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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. You need to park at a train station near your freeway then train it in last few stations.
  2. Does that mean we ate ahead of Geelong?
  3. I would hasten to disagree. Viney's media style is from the heart, with his message about the dark years being a regular (and relevant) refrain. I believe Viney keeps the big heads in line and speaks directly. His crash through heroics are well reflected every time he speaks.
  4. 1988 final at Waverley. I think Nathan Lyon kicked a massive torp in that game if I'm not mistaken. Ok, i see this has alteady been noted.
  5. On a side note, l was surprised to see we are equal on members (65,000) - when you consider boutique stadium, favourable home ground fixturing and relative ladder positions over last 15 years.
  6. That was a shocking thing Ron did, blind-siding the whole club.
  7. Does this topic include football cliches? Obviously it doesn't.
  8. In the old days a backman would be just chucked forward in the 3rd quarter. These says it's 'the system'.
  9. I think after five concussions, the club is acting in Brayshaw's best interests. Better to be an interceptor than an extractor. If Brayshaw goes he is displaying a basic lack of self-awareness. I don't care anymore about these players 'going or staying'.
  10. Names from the past of players who have played both ends: Ray Biffen, Sean Wight. Something needs to change, we are working too hard for our goals. Also D. Neitz.
  11. The club needs to make a statement about the two players currently sucking the mojo out of the group. What the ... is going on pls?
  12. Well considered. Need to look at through the wider lense, we were up and about for a season and a half, now mental fatigue showing. To misquote Shakespeare: "My kingdom for a one-grab clunker" (up forward).
  13. Luke opportunity for a meet 'n greet, unless he (rightfully) shirts up for Casey.
  14. Melbne player tackled = instant free kick to Footscray. Footscray player tackled ie Bontompelli = eventually gets ball to advantage of another player. Umpires gifted 4 points tonight.
  15. The AFL issues trade edicts whilst paying gossip columnists (afl.com au) to trade trashy rumours about who is going where.
  16. Just one minor alteration: i would scrap the home and away games and go straight to the finals.
  17. I have a friend played VFA recently totalled his car, ended up in emergency. He had blacked out behind the wheel. Found out the the other day he had suffered 20 concussions from his playing days.
  18. I think that little Sunday chat with Steven May has got Melksham primed for September.
  19. For mine the 'Gussy Gawny' podcast is not worth listening to any more, Gussy is just having a laugh at the faithful. I will make an exception if they rename it Gussy the Ghost. Still, your mark and goal in the 3rd quarter of the GF will not be forgotten.
  20. Not to mention the disruption to the season caused by those two naughty boys.
  21. I think it's not fully appreciated how close the players are to each other regardless of what colours they are wearing, just different paymasters. The chumminess after the game is definitely not old school. A classic example was Oliver and Dangerfield when Gawn was taking his shot in the prelim... we supporters are the cows being milked via kayo and memberships.
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