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  1. Agree. If the AFL can do it in 2020, it can do it again in 2021. The Victorian government has worked out a way to get 1200 tennis players/staff into Melbourne for the Australian Open. The NSW and Queensland governments have worked out a way to get the Sydney and Brisbane tests played. The games will go ahead, whether as currently planned or with hubs or with quarantining or special rules or no crowds or whatever. The hope is that the outbreaks we've seen in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in the last month are aberrations, not the norm, and that the earliest doses of the vaccine
  2. @Macca sorry I missed the tipping, was away for a bit. Will try to join in this week. A truly amazing first quarter. Kinda crazy to think the Browns and Bills are in the Divisional Round of the playoffs, and could theoretically contest the AFC Championship game. Gives us Demons fans some hope.
  3. I didn't realise before that Paine had also been sledging Ashwin. The sledges themselves didn't seem funny but it just gets even worse when you sledge someone that hard and then fail as badly as Paine did today. Prior to the sandpaper disgrace the Australian side was developing poor tendencies. Under Langer/Paine that seemed to be rectified initially. It seems to me the side is now slipping back into old habits, with Paine and Wade in particular focusing too much on sledging and "mindgames" rather than just playing cricket. I don't think Smith should ever captain again. If we need
  4. Odds on that India is going to get through the entire day losing just three wickets, one of which fell in the first 15 minutes. It's a flat deck but nevertheless an incredible effort given injuries to Pant, Jadeja and Vihari. Paine's now dropped three catches today, all of which really should have been taken.
  5. That's the 2018 game plan right there. Goodwin's game plan has focused first and foremost on dominating time in forward half. He has always believed that successful footy sides ensure the ball is in their forward half more than their opponents. I don't have the stats to hand to say whether he's right about that or not. In 2018 we achieved this through prioritising stoppages and clearances. We ran one off the back of the square to ensure we had an extra number at centre bounces and we regularly swapped out our sixth forward for an extra number through the middle. We then scored heavil
  6. I've never wanted the Seahawks to win before. I felt significantly dirty doing so yesterday. Then the Titans getting up on that last play field goal thanks to that AJ Brown catch just before was a fitting end to a good game (and saved me in this comp!). Thanks @Macca for running things again!
  7. Ravens, Seahawks, Titans
  8. As far as I know the division winners remain as the 1-4 seeds, which means the first match-ups are now 2v7, 3v6 and 4v5. In the NFC, that means the winner of the NFC East (either the 7-9 Football Team or Cowboys, or the 6-10 Giants) will get a home playoff game against, likely, the 11-5 Bucs. I'm not against division winners making the playoffs but I think it would be fairer for the seeding to occur based on all 7 playoff teams' records, not guaranteeing division winners get the 1-4 seeds no matter what.
  9. Burns out of the squad. Right call. Warner to replace if fit. If not, Pucovski if fit. If both unfit, Harris gets the spot. If both Warner and Pucovski are both fit, both play, Wade moves down to number 5 and Head gets dropped. Wade's not an opener but has done more than enough to hold his spot (subject to his own fitness - he wasn't running well in the field after his leg injury). There's an argument that even if only one of Warner and Pucovski are fit, Head still goes, with Harris coming in and Wade moving down.
  10. Sucks for the Browns to have lost their WRs to COVID, but still, losing to the Jets with playoffs (and the division) on the line is classic Browns. They can still make it even if they lose to the Steelers next week but that requires the Colts to lose to Jacksonville, which surely won't happen, or a whack combination of the Titans losing to the Texans and then each of the Ravens, Colts and Dolphins winning.
  11. Half a chance this will be an innings loss. Can't keep carrying Burns, Head and Green in the same top 6. Green may score well but even if he does, we're just far too lean in the top 6. Smith's horribly out of form and Labushagne can't convert any of his starts into 50s, let alone 100s. Must drop Burns for the next match. Never should have played the first Test. Funnily enough though, he's the only member of our failing top 6 to have made it to 50 this series so far. I know Head's got future captain ideals but he should go too. Throws his wicket away far too often. We can do bet
  12. MFC predictions Ladder position at the end of the H&A season: 7th Position at the end of the season (e.g. stage of finals): 7th B&F top 5 (1 point for correct inclusion, 1 point for correct place): 1. Christian Petracca 2. Clayton Oliver 3. Max Gawn 4. Christian Salem 5. Steven May Leading goalkicker: Ben Brown Most marks: Steven May Best first year player: Bailey Laurie Most improved player: Sam Weideman All Australian 40-man squad selections (1 point each): Petracca, Gawn, Oliver, May All Australian final 22 selections (1 point each): Pet
  13. According to this article, it's never happened before - all 11 teams to go 11-0 prior to this year's Steelers won their division.
  14. Browns can easily take the division - if they beat the Jets and the Steelers lose this week vs the Colts, that final Week 17 game will be for the division. Wonder if a club's ever started 11-0 and failed to win the division.
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