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  1. Everton are still top of the table FWIW. The AFL is dead, long live the top 4. Anyone who thinks this is one competition obviously hasn't sat through every episode of Breaking Bad.
  2. Was driving to Traralgon about March last year on a sporting assignment when I got a call. It was Clayton Oliver on a membership drive. I said I would re-sign, since he had called me! - but couldn't talk because I was driving. Headline: Clayton Oliver gets Bush Demon's signature after phone call.
  3. These pictures are courtesy of my friend Donna's 1964 Melbourne FC scrapbook. Inc mobil swap cards. https://app.photobucket.com/u/normnc/p/ef3c9513-8b4d-4730-9cc6-103ea33f6cbc https://app.photobucket.com/u/normnc/p/bcd1709b-18b6-469b-a937-7be62b20b6b8
  4. Thought I'd share some Dire Straits. Prophetic, it turns out.
  5. My friend's sister in Warragul has a ripping round by round scrapbook of 1964 culled from the papers. I am more than happy to help you out. She went to training one night and got the players' autographs as well.
  6. This is spot on. We have had good enough teams since our last flag and if this team got photoshopped into other club colours our fade outs and underachievement would vanish. So are our AFL players just journeymen on fat contracts? Look at the players after the games, they are all best mates. If Clarkson had coached Melbourne the last ten years he would no doubt have been consigned to the scrapheap, so it's not just about the coach. We just seem to rise to a certain level of achievement and then blancmange back into our previous state of mediocrity. Get sick of it after a few decades because
  7. Keep your eye on the red and the blue.
  8. How many A grade footballers did Melbourne recruit between their 1960 flag and their collapse in 1965? Bourke and Townsend? Now compare with the champions the other clubs were accumulating during that period.
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