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  1. I don't agree with your assessment of Lever. Is the GF really that strong of an argument against him? How many Adelaide players had a good GF that year? Maybe 2? Ditto GWS players last year, although I'm not trying to argue the point on Tomlinson here. As to the bolded bit, I'm not sure how to read Bartlett's comment other than as a forward assessment. It's clearly not about 2020 as we didn't finish top 4 or top 6. IMO he's saying this list has the capacity to finish top 4 or top 6 in the future. Given the examples previously cited, I don't think the fact we missed the 8 this year is enou
  2. This has GNF riddles written all over it. Looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks brings.
  3. Lever's already played in a GF, surely if Fritsch makes your list Lever does too? (never mind Tomlinson too...) You could do the same analysis with Richmond's 2016 list, Brisbane's 2018 list or Port Adelaide's 2019 list. All you've really done here is name our A-graders. Our list has shown plenty of potential, both in 2018 and in the broader 2017-20 context. I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest our list is capable of challenging over the next few years. Again, that doesn't mean it's all just going to click into place, but it's not like we've seen nothing over the last four
  4. Last year port finished 10th with an 11-11 record and a percentage of 105.4%. This year they sat on top of the ladder for the entire home and away season, won their first final and then were a kick away from beating Richmond in a prelim to make the GF. Did anyone predict they'd go from outside the 8 to that record in one year? The year before it was Brisbane (bottom 4 to top 4). The year before that both Collingwood and Hawthorn went from out of the 8 to top 4 (and we went from outside the 8 to the prelim). There are plenty of examples of sides not looking likely in one yea
  5. I did pump up Geelong's tyres earlier, but the clear knock on them under Scott strengthened last night. In the 2017-2020 period, Geelong has played 11 finals for a 4-7 record. Richmond, in the same period, has played 12 finals for a 10-2 record (and three flags, obviously). In each of Richmond's premiership winning seasons, they've beaten Geelong (2017 QF, 2019 PF, 2020 GF). Things could have looked so different to the Richmond "dynasty" and Geelong's Dangerwood era if even one of those three Richmond-Geelong finals went the other way.
  6. To be fair, whilst I don't agree with @DeeSpencer's overall view, the argument against taking Brown is clear and deserves consideration. It will either see us go into 2021 with Brown, Weideman and Jackson in our forward line, or with one of Weideman and Jackson not playing. If the former, can that forward line work? It's taller than both Geelong's and Richmond's (for example), and with the added risk that Brown, Weideman and Fritsch aren't good with pressure. If the latter, is that beneficial to our overall development? What's the point in taking Brown if we then can't/don't pl
  7. Yes I agree. Fair. They're doing it in a 16-18 team era where the league is striving for equalisation at every turn, though.
  8. Geelong has won 10+ games every year since 2003. They've only missed the finals twice in that period (2006 with 10.5 wins, and 2015 with 11.5 wins). They've won three flags in the last 14 seasons, could be four tonight. And they've made the preliminary final weekend 10 times in the last 14 seasons. All of that to me represents very strong performance. Yes, they've struggled in finals since the 2011 flag (a 6-12 record heading into tonight), and if they lose tonight they'll have won zero flags in the last nine seasons despite finishing in the top 4 six times. IMO, all t
  9. If he stays, our plan has to be to use him as a mid/forward. He's not a defender and I don't want to see us try to continue pushing that square peg into that round hole. I don't think our midfield depth is so amazing that we can afford to let Harmes go. I also think Harmes is an upgrade on most of the small/mid forwards we played this year. Finally, I think we can think outside the box a bit in terms of using him as a defensive midfielder. I reckon there's a way to start him at centre bounces in the forward 6 but to have him push up after the opening bounce to follow someone. 6-6-6 o
  10. Whilst Preuss and 23 for 9, or Preuss and TMac for 9 might not work, adding in our 2021 first rounder tips it the other way. I know we may want to ship TMac off, but this is too much out for not enough back.
  11. That happened after 2019 right? Which was his third consecutive season kicking 60+ goals? Playing for a club that didn't exactly have other stars (so where else was their minimum salary cap going to go)?
  12. They don't cheat. They're just very good at what they do. They have a significant advantage in terms of lifestyle/cost of living, they're culturally ingrained in the Western Districts which is a footy-rich area and known for developing good talent, and they've developed a culture within the club (led significantly by Joel Selwood) by which players accept lower salaries than what the market would otherwise give them to keep the team together. To assist with that strategy, they target established A-graders from other clubs, often weaker clubs, who want to taste success. Players li
  13. Again - correlation but not causation. Our biggest weakness in 2018 was our inability to stop sides scoring when they got through our forward press. That was in large part because the individuals we had back there weren't that good (i.e. Oscar and Frost). Our improved form in 2018 wasn't because we put Oscar and Frost down back, it was because we improved so much around the ball and in our forward line that we hid our weakness (remember, our losses to St Kilda and Sydney in that second half of the year were where our back half was exposed and we didn't score enough from the inside 50
  14. The no pressure argument is true based on previous form. Is the solution to assume that can't change, or is it to implore Weideman and Fritsch to add defensive pressure/chasing/tackling to their games?
  15. I've always thought Hannan has what it takes to make it as a fast medium forward - marking height but pace to go with it. Just never seemed to be able to develop consistency - felt like he'd play a good game or two but then disappear for a game or two. We've got too many mid-sized forwards on our list so this isn't the end of the world. If he makes it at the Dogs, good on him.
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