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  1. Is it just me or does there seem to be a big influx of new arrivals here at DL? Good to see.
  2. And bonus points to you YiwaW4tA for keeping this delightful idiom alive.
  3. Yes indeed Dd. I'm so glad we have taken him back into the fold. Especially with Disco out for a while. I was surprised we let him ever go in the first place. He's a quality player. But yes, he may take a couple of weeks for him to find his groove. Welcome back MH.
  4. Absolutely Deemania you have my vote Salem belongs in the backline. Nothing more satisfying than seeing that perfect left foot kick of his hit up a teammate running through the middle Rivers a stint in the guts is ok by me. What about the odd cameo from young Brownie? Maybe not strong enough yet but I reckon he'll be there one day.
  5. Very good point Wwswd. He's a small forward who we've seen change games. I don't mind him in the guts for the odd cameo. Especially if he's struggling. But for me he is a freakish goal sneak and that's always his main job. We just need a big fwd he can work with.
  6. Wasn't referring to his age Ds. He played some very good games and then inexplicably got dropped. What I mean by game time is a string of games where he can feel the pulse of the game and be his best without losing momentum and relegated to the twos. Confidence means a lot and double in footy. We give Tmac and a couple of others more chances than Tommo. I personally think he's a quality player who we should trust in more. That's all.
  7. For those claimed Tmac will go back in defence and possibly take Tommos spot, I wouldn't hold my breath. In fact I'm not sure Tmac will play much at all this year. I also think it's worth persevering with Adam as he is a good player that just needs more game time and confidence. Also of Tmac is fit enough to play at all, he would surely be better fwd where we are lacking somewhat.
  8. Yes indeed, young Brown was the highlight of the day for me. On that form he's definitely a walk up start for the Swan's game. He could literally find room inside a Hyundai Getz . He is going to be a gun. And of course seeing Viney at his red hot best so early on was just as exciting.
  9. This belief for the last three years that Bbb and Tmac will suffice is based on sheer hope and not past reality. We are still lacking tall fwfs and God help us if Petty goes down again.
  10. Sounds like a good idea KM. I'm all for free drinks. But seriously I do wonder if the cost of living will impact crowd numbers this year. I'm feeling it too. I used to go to the Bentleigh club when in town as it was a cheaper alternative.
  11. For me the jury is still out on Chandler. He's shown some great footy but it's been a while.
  12. Are we going to have trouble kicking goals this year? I fear we may be depending too much upon a young Jvr and an injury prone Petty. Hopefully they will be ok.
  13. Its just scratch game but we still seem lacking up fwd.
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