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  1. If we were still as hopeless as we were in 2013, I'd be worried that we'd end up with Mark Jackson and James Brayshaw.
  2. Am I allowed to be a bit serious and ask that the opposition team be called by its real name or real nickname? The faux naming linking the opposition with a past event or a deliberate misspelling probably seemed amusing when we were 13 years old*, but today... really? *If you are 13 years old, go ahead. You're excused.
  3. I'm not sure it's quite as clear cut as you make it. I agree with Gawn in for Mitch Brown. But if Jackson comes back, it depends on whether the match committee wants a tall forward line, in which case Weideman stays and Bedford goes or whether they like the alternative of a smaller and faster forwards group, in which case Weideman would go and Bedford stay (unless Chandler is preferred). Being a night game with, at this stage, a 95% chance of showers in the evening, I hope it's the smaller, faster option.
  4. The rule has been tweaked, though. It used to say that the MFC had to lose at the Cattery every year.
  5. I seem to recall successful VFA player, Vic Aanensen, might have played (with South Melbourne, maybe?) Is he first? Otherwise, Jake Aarts
  6. It does read like he played a game with the Auskick kids. Would have been fun to watch.
  7. If I were North, I'd be making Angus Brayshaw a Godfather offer. He's got the talent, family connection to the club, leadership, Premiership experience and he's a free agent. If I were Brayshaw, I'd be torn between staying with a very successful club or being set up for life post-football.
  8. They gave us something far better than priority picks. They gave us Peter Jackson and Paul Roos. If they'd just given us priority picks we would probably have wasted them either by making poor selections or not giving them the right environment in which to develop properly. Or both. I suspect North will need something similar.
  9. And 50% more economical with his comments than Joeboy. To clarify, his Twitter profile states that he is an "accredited AFL ump disappointed at the standard at AFL level". That description, though, could mean different things to different people. For example, is he (or she?) a field umpire or a goal umpire? What does "accredited AFL ump" even mean? Nevertheless, his other posts highlight contentious decisions and explains why the umpire got it right or wrong. I find it both entertaining and informative. If you're on Twitter, I recommend following him (or her).
  10. Out of curiosity, went and had a look at the complete list. Ablett Jr won it three times in consecutive years (2007-2009). Interestingly, Simon Goodwin won it in 2006. To state the obvious, it's a list of very good players: https://aflcoaches.com.au/awards/the-aflca-champion-player-of-the-year-award
  11. The scary thing for oppositions is that Petracca might have been best on ground but he was still a fair way from playing at what he's capable of when playing at his very best.
  12. I suspect the distribution of free kicks follows a normal distribution over the longer term. So, in thousands of matches, it won't be unusual to see a 23-9 distribution every now and then. It takes approx 5 years for 1,000 AFL matches.
  13. Surprised the umpires didn't pay a free kick to Brayshaw for a block by Harmes.
  14. I thought the umpiring was poor but in no way do I believe there was any cheating or deliberate bias. Just bad decision making. However, what is worth commenting on is the player's restraint. The crackdown on dissent means there were a lot of opportunities for our players to complain which would have lead to 50m penalties. That we didn't complain and just got on with the game shows great leadership and probably coaching. The other side to that coin, though, is that behind the scenes when the umpiring is as poor as it was, clubs affected by it must have a proper avenue to air their grievances privately to the AFL.
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