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  1. I get the sentiment but as @Axis of Bob says, some of the needs on our list are very unlikely going to be filled by elite kicks. That's largely because, as much as we need better kicking, the competition isn't flush with elite kicks and certainly not in the ruck or key forward positions. If Naughton were available he'd make us significantly better instantly, and that's assuming his kicking for goal remains as it is now.
  2. Well on this front we are 2nd best in the league (took this from the Useless AFL States page):
  3. Bengals, Steelers, Chiefs
  4. Sorry if this is too late - Bills, Eagles, Cowboys (like many others!)
  5. Or perhaps Gawn’s palm on the line… Or the ARC overturning the ANB goal… Or Melksham’s ACL… Or our own inability to kick easy shots on goal…
  6. Agreed. They are under enormous pressure and don’t currently look like they can cope with it. We were always going to be in with a shot if we’d made it. A genuine shot at the flag was thrown away in the 90 second disaster last week.
  7. Yeah, it sucks, but don’t give me umpiring. There were a handful of blatant Collingwood frees that weren’t paid late (the Moore high and the HTB on Idun were horrendous misses). If GWS got shafted it was by having to have a 6 day break into this game. There’s no need to ensure the top side gets 8 days into the GF. 7 is enough. But the drop from 7 to 6 is more severe and GWS shouldn’t have had to deal with that. But in the end, Collingwood have been the best side for the majority of the year, so it’s no real surprise or shame that they’re in the GF.
  8. It’s hitting hard today. It’s prelim weekend, there are Collingwood scarves on the train I’m on, but when I opened Demonland I started with the drafting and trading board.
  9. Want to find this and share it? I was at the ground and what they showed on the screen at the time suggested his fingers touched it.
  10. I'm sure it's been discussed somewhere already but as expected, the behind the goals vision of the last play from the Lever mark to the Acres goal shows how terrible we were as an entire team (i.e. not just Viney's poor kick). Rivers is briefly open wide but once he's shut down (Lever rightly taking a bit of time to assess his options), there is no movement short, not a single player tries to get open. We are just waiting for him to dump it long. Despite that, once he does dump it long (and you can see he looks frustrated with his kick for going too far inboard), the defenders don't reset. They ball watch. We also have way too many players up the ground and nowhere near enough in the D50. The switch occurs, and we're light on numbers who are then completely outworked to free up the Acres space. It's tough to break down one play in the final 90 seconds of a very intense game but we should have been better than this. https://www.afl.com.au/video/1034289/trsf-dees-collapse-opens-acres-door-giant-killers-do-it-again?videoId=1034289&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1694873897001&tagNames=AppNewsFeed:Yes
  11. You may notice I didn't say that. I said the absence of Petty, Melksham and JVR made our chances worse, on the back of Fritsch, TMac and Brown missing months of football (and in Brown's case, never getting back). I've posted elsewhere that there are multiple issues which contributed to our loss last night and our season ending the way it did. Injuries were one of them. I don't really think there's much of an argument to the contrary.
  12. I'm proud to say I picked the GWS renaissance before we played them in Round 15 or whenever it was. However at quarter time of Carlton v GC at the MCG in June, I thought Carlton were more likely to finish bottom 4 and sack Voss than get anywhere near this far.
  13. They can't kick them directly in front but Riccardi nails one from the boundary 40 out. Love to see it. Keeps the GWS v Brisbane GF dream alive!
  14. Mate, I get it, it's disappointing, but we have an elite player who is in the conversation for the competition's best player and is a genuine chance to win the Brownlow, we had a third straight H&A season with 16+ wins and a top 4 ladder finish, we got to watch us play two finals in front of 90,000+ fans, we hopefully found a new forward in Petty, we saw Joel Smith get his body right and finally get a prolonged crack at AFL level, we saw Melksham rejuvenate his career, we saw Viney put together probably his best season of his career, and we saw Rivers take major steps towards becoming an A-grader. One of the reasons you're so upset with the finals loss is because of all these other positives. If we didn't have the other positives, we wouldn't have been playing last night and/or it wouldn't hurt.
  15. GWS should be 50+ points up, not 19. Bedford's miss from 10m out directly in front means he'd slot straight back into our side pretty seamlessly.
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