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  1. Not necessarily. This company might be the sponsor
  2. What's most impressive is that we won that Premiership without over-spending to get it. I'm old enough to remember Ranald McDonald and his supporters rolling the then Collingwood Board in the 1980s (or maybe 1970s) with what was described as the New Magpies. Their strategy was to spend big on the expectation of on-field success which, in theory, should have generated revenue to pay down the debt. The strategy had a major flaw. They didn't get the on-field success.
  3. Do you mind if I ask why? Is there a practical reason for doing so or is it just to provide more personal support for the club? (It's not compulsory to answer.)
  4. Has this leave been approved by Demonland? Seems odd that you're allowed time off during what is traditionally your peak season.
  5. KQ? Given the context I'll assume you mean "the day formerly known as Queen's Birthday". The Victorian government has officially called that day "Monarch's Official Birthday". I assume that will be abbreviated to MOB...but I still think it will be called "King's Birthday", or KB, once we get used to it.
  6. I've learnt over the years not to get to excited over rookie selections. There's a reason why they are not picked in the main draft. While there are occasional diamonds in the rough (such as James McDonald and James Harmes), the strike rate of rookies being successful is not particularly good. However, I would rather a rookie be unfit and skilled rather than the other way around. Fitness takes hard work and time, but if that's all that is missing with a rookie I suspect they have a reasonable prospect of success if they are prepared to do the work that is necessary.
  7. Do you have any data that shows this? I would have thought the opposite.
  8. With the added bonus of grammar lessons, the occasional delve into English literature, music of eclectic taste and a bit of history. And some fun quizzes.
  9. What's the go with two different players wearing the same number? We don't have enough jumpers in the skinny, extra-long size? Or do the two players have to face off against each other to see who wins the coveted Allan Jarrott number?
  10. There's something wrong with my Demonland. The thanks are flowing in the wrong direction. They should be directed from us, the posters, back to the Demonland admin team. Demonland is a treasured resource. And unlike a lot of social media, it's wholesome, generally truthful and a lot of fun. I bestow my many thanks on Andy and all those who make Demonland what it is.
  11. How is that first name pronounced? Like Peter Pius Paul (otherwise known as Crackers) "Keenan"? Or something that rhymes with "my man"?
  12. Having the name "Melbourne" is generally valuable given it's the name of the city as opposed to a suburb or a non-existent location such as "West Coast". I guess sometimes with the good must come the bad. Thankfully, the good outweighs the bad many times over.
  13. I don't know if Ron Burgundy still posts on Demonland, but if he starts talking about Will Verrall, I'm going to be most confused.
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