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  1. I'll take it either way, but do you mean you're expecting/hoping for a 100+ point score or a 100+ point winning margin?
  2. For those of you not in Melbourne I can report that after a wet night, we are now bathed in glorious sunshine. From where I am (inner Melbourne) there's not a cloud in the sky. Hope it stays that way for the rest of the day.
  3. I seem to recall that most debuting players had two consecutive games before being omitted (unless they stayed in the side of course). Can anyone recall what the more strike rate is for our more recent debutants such as Woewodin? I'm not suggesting it's right or wrong...but if it is something the Match Committee or coach prefer, perhaps Tholstrup gets another game this week.
  4. Nice quiz, Demonstone. You now need to be wary of the RSL knocking on your door one night. They might be concerned that you've misused the word "ANZAC" which has some legal protection or ask you to pay a licensing fee for using it without receiving the RSL's prior consent. (Unless, of course, you did seek prior approval.)
  5. Has Laurie ever been played in the seniors as a pure midfielder for a whole game? I feel that if Oliver doesn't play against Richmond maybe it's time to find out how Laurie goes in that role.
  6. Who would you play in defence to replace Salem? Hunter? Or someone else?
  7. Dodoro, on the other hand...
  8. Umm...am I reading this right? A player who is not playing last night should be dropped and a player who did play last night is to be promoted into the team? Or is there a joke here I'm not getting?
  9. Does having an injured collarbone/shoulder affect fitness? Shouldn't Bowey be able to maintain his fitness level during his recovery? I'm going to presume last night's performance was an aberration and assume wholesale changes aren't required. The forwards can hardly be blamed for not getting near the ball when the midfield was so soundly beaten. However, if it's possible, I'd like to persist with Rivers in the midfield. He's got pace, defensive skills when needed and unlike a lot of our midfield is capable of kicking on either foot. He's the perfect Brayshaw replacement.
  10. 6. Gawn 5. McDonald 4. Rivers 3. Lever 2. Langdon 1. May I was at the game and astounded afterwards to find out that Chandler had had 18 disposals. I barely noticed him all night. Hence, no votes from me but happy to apologise if he was more influential than I thought at the time.
  11. I'm a bit nervous asking this...but what's on the screen in the background?
  12. I suggest you both watch Salem more closely. He's by far our hardest and best tackler. Opponents really feel it when he squeezes the life out of them with his crunching (but fair) tackles.
  13. Alan Johnson must be felling a bit schizophrenic (although in a good way). He's been compared with both McVee and Windsor today (see the Windsor thread). High praise indeed...to all three players.
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