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  1. Here's a quick lil' edit I made of Rooey's debut!
  2. Hard not to love what Bernie provided to this club in the five or so years he was here. Some long roosts here!
  3. Jonesy's first of 302 AFL career matches!
  4. Debuting just a few weeks after Clarry, was this guy. Fair to say they've become a decent midfield pairing since then...
  5. Remember the night Colin Garland was thrown forward by Mark Neeld and played a key role in Melbourne's first win of the 2012 Season? Check out all of Col's best moments from the match!
  6. Hard to believe this was only seven years ago. It feels like Clarry's been around for an eternity. Check out all of Clayton Oliver's best moments from his debut match in a tight opening round encounter against the Giants back in 2016.
  7. Had some fun editing this one! Some call it an urban legend, others claim to have witnessed the phenomenon in person (myself included), but back in Round 7, 2008, Melbourne claimed the most unlikely of victories against Fremantle. After trailing by a match high 51 points towards the end of the second quarter, Melbourne kicked 14 of the next 18 goals to record a 6 point win. Check out all 17 goals kicked by Melbourne during what was a most eventful afternoon at the G!
  8. Here's a match I had great pleasure revisiting and editing. Safe to say Maxy's come a long way in the last 12 years, and I'm not just talking about the beard! Stay tuned, plenty more to come!
  9. G'day all! I was rewatching the final quarter of our 2017 Perth clash against West Coast (the McDonald match winner game) the other week and couldn't help but notice how crucial Cam Pedersen was in the final 10-15 minutes. I was prompted to reminisce a bit into his career with us, and despite never being a world beater, Cam made some very important contributions over his journey in the red and blue. To make a long story short, here are all 50 goals that Pedders kicked over the six year period that he donned the Demon jumper that I've compiled together in one video. There's some seriously impressive ones here that I had completely forgotten about, such his boundary miracle to seal the win against Carlton in 2014, and his Buddy Franklin-esque running goal against Brisbane in 2017. Plenty of clunks in-between as well! Go Dees!
  10. G'day all, in light of our headbanded hero's departure (and because I've had nothing better to do this week with my spare time), I've compiled all 43 of the goals that Jayden Hunt kicked in the red and blue in one moderately sized video! Cheers Jayden!
  11. G'day all! It's that time of the year again! Cue the mandatory Melbourne finals pump up video! Very happy with how this one turned out! Feel free to share any other retrospective/pump up/hype videos that you come across here. Go Dees!
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