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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. I noted with usual dismay Corney Man telling his audience that Butters had no case to answer. Sure...he just incidentally knocked a player's head. I bet if the Buttman was playing in a Demon jumper, the Corney man's perspective might waver not in the Buttman's favor.
  2. Who the hell cares what other 'fans' think of our players? They all have their own agendas and blind spots.
  3. How often has Cornes been wrong recently? He is just very fond of making things up as he goes along.
  4. Especially the ones who don't commit common assault on the football field.
  5. I always hated him: he should have served jail time for common assault many times: ditto Don Scott, Dipper, Matthews etc
  6. There's also the -what is for me - the main element. Which, as one commentator pointed out, had Oliver stood his ground, he would have hit Fogarty front on and been suspended.
  7. The trouble with South Australians is the Sassenachs outnumber the Germans, hence the lack of class. And as far as humour goes, you obviously are not aware that a German joke is no laughing matter.
  8. Schmoedious, as long as he loves his mother.
  9. Weally and twooly, does it matter?????? Or, as I might ask my dear Missus: Please don't be so pedantic.
  10. I hate pedantic superciliousness. After Quarter time - who is 'we', white man, it's them, the Melbourne players, 'we' had nothing to do with it - they- The Melbourne Football Club, kicked 8goals and 18 behinds. The Crows kicked 6 goals 10 behinds. That is, the Crows, elles, essi, sie, were kept in the game by whatever you want to call the MFC's missed goals. Keep pedanticising, Jontee.
  11. Remember they kicked 18 Behinds- straight kicking, game over...
  12. Adelaide actually played good footy in the first and last quarters - I've read so much criticism of them etc. They simply played a better organized team last night. Every Melbourne player put in last night - people have knocked Billings but he gave us some unnoticed crunch and bite, and had he kicked straight he would have been a hero. Petty is now starting to hum, Howes did his share, Windsor is a wonder, Sparrow, Neale-Bullen played their guts out and Van R held onto a few. It was an impressive win against a talented side which only a great defence like Melbouner has at the moment could have stopped.
  13. Che? Who, when? I'm not one-eyed - in fact I wear specs, but my jaw dropped about ten times when the Crows simply threw the bloody thing!
  14. He was good in the first quarter as well. He busted his guts last night. My only criticism is he sometimes reverts to long bombs. We've been treated to how well he passes and, then again, many of his possessions are in the middle of scrimmages and guess who is always in the middle of them? I love the guy.
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