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  1. Death , taxes and Melbourne away at Geelong and West Coast
  2. FWIW Gawn was asked on afl 360 tonight and said that he asked Clarry at the Brownlow count, and he told him that he was staying , joked something to the effect about Trac getting more attention this year and that got misconstrued in the wrong circles etc
  3. Oooooozzz .... Love this appointment ... just for kicking skills alone ! fritsch will be slotting goals left foot on the run , along the boundary line blindfolded next year !!!!
  4. Check your junk mail ... seems gmail also suffers for MFCSS
  5. Thank [censored] this [censored] of a season is now over here’s hoping for some footy at the G next year, hopefully we’ll be able to go along too !
  6. Agreed - but our form over the past month feels a long way away from that, I just see it like Essendon going over there last year in the elim final , albeit Optus stadium having maybe only half of it’s normal snakepit vibe with the crowd reductions
  7. Let’s just remind ourselves of the prize on offer this weekend - basically the opportunity to go over to Perth and probably get smashed by the eagles in an elimination final . this is quite different to 2017 we hadn’t made finals in 11 years and we had half a chance to actually see our team play finals at the G - that’s not the case now (with the exception of a few that might be lucky to see a final live) id love for us to make it but I’m not emotionally invested or attached to the results this weekend like I was 3 years ago or in 2018. at the moment we are a middle of the road
  8. No previous loss before that a a few weeks earlier was after the siren down at the cattery 😫
  9. We blew a golden chance the week before at the G playing sydney which we were eco expected to win ( remember Henney took mark of the year over Hogan after Peterson our the ball up perfectly for him in the last quarter ?) anyways we all then thought we were screwed then having to go to Perth and then play GWS the following week only needing one more win
  10. One of the very few times we have stood up in a crunch must win game , and we also had a bit of luck fall our way that day IIRC (darling went off injured early, no Kennedy) still one of my favourite all time MFC wins , breaking a 12 year finals drought I think part of it to was that we weren’t expected to win that day, compared to rd23 2017 and the last 2 games where we were favourites - mentally does this playing group handle pressure of a must win game or when the opposition bring the pressure ? I still don’t think so
  11. Frankly this is just full of platitudes i guess pert isn’t going to acknowledge and explain the rationale for baffling selections and team strategy e.g throwing Pruess up forward in the wet and what the coaching staff might have been thinking making ~17 changes over the last 3 weeks Pert fumbled a bit when asked about whether Goodwin would be coaching rd 1 2021 - refused to indulge in any hypotheticals if we lost our last 2
  12. Just had a look before I think you need to subscribe to the podcast in the podcasts app and then the more recent podcasts appeared in my podcast feed, took a few minutes
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