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  1. Seems like only yesterday I was reading the latest goss. on whether Steven Tingay would or would not go to Fremantle. Fortunately he dropped anchor with the Dees.
  2. Bevvo should instead have planted a story and see if it got reported ie Teddy might do a lap of honour.
  3. Funny how I went through my (part-time) cricket life with an incorrect grip/action and could never, ever work out spin bowling. Then a couple of years ago I watched a brilliant Shane Warne YouTube lesson and bingo, the ball was turning. Warnie was a master craftsman and a great cricket teacher!
  4. I think 'soccer' is an abbreviation of 'association', aka football association. Not unlike 'league'.
  5. I get annoyed when Sydney people call rugby "footy" when it is essentially a catching and throwing game.
  6. The Bartlett/"Chief" combo very underwhelming. Having a laugh and a joke last ten minutes, "junk time" etc. It's a GF, boys. Wouldn't be like that if Hawthorn or Richmond put on that display.
  7. That GF surpasses the 1970 Carlton benchmark IMO. After all, that game was only in black and white.
  8. You missed the 1971 fixture! We smashed North by over one hundred points. We got into the ground about the ten minute mark and the Dees were already 7 goals up. Brian Dixon was North coach. The group-think was that VFL Park was soulless but we loved that ground, it p$%ps all over Qatar airways stadium.
  9. Slightly off topic! but I lost my keys on w/e and spent two days searching and stressing. Then a phone call from work... had I lost my keys. They were found in an office supplies car park and keys were traced back to my workplace. The demon lanyard and Angus Brayshaw key tag were described and manager knew keys were mine. Brilliant work again, Angus making something out of nothing.
  10. Melbourne's GF win had echoes in Carlton's come from behind sensation in 1970. Yet in round 1 1971 Carlton were comfortably between by North, who would finish 9th that year. Come round 1 next year we need to leave the memories to YouTube, I'm sure we will. Still, every time we kick a big goal, or series of goals I'm the crowd will remind the boys of last year's heroics. I'm looking forward to that.
  11. If it's an EV, and preferably with blade battery technology then is good.
  12. When is the next Casey session, just quietly?
  13. When will Dees' next/last training session at Casey be?
  14. 2021 was the year we inverted the paradigm. 1961 marked the rise of Hawthorn, and the long-term demise of MFC. Percy Cerutty had the Hawks running through the sandhills down at Sorrento whilst the mighty Dees were about to end their long run of consecutive grand finals appearances. Norm Smith had earlier vented at the admin. no doubt sewing the seeds of our later annus horribilis in 1965. Come 2021 we are connected, we are family and ready to, in Alistair Clarkson's words grab the silverware. Meanwhile the hawks repeat our folly in a messy menage a trois with Jeff, Alistair and Sam. Sorry if I have strayed off topic.
  15. We were the crowd favourites and sentimental favourites across the board.
  16. It started back in the 60s when someone Franked Davis as Melbourne captain.
  17. Not sure if this topic already covered, but it was a heart-warming experience. I was in my local Warragul sports store the other day and was disgusted - but not surprised - to see all this merch from the big clubs but typically nothing for Melbourne. Went back a few days later to pick something up and told the sales guys I was disgusted there were lots of AFL jumpers but no Melbourne jumpers. His answer was that all Melbourne stuff was sold out.
  18. James Brayshaw's nephew notwithstanding.
  19. Bailey snapped the goal that gave us the pre-petracca premiership in 1987.
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