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  1. The AFL needs to do a "Gettable" item on Kalani pronto, in furtherance of them getting him to GCS, and as further confirmation that they (The AFL) are the unrivalled draft tamperers of the competition.
  2. Why are players allowed to [censored] an opponent off the ball. Simple. There are no rules in the game anymore. Just whistles, 50 metre penalties and goal reviews.
  3. Gettable is the AFL's own patented version of draft tampering.
  4. That was clearly a football action. Explain that to anyone from another country.
  5. Dermis cut short one of the commentators who said Geelong had an off night. Dermis said Melbourne forced them to have an off night.
  6. This medallion from a friend's 1964 Demon scrapbook.
  7. Read (and have copies) of a couple of Ivan Southall books in Grade 6: To The Wild Skies", and Hill's End. Would love to get hold of a copy of this.
  8. Lest We Forget: https://demonland.com/forums/topic/46969-barassi-vs-dean/
  9. It's a tricky area, where players can dive after getting a love tap from someone giving them a "close tag". And we don't want players diving willy nilly. Having said that, 6 weeks would be fair.
  10. While l await the many sleeping Demon historians, apparently Gordon Rattray was the first player to use the torpedo punt. And if he were the father of (Kerry) would have been 46yo.
  11. I wonder whether Gordon Rattray related to (Ken?) Rattray of mid-sixties.
  12. Just filling in time here watching a whole lot of Victorians running round in Canberra 1. There are some grounds for calling last night's south The Checker-Yze Cup, on account of the way Richmond were able to shut us down for half the game. Yze went from Melbourne to Richmond, Frank went from Richmond to Melbourne. 2. Checker-Hughes was that smoker sitting next to Our Norm when the '64 siren went. So much for Barassi's excuse that he was worried about Smith looking over his shoulder If Barassi had stayed in red and blue colours. If it was good enough for Checker to blow smoke in Norm's face what was Ron's problem having his old mentor fiddling around with the whiteboard?
  13. Yeah, and lowest score by Richmond v Melbourne since 1965. Woeful.
  14. Port have dropped 13.6% so far today.
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