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  1. I'm a deep-state conspiracist myself. In the 60s the Hawks dethroned Melbourne when Percy Cerutty turned the Hawks into Kennedy's commandos. The Hawks then narrowly got past us in a '63 final (Barassi suspended) and that premiership marked an unbroken and unparalelled run of premierships for every decade since. Meanwhile Melbourne fell apart under the weight of its hubris only to wipe the smile off the Hawks' faces as stated by Slartibartfast. Now in 2023 the tables are totally reversed. We are the no 1 act in town and The Two Poos have sunk to the bottom.
  2. We have Fritta to partly thank for reverting to the mean. So now Choco has to get some positivity and good vibes into his head so Fritta can get mean again!
  3. I think i'll wait for a three-word game review by The Four Yorkshiremen.
  4. It's amazing what a little push in the back on GF day can achieve.
  5. I want to know whether the boys think that Collingwood's (one point) win was more meritorious than Melbourne's 90 pt effort, whether North should go south, and is there finally a case for Mud Island to have their own team - provided that they can achieve an AFL standard field. More seriously, is the current mis-match of teams going to seriously compromise this year's finals series?
  6. Sashay, also worth a look but unfortunately gets caught trying to dodge tackles.
  7. Michael Byrne. Was a v good player but didn't get his chances. Went on to play in Hawthorn premiership team. https://websites.mygameday.app/club_info.cgi?client=0-1047-26743-0-0&sID=70364&&news_task=DETAIL&articleID=6231825
  8. I'm nominating Diamond Jim for half-back flank. I thought he played well in that position. On a serious note, Alan Johnson and Todd Viney should definitely be there.
  9. He's not the Kysaiah, he's just a naughty boy. No, that doesn't make sense.
  10. I am definitely old school but l dob't know why the AFL plays speculator on players criss-crossing clubs.
  11. I just wish we'd give the TS thing a little rest. Barass himself set out the template by exiting the back door in December 1964 with a premiership and best and fairest medal in his pocket. I think he played in 6 premierships and captained two. Followed the money when our playing list started to deplete. He didn't have a job for life/super benefits etc that many people have. He was idolised in the red and blue, then just vanished.
  12. Is that Achilles Jones from Manangatang, per chance? For those wishing to stroll down memory lane: "Achilles Jones is discovered on his lonely farm near Manangatang kicking wheatbags around, as it saves him dragging them. The talent scout of the Galahs, a struggling AFL football team, plucks him from obscurity and soon he is kicking footballs and rocketing the team to victory in the Grand Final."
  13. Thanks for great podcast. When Gawny comes back how will things be different now that Grundy is showing his wares? And can Gawny and Van Rooyen interchange in the spearhead possy (when Gawny not rucking) to free up JVR for a bit of a gallop? Yours Faithfully Bush Demon.
  14. Carlton, Richmond and Essendon lost. Somw people are never happy.
  15. This is what I'm talking about! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpYCGws5V6E Hope Sunday is reminiscent of the legendary Greg Parke's first game.
  16. All the commentators in their coats and club ties are free to drink martinis while Stephen May drives. I didn't do it he says then he goes online. That's too many demerits for this dee boy to hide." (Apologies Bob Dylan).
  17. In the short term, Max. In the long term, Maximilian. Sorry if this comment makes no sense.
  18. Why paid against Cunnington just now, but tackle on LJ moments earlier, not. Umpires jyst making it up as they go.
  19. Should be a sin bin for umpires... all the random/vibe calls ie Freo's Hughes right into no 30 (north's) back in front of goal.. an appaling spoil, no free to north. 1st quarter Freo get a red hot holding the ball gift goal, north guy barely had a chance to dispose. It is a lottery, should be integrated into sportsbet.
  20. I can just imagine James Brayshaw, "Bang, bang, bang". PS Apologies in advance for the bad taste....
  21. TEAMS: Top Dogs out, big names back for Dees-Lions - https://www.afl.com.au/news/887055 Feel free to re-badge!
  22. Apropos of nothing, if that was the 60s it would be Barry Grundy v Larry Jackson. But who gives a Barry Grundy? Collingwood.
  23. Good. 1. Aussie rules infiltrating rugby states. 2. Essendon doing time for their many sins. 3. Whipping it good in '21. Bad. 1. Colonial stadium. 2. Calling Aussie rules 'AFL'. 3. Teams 'VERSING' each-other. A fourth one: The AFL sc*****g-over S.A and W.A native competitions.
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