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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. There's no reason to assume these 3 players will suddenly drop off.
  2. W.A go home factor: 1-1, thus far = Tingay stayed, Farmer went. I am putting down Big Bob Johnson and Hassa Mann as irrelevant, they didn't go home they just went.
  3. Good news, I just checked into Gus N Gawny 50th celebration podcast and they haven't rebadged it 'Gus is Gawny" as yet.
  4. On a side note, there are a little of little Demons coming to the footy. One dad (and mum) was telling his boy that he could come to the footy 'but would have to show commitment'. I think there is a genuine groundswell of young Demons who don't show up in the stats, just yet.
  5. Three direct passes to the opposition by Bowie today. Haven't seen this fun fact mentioned anywhere thus far.
  6. I wonder how many at Storm game, and why both teams fixtured at same time.
  7. We could expand our indigenous presence by making the Punt Rd a "Naarn FC" home ground complete with community access and demon livery.
  8. Imagine MFC getting their colours on this site: Tigers to quit Punt Road unless stand demolition approved
  9. Gawny is a great player in a great team players like Gary Baker were A grade guns in modest teams that didn't get on the telly.
  10. Never seen so much red and blue at the Berwick roadhouse.
  11. In primary school that used to be called 'waxing'. Especially prevalent during kick to kick in the playground.
  12. Good luck to the guy, played at the top level, busted his gut yoget the best out of himself.
  13. Yes, farcical rule, farcical application. I would prefer a clampdown instead on players who convey their dissent with dead-pan straight-faces, perhaps (also) sneakily coupled with a total absence of gestures or arm movements. These players are the true villains and such nasty, albeit well-concealed sarcasm/dissent should not be tolerated in the modern age. Surely we do not want a grand final decided in this fashion.
  14. Any team that was strong from mid-sixties on was gifted massive media exposure as TV replays improved in quality and the same teams were getting constant exposure.
  15. There's too many teams chasing too little silverware, and too many dead-rubber games of no consequence. To mis-quote No 2 from Austin Powers', "The Spy who shagged Me", the home and away games represent an unnecessarily long chase scene. We could go undefeated through the season and still get beaten by a team that has lost 10 games.
  16. Hope BBB is iced after two quarters.
  17. It must be a great advantage to have the 4 points in the bank before the w/e; the players are able to relax and recover without expending nervous energy.
  18. Port were chopping off most of our handball strings, this may be what clubs are looking at to stymie our run. We just have to cut out some of the Hollywood handballs.
  19. While the AFL continues to allow shameful hits on players in the name of manly aggression head injury symptoms will continue well into the future. The "its not basketball" defence remains sacrosanct in our code.
  20. After following the Dees for too many decades I'll take ten wins in a row, a flag and the red and blue raining supreme on the G any day.
  21. I think Tingay played in a final v St Kilda in 1998. He really smashed it in that game.
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