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  1. Magpies lose their Grundies, it's a demon done-deal. Or, Magpies drop their Grundies bent over by a dee-deal.
  2. 1958, Murray Weidemann smacks Ron in the mouth. 2022, demonlanders form pack around grandson, Sam.
  3. That was a bit beige. We got stuck back in our 2020 cycle. I am hoping hulking JVR shakes things up a bit, and that he and Petty can straighten us up.
  4. They would change the circle being used to keep the game day one in top nick.
  5. These references to King's Counsellors must be some kind of freudian slip; isn't it they who got us into this two nations confusion in the first place.
  6. Mis-management, and bordering on stupidity. Emblematic of our season.
  7. You're putting a bit of spin on that.
  8. Anyway, the monarchists on here have now got the KC111 version to enjoy at their leisure.
  9. Action on Jackson trade: Demon to request trade home to WA club
  10. If the queen places her bag to her right it means go get me 20 Rothmans, if to her left it neans ask Ross how his knee is these says . If she sticks it on the ground it means get me a slab, but not that VB s**t. (From A Royal Courtier's Guidebook to the VFL, Rich v Fitzroy at Waaaaaaverkey, 1971).
  11. Hopefully Jackson has taken that no 6 jumper off and it is given to someone with a heart beating inside it.
  12. Petty to the forward line. Just a few months too late on that one.
  13. Yes, and no set shots just wheel around and snaffle them through the big sticks.
  14. Will be watching in Ho Chi Minh, my GF access? (if we get there) Haven't decided who gets it yet.
  15. And it is Lever who also set up Gawn in the Geelong game r23 last year.
  16. Essendon will give it their all. Could be an upset.
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