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  1. I’m not 100% sold on Turner for Brown but I’m happy to back him and the FD in to try it. Perhaps trying for a more defensive forward sort of role, the sort we might be using Melksham in if he were available. Tholstrup out a sad but correct call IMO. Just not quite ready yet. He’ll be back. I’m very, very unsure that Laurie is now or will ever be good enough at AFL level but I understand the importance of rewarding VFL form and with Salem out, we needed another runner (whether starting 22 or as sub) so he earnt it.
  2. This feels like recency bias. We lost our most recent game whilst sides like Carlton and Collingwood won, so it feels like we’re sliding. Go back two weeks to find Collingwood a kick off losing to Hawthorn, Carlton an umpires’ decision off losing to Fremantle (who just lost to West Coast), and Sydney losing to Richmond. We’re two games clear of Brisbane who are winless at home. We’re one game behind two sides who have looked amazing in Carlton and GWS. And we’ve done that despite having had 50% of our matches to date interstate (we’re not the only ones in that camp but it’s equally not like we’ve had some dream fixture run so far). On the first six games’ evidence I don’t think the conclusion is that we can’t match the top 5 sides. I think it’s that we’re still very much in that group.
  3. Does anyone actually think they’re not the real deal? They should be the best side in it. They have the best list in the comp, IMO. Imagine taking our midfield, giving it a bit more depth, and then chucking Curnow and Mackay in front of it.
  4. We won our first 10 games in 2022… Edit: I see he’s deleted the Tweet.
  5. We copped flawless Brisbane last week. They love playing us and got themselves up for that game. Reality is they are a mid-table side, at best, right now. They will end tonight with the same number of wins as West Coast. Meanwhile Geelong’s had an easy draw so far but equally still have 7 games to come at GMHBA. Lock them in for top 4, sadly.
  6. I didn't think the Tribunal could surprise me anymore. I was wrong. In a long and sad history of them, this may well be the most manifestly unfair and illogical decision the Tribunal has ever made. Put to one side the fact that Cameron has had a number of previous fines - remembering that the AFL says a fine is a genuine punishment, because an intentional strike to someone's gut is "punished" with a fine. Even if he genuinely had never been suspended before, that should be almost entirely irrelevant, and particularly when discussing head high contact from an action such as a sling/dump tackle where the AFL has had significant focus of late. We are now going to see repeated Tribunal headings convened by players who haven't been previously suspended, who say "well if Charlie only got a fine, what about me?". It's a circular argument and one which no one out there, except presumably Brisbane supporters, should stomach. (PS: this has nothing at all to do with the fact that the victim of the tackle was a Melbourne player. That's irrelevant too, and I do not at all buy into the conspiracy theories. This isn't a conspiracy, it's incompetence).
  7. We had the MCG game on our terms last year for most of the first quarter and part of the last. Regardless, the “magic spell” isn’t some sort of secret formula that only Brisbane have. It’s just talent - they’re a good side and are capable of matching/beating us in the middle. Any side who can do that can beat us. They haven’t “worked us out” anymore than anyone else has. They’re just better than most other sides.
  8. The conspiracy theory is that the MRO refrained from penalising Butters because to do so required high contact, but a free wasn’t paid on the night. Second week in a row the umpiring in a Fremantle close loss was under the microscope.
  9. Don’t disagree about us. Just noting there’s a stack of clubs outside of us and last year’s grand finalists who appear legit this year.
  10. Right now it feels like GWS, Port, Fremantle, Carlton and Geelong are all legitimate flag contenders. For whatever reason, IMO the jury's still out on Sydney. I can't shake their fortnight of a loss to Richmond then trailing West Coast for a half. But you can probably add them to the list. That's six sides before you get to Brisbane, Collingwood or us. It's a pretty strong year at the top, IMO. It doesn't help us that we have each of Brisbane, Collingwood, Port and Fremantle twice each.
  11. I don't get to watch Casey much so I rely heavily on Demonland to help me with our VFL performances. It's hard, therefore, when I come on here after what I assume was a gritty win and the thread is substantially posters taking pot-shots at Jefferson. Just on a rudimentary reading of the stats, I'd have hoped to see healthy discussion about what Disco offers as a forward, whether Laurie showed enough to suggest he might add to our AFL midfield mix, and whether Schache did anything different in taking 7 marks and kicking 3.1.
  12. I find this sort of reaction to our losses funny. Each time it's "we've been worked out", "this is the blueprint". Most of the time the result was brought about by something different anyway. We haven't been beaten this badly in the middle in 5+ years. At any rate, the idea that smashing us in the middle puts you in a good place to beat us is hardly earth-shattering, is it? It's almost akin to saying "the blueprint to beating Melbourne is to play really well".
  13. I don’t think we need the bye for general fitness reasons. I think we need it because we’re carrying too many players with injuries. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we put in a stinker in Round 5 last year vs Essendon? Ended up our worst performance for the year.
  14. No way. They are clear on why head high contact gets upgraded to medium. So Sydney’s not achieving anything this year?
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