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  1. This. The rest of your post can be considered on Sunday evening. The worst thing we can do is think about ANZAC Eve. Yes, it's a big game, and yes, it will be exciting if we go into it in form, but if we're thinking about it now we'll be 4-2 after it.
  2. St Kilda's best and worst are so far apart. Best is finals material. Worst is bottom 2 tripe. This is non-competitive stuff right here, as it was two weeks ago. How they managed to get back from 33 points down against West Coast may well be one of the 2021 season's biggest mysteries.
  3. We had a great run with injuries to this point so we're regressing to the mean, unfortunately. Fingers crossed we see some regression to the mean on our goalkicking accuracy, and that of our opponents. I see three options to replace Fritsch: A tall forward such as Daw or M Brown (B Brown if he was fit, but he's not) Melksham, with Melksham then being replaced by someone like Sparrow or someone like Chandler Petty plays forward, with Hibberd replacing May. Personally I think with Petty training back, he should only play back. So, I think the third option shouldn't
  4. Well to be fair, Jackson's played four games whilst Treacy's only played 1 and the others only 3. Still, on averages, Jackson is 2nd with an average of 1.25 contested marks per game. On averages, he's also 2nd for contested possessions and 4th for clearances.
  5. I don't associate colour with success/failure. It's all been failure in my lifetime anyway. This is what I care about. The royal blue jumper looks great. I love it. But I only ever want to see it if there is a genuine clash. Why the [censored] did we wear it against GWS? We've never worn a clash jumper against GWS in the past (last year we wore our special heritage jumper which was navy blue). We've also started wearing it against Collingwood, which is stupid as there is again no clash with Collingwood. If we wear it this week vs Hawthorn...shudder...
  6. Surely in contention for most improved this year. He's never been this good. What he used to have as a defender was the dash and dare. He's never had the two-way running or the physicality that he has this year. I don't mind him running halfway down the ground to drive us inside 50 because I'm more confident in our forward half game to keep the ball there that Hunt won't get exposed out of position. I'm also more confident in his ability to turn around and gut run back into defence if need be. And when we're in defence, I'm confident in his ability to win a one-on-one or to put his h
  7. After the game I was a bit down on Jackson's performance just in terms of his time in the forward 50. In the fourth quarter I felt we were desperate for a key forward to hold a mark when we needed to kick a goal to ice the game and he was targeted but dropped marks a few times. But on watching replays it's clear that I was far too harsh on him given his competition in the air. Whilst he wasn't clunking his marks, he wasn't being beaten either. Of course, the work he's doing when he goes into the ruck is critical to us as it gives Gawn the flexibility to drift wherever we need him, wh
  8. One other stat that might be worth mentioning. We've won 12 quarters so far this year, which is the best of any club. The Dogs are on 11, Sydney 10, and Port, Richmond and Geelong are on 9. Of the four quarters we've lost, two of them were vs Fremantle in Round 1. That means in our last three games we've only lost two quarters (Q1 vs GWS, Q3 vs Geelong).
  9. I can't help but share the concern. There is plenty of evidence so far this year to suggest these sorts of concerns are unfounded. But still. They used Worpel in a tag on Brayshaw vs Fremantle so I expect him to do the same against Oliver or Petracca. The rest of their midfield is good on paper but not performing: Mitchell, O'Meara, Wingard, Phillips. My main concern is turnovers across half forward with Jiath and Frost rebounding with pace. They butcher the ball, but we've looked our worst this year (vs St Kilda and GWS) when our opponent takes us on with foot speed through the
  10. Yep, we're generating plenty of scoring opportunities, but the difference between us and two of those other sides is that we don't concede huge scoring shots against. The 39.25 (64 shots) against us is significantly less than Adelaide's 53.47 (i.e. 100 shots) or Sydney's 47.52 (99). Even the Dogs have conceded 34.35 (i.e. 69 shots). I haven't been through the rest of the comp but I'm guessing our 64 shots against is going to be close to the best. We've had some bad luck with opposition accuracy and we're missing too many shots ourselves. If those regress back to the mean...
  11. The stat about our opposition only scoring from 30.6% of their inside 50s is an amazing turnaround from 2017-18, where we couldn't stop sides scoring when they went inside 50.
  12. Didn't Petty get taken off to ensure we had an emergency who didn't play a full game (Hibberd, Petty and Chandler the three)?
  13. Wasn't sure where to put this but on On the Couch tonight they highlighted some stats: We are conceding scores from 30.6% of our opposition inside 50s, which is the best percentage ever recorded after four rounds We have six of the competition's top 21 pressure players (presumably this is measured by average pressure acts per game?) Our forward half pressure rating is the third highest rating by any club since 2013.
  14. They play two rucks and rest one forward, and Koschitzke, and will likely replace Lewis with O'Brien. So they'll have three talls. We may need Petty for cover.
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