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  1. Not sure if you really want to finish top... when was the last time a team that won the minor premiership actually won the flag ? top4 with a home final sounds better
  2. I canned him in the game day thread for that deliberate out of bounds goal early in the second , but he definitely was very solid down back and providing rebound out of D50. Collectively take out those ordinary marking mistakes by our defenders and a couple of dubious early frees the saints barely had any genuine goals scoring opportunities
  3. Still top thanks to that late goal from the lions 😆
  4. Its almost nostalgic now to think back a few years ago when even if we were terrible we could still always say “well at least we’re not Richmond !”
  5. Spot on Dr In my 30 years following the club , season 2000 was our best season in which we only won 12 H&A games to finish 3rd!!! Even then we had a typical mid season slump and then finally got on a roll . 1994, 98 , 2004 all the same without winning consistently - even a couple of near 100 point drubbings in those years 98 & 2000 ! In terms of supporters we certainly are the 40 year old virgins when it comes to success !
  6. In the meantime Essendon has recently hit a major milestone..... 6000 days without a finals win 🥳 👏 https://www.neds.com.au/blog/2021/02/the-world-when-essendon-last-won-a-final/?fbclid=IwAR2tW2LHSqk_zteM_4aOnPzXWNzh8inuBabMqUp0ha8FfQ31XQxHSYImsXM
  7. Death , taxes and Melbourne away at Geelong and West Coast
  8. FWIW Gawn was asked on afl 360 tonight and said that he asked Clarry at the Brownlow count, and he told him that he was staying , joked something to the effect about Trac getting more attention this year and that got misconstrued in the wrong circles etc
  9. Oooooozzz .... Love this appointment ... just for kicking skills alone ! fritsch will be slotting goals left foot on the run , along the boundary line blindfolded next year !!!!
  10. Check your junk mail ... seems gmail also suffers for MFCSS
  11. Thank [censored] this [censored] of a season is now over here’s hoping for some footy at the G next year, hopefully we’ll be able to go along too !
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