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  1. In the multiverse, TV footage of the incident was accepted and RDB got off. But we lost by a point after Doug Wade blatantly dug his knee into Bernie Massey's back and converted after the siren. In the following year Melbourne inexplicably slumped because RDB couldn't get over being beaten by Norm Smith in the club's mid-season darts tournament.
  2. Obviously need Kane Cornes to dig deeper into this...
  3. This is a heartwarming story and illustrates the traits of courage, decency and bravery we see exhibited week-in week out by AFL sportsmen. Less so, the sensation-seeking click-baiting columnists feeding off our club at the present.
  4. I think the article meant to refer to North...
  5. Not sure if this is good, or not. https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/west-coast-north-melbourne-battle-for-afl-draft-sensation-harley-reid/news-story/e1f31110eb84c5a256bc38cae76f2ebb I'm just listening to the bloke now...
  6. You wouldn't see TH getting front-end loaded by "footy acts" either. As Walt said in Breaking Bad, "I am the danger".
  7. There's a guy in my town (Warragul) l think he works in Woolies, has a hot Cooper S mini with BBB demon number plates.
  8. Not sure if this has already been posted: https://thewest.com.au/sport/west-coast-eagles/afl-trade-2023-melbourne-look-to-swoop-on-gws-ruckman-matt-flynn-from-under-west-coasts-noses-c-12079834
  9. This is the year Jake Melksham came of age on the demonland forums.
  10. History will record that the only two times collingwood has beaten us in a final since ww2 was courtesy of their roughouse, dirty tactics in 1958, and then in 2023, courtesy of the AFL-sanctioned poleaxing of one of our key playmakers.
  11. Said in an article that the top six vote getters were also top 6 in the coaches award...but that's just confirmation bias, with umpires ticking off the box beside the big name players.
  12. I bet you didn't say that when we poached Diamond Jim.
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