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  1. Could be a bit of Volenti non fit injuria...
  2. Don't go for a beer during game. You are just gifting the opposition a goal.
  3. I'm just doing some forward-planning here. I want to know whether JVR should be getting into the 22 early rather than later (so Lukey Jackson doesn't get into his ear at next Freo clash?).
  4. He may have once had an anti-Melbourne vibe but was very respectful of his old club when we brought home the vegan bacon in 2021.
  5. I well remember 'waxing' in kick to kick at primary school.
  6. Points of order. He wasn't THAT amazing in the GF. And 'He was everywhere' may simply mean he was tried in lots of positions, so need to panic yet. On a brighter note, Freo lost.
  7. In the good old days many teams had horrific home ground advantages ie Windy Hill, Victoria Park, Moorabbin, even Lake Oval l remember had feral home ground supporters.
  8. On a serious note, VDR is reminding me v much of Greg Parke (no puns pls) with his high grabs and gait. Really looking forward to see him improve our forward line.
  9. I'm trying to think whether there's ever been a Melbourne player debuting with ''Van" in their name but Ray Carr is all l can come up with...
  10. The curious case of Kysaiah Pickett: Despite action Jackson's sudden departure for WA, we have the late re-signing of Angus Brayshaw to the mighty red and blue as a positive precedent for the club. So there is no inevitability in Pickett bolting just because he hasn't yet extended his contract. But if we can't hang on to him it will leave a bitter taste, that's for sure. Maybe then we will finally 'get it' that AFL players are just one big rolling scrum of mates who catch up for a chat at the final siren. Meanwhile we continue to fork out memberships persuaded that this is not the case.
  11. I think a lot of demon fans can handle not winning flags, it's the melancholy and irrelevance our club was mired in for years and years that was the killer... hopefully we can profit well from our current form and follow the formula of other clubs that never bottom out... Go Dees in 2023!
  12. Farewell Lukey Jack We'll miss your ground ball attack Though you're 6'9" We swapped you for a Pie.." (Apologies, Aunty Jack).
  13. I got pressured into watching Kojo on Disney plus last night, and i noticed that rival dog Balto got all the credit for an act of heroism when actually Kojo was the rightful hero dog. I don't think either dog really cared either way. But i do think Disney Plus is slightly over-rated.
  14. That is genuinely funny. The lack of eye contact is the give-away.
  15. So you and Mr Williamson are double-teaming me? Luke couldn't be that dumb he gets his kicks playing AFL football and putting money in the bank, not posting aggrieved commentary on footy websites.
  16. I just want to say that i was played out of position by Mr Williamson in grade 6. He had me at CHF when i was clearly a ruck- rover type player. I have never forgotten that.
  17. Having a man-bun instead of a mullet is like playing a kick behind the play, which would suit Maxy perfectly.
  18. It would be the club being disrespectful, not the teenager.
  19. Looking at the big picture, LJ was a windfall gain when we had a good side but crashed in one year. WA have been screwed over by the eastern states with the AFL set-up which destroyed their native competitions but made them travel across the land in planes to participate in the top tier competition. We were naive putting all our eggs in one basket. The king is dead, long live Brodie Grundy.
  20. tHIS is fanciful thinking. Some clubs on parity with us, Swans currently ahead of us. The real game is off-season player list maintenance, the pretend game is on the football ground each weekend.
  21. If we keep Jackson, Grundy and Gawn we could trade Maxy for an electric powered Jag. (Current model) and still retain some zip out of centre bounces.
  22. Exceptional prose, and readily paired with my own various imaginings and - dare I say - confabulations?
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