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  1. If we win a flag with that as our home based we could rename it the Golly Gosh.
  2. Yes they had Ron's signature as you describe. My parents sprung a surprise by delivering them to me at school on my birthday. I duly wore them around the school, cork stops and all. When we went overseas later that year they must have got chucked out. My next boots (about four years later, for under 12s) were Adidas lookalikes, with soft toes and low ankles!
  3. I think Ron's steel-capped 'Ron Barassi' boots make all the difference. Still remember the pair I got for my 8th birthday.
  4. Casey Shire is the demographic heartland of Melbourne anyway. The MCG is so 1964. Other things that are so 1964: 1. EH Holden with 179 motor. 2. Red smelly trains on the Dandenong line. 3. Two shillings for fish and chips (just guessing on that one) 4. Melbourne rampant in the finals. 5. Jimmy Nichols as fill-in drummer for The Beatles for part of Australian tour. 6. John Nicholls, 6 foot 2 ruckman. 7. Cassius Clay getting liniment rubbed in his eyes during Sonny Liston fight. 8. Brown paper bags (with money for Ron). 9. Getting the cuts.
  5. Just what we need: some Barassi-style emotion.
  6. A premier league player in UK quit last week/s citing social media trolling, and the toll it was taking on his life. There are far better ways to lighten up on supporter sites than these kind of personal attacks dressed up as online comedy. If BB proves a disappointment I guess we can expect more of the same.
  7. Truly pathetic. Why don't you take your 'presentation' directly to Tom (at a training night) instead of anonymously slurring him.
  8. There are already enough fake umpiring decisions.
  9. Best get for a v. long time. Crackers and Stan, all is forgiven!
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