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  1. It's the AFL drip-fed propaganda that there is a level-playing field, as promulgated by the draft. Hence any given club has 'stars' who can sway match-day results from season to season. In reality the comp. rewards clubs that have foresight to purloin the country's top talent.
  2. FWIW I think Wells and Healey also kicked lots of goals. Healey also played as a forward and kicked 90? One year.
  3. Ssssh! That's supposed to be a closed session.
  4. It shouldn't, that's the problem. FWIW I find Brian to be a funny and entertaining presenter. It's just that he presents an old guard view on this topic, and my example presented some necessary truth-telling.
  5. Another reason why you need female commentators. On Fox the female commentator rightly described the incident as a 'rogue elbow', only to see the cavalry arrive with Brian Taylor and good old afl.com au rush in with the accidental elbow line. Compare this with the Neville Jetta dangerous tackle decision. The AFL are either protecting the head or they are not.
  6. Didn't look good at all on the replay. Fortunately the AFL.com.au opinion editors cleared it.
  7. We were about 8-0 with Tiddles Ridley in '71.
  8. I am saying that the grass roots underpinning of 'Australian rules' is what holds up football, not 'Head Office'.
  9. And now we have the marketed fiction that AFL gives money to the clubs when in fact it is the clubs that give money to the AFL, and the grass roots which gives free and ongoing good will to the top tier competition. Without which it could not survive.
  10. If we get the chocolates today BB will be 24 hours closer to Tulsa.
  11. Looks like Josh Kelly's possible move south could work in our favour if a Hawthorn is looking to spend up. With clubs tight on salary cap this could work in our favour. With WCE Tigers Footscfay and Geelong seemingly having a lock on top positions why would a player like Clayton even consider leaving the red and the blue: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/8-million-man-or-homeward-bound-gws-star-josh-kelly-s-unique-choice-20210330-p57fce.html
  12. I want to know what's wrong with Mars as a homeground if Earth becomes uninhabitable. You could play a given season there in hub format, for example. Several seasons could be trialled at Alice Springs to see if the idea has legs. Umpiring could be be by autonomous robot. And Kayo could chip in to subsidise cost of living adjustments.
  13. That was in The Age a couple of days ago. i will have a look for the link.
  14. Melbourne is one of the listed clubs whose salary cup is tight. So an Essendon or a Hawthorn could knock on his door with a mega-offer. So we have to basically have high finish to keep him, IMO.
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