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  1. There is some suggestion that the omicron wave may have peaked in Victoria, but not necessarily everywhere else (eg, Queensland). If you're not already doing so I strongly recommend following @dbRaevn on Twitter for the best data on Covid numbers, hospitalisations and vaccination rates. However, we can't ignore the possibility of another variant arriving and causing fresh havoc. And the next one should be called pi, so it might be 3.14159 times worse. Or not.
  2. I seem to recall the academies were originally created to compensate GWS and Gold Coast for not having access to any father-son prospects for a generation. If that's correct, it makes sense. I can understand why Sydney and Brisbane might have academies given the need to continue to develop local talent in non-AFL states. I'm not sure why other clubs have academies, but I see no problem with them if they continue to nurture talent which might otherwise find its way to other codes or just fall by the wayside. The issue is not having academies per se but determining what is a fair system for allocating the talent that the academies produce.
  3. Let's hope we also win the AFLW premiership as well. Then we can say we're the proud holders of the most recent two pieces of silverware and a piece of painted wood.
  4. Getting into AFLX territory here. As to the idea of 15 metre markings, while the idea is good in theory, it won't be practical on an oval shaped field.
  5. A post that says this ☝️ in response to one that said "Sparrow outmarking Max in a one on one" is heaven sent for a meme showing Sparrow (or even a sparrow) continuing his trajectory over some trees or even to the moon.
  6. In all the discussion here and in the media, not enough attention is given to teams outside last year's final eight as premiership contenders in 2022. I don't have a specific team in mind, but given that's what we did last year, why not also consider them? For example, while I don't think they have the team to mount such a challenge, what about St Kilda? Or Fremantle? For the record, I think Richmond won't make the eight this year. I believe their era has come to an end. And it's been a great era for them.
  7. I suspect it might originally have been Prince's Park (if named after Prince Alfred who visited Melbourne in 1867-1868) or Princes' Park if named after the visit of two members of the Royal family (Prince George and Prince Albert) who visited Melbourne in 1881. Update: It's actually named after Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert (not the Prince Albert who visited in 1881) and was originally called "Prince's Park" (according to Wikipedia). I now fully expect my status to increase from "pedant" to "nerd".
  8. A benefit of the speedy determination of holding the ball should be that it helps eliminate dangerous and sling tackles. How often has a good tackle been taken too far because the umpire has delayed blowing the whistle? This is good, not just because it should improve the game, but it should also reduce the risk of unnecessary concussions caused by the longer tackle.
  9. Love the crackdown on delaying play...if it actually happens. Hopefully, the instructions as to what deliberately delaying play means are clear. My pet hates are holding on to players who take marks or get free kicks, standing over said players preventing them from standing up or standing over the ball to stop the player from picking it up.
  10. What a bizarre post! The Bulldogs is mentioned because I asked the question as to how often Premiers don't start as favourites for the next year. Someone suggested that the Bulldogs may not have. That's the relevance.
  11. Lovely reminiscing. It's far worse to lose a club than lose an old suburban ground.
  12. How often would the reigning Premier not be the favourite leading into the next season? I can't imagine it happens very often. Perhaps leading into 2000 Essendon might have been favourites ahead of North, but since then I'd be surprised if any reigning Premier wasn't the next year's automatic favourite.
  13. I haven't been to many of the old suburban grounds. My first one was Glenferrie Oval and I've also been to Albert Park, Moorabbin and Princes Park. And I think that's it for Victoria. I don't miss any of them. However, I have also been to the SCG. It was in the early 2000s. It's a fabulous viewing experience except for the pillars in the Members Stand. I believe the SCG's two old grandstands are now heritage protected so can't be removed, even if the SCG custodians wished to do so.
  14. Let me be upfront. I don't like tattoos. Never have. Never will. But if I did, I'd be concerned about the apparently unregulated pigments in Australia. This story refers to changes being made in Europe to ban some pigments considered to be carcinogens. It also points out that about one quarter of the European population aged between 18-35 has some ink. Note the story refers to the possibility pigments are leading to "reproductive difficulties". I hope all our tattooed players stay safe and healthy, but just imagine missing out on a Luke Jackson son because the tattoo pigment affected his ability to reproduce. PS: I wonder how many people with tattoos are anti-vax because of concerns about what impact the vaccine may have in the longer term?
  15. Perhaps it's because you've apparently achieved everything else on your bucket list so it pales in comparison with some of the others.
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