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  1. How funny was Max's scornful laugh when pinged for that terrible holding decision.
  2. Thinking about the tigers game...not happy that we get 6 days off to their 8.😦
  3. I agree. I think he will be selected for the tigers game. Nice spanner in the works for richmond.
  4. I think we will get the job done. May out us big, but we still held off the cats without him. Our midfield is simply dominating as is Max. Tmac is in good form as is Fritta. Kozzie to get a few more. Jackson to have a big game and its all over.
  5. I always thought he was a very reliable said shot. But wouldnt it hurt tok tag him out and then have him kick 3 goals in a quarter. Very nice.😀
  6. Great to have the depth of these two players. Im going to be honest and admit that I have had my doubts about Lever and Tomlison. I recall Lever's game in the territory several years back when he was taking intercept marks at will and thought he was the greatest addition we had made in years. Then the wheels fell off the whole team. Lever didnt seem bad but didnt appear great either. What he has showed this year and especially against the Cats is the real Jake Lever. Lever' s ability to read where the ball is going and if to mark or punch as well as finding targets by
  7. Next they will be winning Dons franks on the old handball practice target.
  8. I hope he nails down that spot on the Mcg for a long time. A work rare of the highest standard. Probably our best and most consistent player.
  9. Was woeful. Oliver held onto off the ball a lot of tge rime as well.
  10. Just wondering if anyone thinks Will b.brown be introduced before Weid and does anyone think it will happen in the tigers game?
  11. Guilty as charged with Hunt. Total reversal in form. Tmac likewise. Full credit to them. I thought Lever has been rocky at times but now revealing the complete class that he is. Have always loved Fritra. Slight frame but incredible strength and speed goes with it.
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