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  1. Bucs, Rams, Bengals.
  2. Here's what I'd like to see in the 2022 fixture: All Victorian clubs play the same number of games interstate - no more of Carlton/Collingwood/Richmond getting fewer interstate games than Melbourne/North Melbourne/St Kilda Collingwood/Richmond/Hawthorn play at GMHBA Stadium (I'd argue for Carlton and Essendon too but at least they've been there in recent years) We play West Coast in Melbourne for once
  3. Night games are great for sponsorship and keeping the focus on us, but for our family supporters I'd like to see a good blend of afternoon games as well. I don't want to be like Hawthorn/Geelong/Sydney of the early 2010s who seemingly played every single week at night. I'd like a few Saturday or even Sunday afternoons at the G, ideally. But obviously we deserve and will want night games on FTA at the start of the year. I reckon it's 100% certain. The AFL will want the reprise of the Round 23 classic, given how impactful the goal after the siren was to our flag.
  4. Chiefs, Falcons, Panthers
  5. Agree. I can't stand it when players "move up" in the numbers as if moving from 42 to 27 is some sort of promotion. I'm firmly of the view that you show up to the club, you're given a number, and that's your number. Make it yours. Our first draft pick can be given number 2, with no fuss, and we move on.
  6. Rams, Chiefs, Bills
  7. Packers, Patriots, Titans
  8. Tim Lamb was interviewed earlier today on AFL Trade Exchange, as part of AFL Trade Radio. Worth a listen, IMO. Touches on Jackson, Oliver, Petracca, Dunstan and our general strategy and list build.
  9. Surely drew some confidence from the 44 point comeback in that game when we were 19 down in the third quarter of the GF. That and the Brisbane Round 12 game were huge for us, I think.
  10. True. I think it's been reported he's got another one year deal though? Don't the rules require every club to take at least three picks in the draft?
  11. Well to be fair, if the allegation of nastiness comes from us singing that song, that didn't happen until after the GF. It was petty, us singing that song, but if the Dogs don't like it they should refrain from getting on the [censored] and chanting songs after they win games that aren't Grand Finals.
  12. Apples and oranges here, @Kent, to be fair. Dunstan was playing first-string midfield minutes in his games at St Kilda this year. None of Harmes, Jones or vandenBerg were. I think that will explain why his disposal and clearance numbers are well in front of the other three.
  13. I think with today's signings, Declase and Hore are the only players left without a contract for 2022.
  14. You'd imagine we're only going to keep one of Chandler and Bedford. What interests me is that Chandler was repeatedly an emergency this year but Bedford wasn't. You'd think that means we rate Chandler higher than Bedford?
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