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  1. Improved his accuracy this year and 59 goals was pretty impressive for the player who often got the 3rd best defender. One of the reasons we had a successful year imo. Oppositions had to match up on Bbb and Tmac before The magnet. If maxxy or jacko went forward , he often got 4 defender.
  2. I thought it was a good opp to post the clip :)
  3. Wrong nixon like wrong homer
  4. Only legit way is going to the atm for 5 days in a row and taking 2k at a time , clean up at the races or at Burswood casino .
  5. You forgot Mt Buller :) and the Jag dealerships
  6. HS posters on GF night got my wife to order the foil poster and a cheaper poster.. Turns out the HS does not update the waiting for fulfilment indicator . I have seen on here posters being received .so I got my wife to email them yesterday . Got an standard auto reply back . Today we got a another email back saying the cheaper was delivered on 19 oct . Hard to believe as I like many of you have been wfh and its not like they can put in the mailbox . We are asking for more detail and foil is due early next week. so if anyone is waiting for a non foil poster , email them
  7. Doubled value of car in seconds
  8. Hopefully by then no masks outdoors The queue of 40k plus might be issue any charge ( for anything) , hope half goes to reach
  9. Max , gus , milkshake , mitch brown plus one other
  10. Will be for double vaxxed ppl with certificate
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