annoying that doing it when the coach is speaking. Its not like the game was wrapped up. After the 2 losess to swans and freo, they should have All pulled their fingers out. Definately No pun intended.
  12. Hopefully freo will have a crack like the swans.
  13. Yes, absolutely gun midfields help forward platers out. Yet gun forwards become top guns in the same scenario. I think about the tigers with2 stars in Lynch and riewoldt. Id be happy with one of those blokes. Weid and Jackson are not the same. They may be one day but its still a gamble. Rather someone who has already kicked 40 plus.
  14. Full credit to the club for improving our backline. May is a star and been the difference bw winning and losing several games. Long overdue to fix the other end. Weid is still and unknown commodity. Has played some rippers but has npt featured at all in quite a few as well. Jackson shiws great promise but is only young and has played few games. Like May, we need a proven player at ff. Cameron?
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