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  1. It’s always handy when you get to play norf twice in one season
  2. At least we’re not 18th with a bullet like those poor basterds down at Arden St
  3. lloyd meek or Lloyd Braun?
  4. I saw a headline recently where Jed Bews was putting the cats mystery illness down to something they caught in the resort spa …. “ I think the spa got us ….” 😂 https://www.codesports.com.au/afl/geelong/geelong-poised-to-overcome-lingering-pain-of-last-years-83point-preliminary-final-defeat-to-melbourne/news-story/9fdd557b12b3fbed77dafcf16ed5a9e9 nah mate… big Maxy got you !
  5. Special mention early in the 3rd when duckwood gives away a 50 against Langdon and absolutely sooks it up ! “He dived !!!! He f$&@&$en dived!!!” 😂 Then gawny follows up with the goal from outside 50
  6. Not surprising , saints and Brisbane both look like they’re upping the loading like us , both were really fatigued up at the Gabba last week and both are sides entrenched in top 4-6 - so why are we surprised saints would be flat around the bye ?
  7. Here’s hoping that the bombers 150th celebration is as memorable as ours back in 2008 against geelong
  8. Sounds very familiar to an incident when a Hollywood celebrity thought it was ok to walk up on stage and slap someone in response to a very poor joke at someone’s expense - I think the violent response is being underplayed here quite a bit , and all the focus is just on the star player involved poor form all round - and when we least needed it
  9. Meanwhile… the Weid was probably at home drinking hot chocolate and reading comic books in his room
  10. Said football club supposedly in state of turmoil , said club then goes on to win the premiership breaking 57 year drought , have record membership and strong financial result despite covid disruptions to its blockbuster home games , said club starts its premiership defence 10-2 and 1 game clear top of the ladder. if that’s turmoil then i want more please
  11. Loving all the stories from demons growing up or living around Essendon in the 80s and 90s - I thought I was alone there . They were simply terrible to us Melbourne supporters. And so I don’t ever dish it out to opposition supporters, stay humble and classy and respectful of the opposition, and at the moment I just let my team do the talking and whisper the sound of silence.
  12. I find the whole spectacle made if this on the afl website a bit unsettling - “ tune in to find out if Buddy gets off for whacking another player in the head ?” Like it’s a reality tv show. even foxsports site the attached video with footage had 30 second pointsbet sporting add AFL industry seem to have gone past it’s moral compass on a lot of this - very much a $$$$$ industry.
  13. You forgot to mention also that Carlton then thumped Geelong in the grand final - consigning the cats to their 4th GF loss out of the previous 6 years 1995 was such a let down as a young demon - the Ox going down at Lavington was the start of my early MFCSS followed many the many disappointing injuries that plagued a talented team in the mid 90s
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