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  1. Like daisycutter said, I'm not sure these two words go together.
  2. The strategy mighty not just be about winning games. Recruiting Daw, if indeed we do offer him a spot on the list, might be about protecting Luke Jackson from having to do too much work as the only tall forward or ruckman should all the other tall options be unavailable.
  3. It's also worth remembering that none of the four were considered worth adding to any list during trade and draft periods last year. We should not get our hopes too high with any of them.
  4. I've heard similar things said about Tom and in particular his attitude during the trade period last year where he understood what was going on and appreciated the way the club handled it and communicated with him. You can build a good team around good people.
  5. I'll assume you meant "decent" and not "deficient".
  6. I can't find this covered elsewhere, but Robbo has his annual top 50 published in today's Herald Sun. We need a thread just so we can criticise his choices. I haven't got the list in front of me, but there are 4 Demons: Gawn, Petracca, Oliver and May. I think Gawn and Petracca are both in the top 10, Oliver is (I think) number 33 and May is in the forties. Congratulations to them. And may the criticism of Robbo begin... Mark Robinson’s 2021 pre-season top 50: 1. Dustin Martin (Richmond) 2. Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong) 3. Nat Fyfe (Fremantle)
  7. Thanks. To be honest, I didn't mind Bruce's commentary. I'm less enthusiastic about some of the other TV callers, though, but whether that's enough for me to go to the effort of synching radio with TV is questionable.
  8. Is the radio sufficiently in sync with the TV pictures? If so, do you use analogue or digital radio?
  9. This is Scott Gullan's "Bold Prediction". Really? Any player getting into any team's top 10 in the B&F is an approx 1 in 4 chance. Bold? Hardly!
  10. The approach allegedly taken by St Kilda makes sense to trial in a practice match. However, I'm not sure of its value as it automatically gives the player with the ball an extra 5 metres added to their kick. It would also allow the player with the ball more freedom to kick on any angle as the man on the (new) mark will be too far away to stop it.
  11. Tried Google Translate with this and it couldn't detect the language. Anyone able to interpret?
  12. It was quite a long time ago, possiby 20-30 years ago or so. It wasn't long after the year the ABC had the sole rights because I can recall the discussion referred to the ABC style, which was more like the English soccer version.
  13. The Captain and the Major called on 3KZ (which subsequently became Gold FM when it switched from the AM to FM band).
  14. I suspect Essendon already knew it wouldn't happen. Strengthens my view that it's all part of Essendon's long game to move to the MCG as a permanent tenant.
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