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  1. Essendon will give it their all. Could be an upset.
  2. And Alf Potter keeps panning to Michael Voss's reactions. I wonder whether Voss is coming to Brisbane next Friday night.
  3. In the words of Tom Wills, it's a speculator.
  4. On a serious note, Chris Aitken also worth another look at. Can take a contested mark and has excellent previous form with the Dees, kicking five in the last round of 1967.
  5. Lingers? Looks like alter-ego Mr. Ed. pooped on the colours tonight.
  6. It means all beer and no breakfast.
  7. You need to park at a train station near your freeway then train it in last few stations.
  8. Does that mean we ate ahead of Geelong?
  9. I would hasten to disagree. Viney's media style is from the heart, with his message about the dark years being a regular (and relevant) refrain. I believe Viney keeps the big heads in line and speaks directly. His crash through heroics are well reflected every time he speaks.
  10. 1988 final at Waverley. I think Nathan Lyon kicked a massive torp in that game if I'm not mistaken. Ok, i see this has alteady been noted.
  11. On a side note, l was surprised to see we are equal on members (65,000) - when you consider boutique stadium, favourable home ground fixturing and relative ladder positions over last 15 years.
  12. That was a shocking thing Ron did, blind-siding the whole club.
  13. Does this topic include football cliches? Obviously it doesn't.
  14. In the old days a backman would be just chucked forward in the 3rd quarter. These says it's 'the system'.
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