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  1. According to Cal Twomey’s late mail on the AFL website.... Melbourne has an eye on Werribee VFL defender Kye Declase, who trained with the Dees over summer, and has also shown some interest in marking defender Daniel Turner. Does anyone know much about these guys?
  2. How about Toby Bedford for Langdon. He has the tank and has been in good form.
  3. According to Pert in the article below the Dees will be training all year at Casey. I thought it was just for the preseason? “So we’ll train all of the pre-season and all of next year out there. The ground is MCG-sized and in amazing nick.“ (Gary Pert.) AFL club Melbourne welcomes A-League’s Melbourne City to Casey Fields https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/a-league/aleague-southeast-melbourne-to-become-the-new-home-of-melbourne-city/news-story/a2797f235610c79d22d1d0a391246806
  4. I’d be curious to know where he ranked our three picks overall. Presumably higher than what we got them for but by how much?
  5. Call me an optimist but I still can’t get past the fact that we have a guy on our list that averaged 2.65 goals per game over 20 games in 2018. Had he done that this year he would have won the Coleman. In fact over the past 5 years the only players who have averaged more than this in any given year are Kennedy, Franklin, Riewoldt, Hawkins, Brown and Cameron - that’s pretty impressive company. I’d rather play him at Casey all year in the hope of him regaining that form than trading him for a second round draft pick and trying our luck with someone else. The fact that he can also play defence and wing is all the more reason for keeping him.
  6. True, however one key difference is that there is already a sporting precinct in Yarra Bend so open space would not need to be re-purposed like at Footscray Park.
  7. I know this topic has been done to death but I am surprised this option has not been mentioned as a possible venue for our new training ground. As the bird flies Yarra Bend is about 3 km from the MCG and is a huge expanse of land that is not highly used by local sporting clubs in winter as far as I am aware. While not an ideal place for a social club, it could allow an Essendon Tullamarine style facility. Beautiful surroundings too. Thoughts?
  8. It’s only a minor calf injury according to Foxsports today. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2020-harley-bennell-melbourne-calf-injury-preseason-supplemental-selection-period/news-story/fac103e87e9f9eb5c636c0ebaa4b65e3
  9. Hopefully nothing too serious. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/01/25/report-bennell-suffers-injury-setback-in-bid-for-afl-lifeline
  10. I do find it interesting that with the bidding system a relatively useless low draft pick can actually become semi-valuable. It is conceivable next year with the high proportion of F/S and academy picks that a pick in the 50’s or early 60’s becomes a pick in the 30’s.
  11. I thought this warranted a new thread. It gave me a lot more confidence in our decision. AFL.com.au canvassed recruiters and list managers from 12 clubs about who they would have taken if they held the third pick Who would you have taken with pick # 3 - recruiters
  12. With all of the picks used for the academy players so far I see that our fourth pick in this years draft has moved up to 74. No doubt this will move up more tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if this ends up in the 50’s or 60’s.
  13. As possibly the youngest player selected in last years “super” draft at pick 33, I wonder where he would be placed in this years draft if he had of been born a few days later? 12 months on he has now played a full season of VFL and worked his way into becoming a starting mid by the end of the year with decent possession numbers. Maybe that makes him the equivalent of a first round pick this year?
  14. He kicked 65 goals 37 behinds in 2017. I don’t think his kicking accuracy is a problem.
  15. I’m not saying we should get him but am surprised people are so quick to dismiss the idea. 65 goals 39 behinds in 2017 seems fairly accurate kicking to me, and had he kicked that this year it would probably win him the Coleman medal. His trade value is likely to be reduced given he has been out of the game for two years due to injury and the fact he is one year out from free agency. Maybe a late first round or early second round pick would be enough? Lewis retiring and Jones’ pay cut frees up some salary cap. Also, outside of Jonathan Patton who seems destined for the Hawks, I am not sure there is any other more attractive and getable key position forward options available this year.
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