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  1. I worked with Sommerville when I was a junior clerk with the SEC in late 1967/68. He never wanted to discuss anything about it. ( It also shows how much the game has changed: his 'salary' at the SEC would have been less than $100 a week...reasonable money in them dark days, when 'men were men' and on-field assault was de rigueur. Sure, we've come along way, but the fact that 60 years later 'disguised assault' - if you played for certain clubs - was still kosher.
  2. I've had arguments after argument on Facebook about this - no wonder my wife tells me I'm an [censored] for being there in the first place. Today I had a bogan WA E Coli Wobbler who repeats the total crepe that 'It was a Football act.' I replied, Yes, so Footy-like that the AFL had to change the laws of the game because of it. I likened it to how the AFL had to inevitably respond to the simple fact that on-field assaults - we won't mention Leigh Matthews by name - led to the change of the the so-called 'Laws' of the game. The AFL is a bogus crock of a word rhyming with loo in this regard. Somehow, the flotsam which inevitably rises to the top, is always their main concern, because, after all, who has the biggest membership and fills stadiums? Look at how many times two particular clubs are 'drawn' to play interstate. In other words, to claim the AFL is a 'level playing field' is like saying that the earth is flat and in heaven we have the'monotheistic' trilogy of god the father, the son and the holy ghost. Watching Brayshaw's interview on the Club site reduced me to tears. Yet, somehow because of some unwritten but official protocol, no-one was allowed to mention the Maynard assault. Then again, Maynard isn't the problem, the AFL is in that it tacitly condones 'winners' like him...
  3. You should shoot him and plead, But no man died.
  4. Funny not hah hah that Geelong failing to make finals after a premiership, North jumping the E Coli Wobblers is glossed over - as was E Coli Wobbler non-drug issue - but the Demons are the One Hit wonders, the drug riddle cultural problem child, stinking and deviously led, hooligan Sorrento based coach etc I can't be bothered listening to or reading any of this bullcrepes any more - over it and far away.
  5. Lucky I'm PiBolar. One Pole in the house is enough for all of us
  6. What about tripe? That's my main dislike. And, when I type is comes out as trype...
  7. And what about the slithering snakes?
  8. I was trying to be STUPID: no harm meant...When you get to my age - 173 - being stupid is one of the few consolations...
  9. Far from it: could I ask you to elaborate, maybe give me a definition of what would be ideal? 🥰😍
  10. Any chance of naming them? I recognize Grinter, Neitz, Greene, Yze, Nicholson, Holland, and Travis J, but I can't see Schwarz, and, Mister Grinter - god bless him - was before Neale's time...
  11. Pity about the 'Almost' posthumous assault on Brayshaw. Too late, she cried...What Maynard did was never 'legal' anyhow, despite what his lawyers say. They must have sought counsel for the dude who got Pell off...
  12. Great summary but I feel the Injury tally has been undervalued. I know I have been on about this before, but considering the injuries to Gawn and Oliver during the season, the simple fact is that the Demons did remarkably well considering the loss of Brown, McDonald, Petty, Fritsch and Melksham - all key forwards at various stages and seasons for us. The fact that the two finals which we lost by a total of - was it 9 points - is a minor miracle considering the critical absence of key forwards in the finals. Yes, McDonald and Fritsch played but neither were at their best due to the nature of their injuries, and if you add the loss of Brayshaw in the opening minutes, and the irony that Van Rooyen cops a week and Maynard is declared 'innocent', add that to the fact that, yes, they kicked poorly for goal, points to the simple fact that had the Injury Gods been kinder they surely would have achieved more. That they lost, in my estimation, was almost inevitable considering the need to turn injury-bred dysfunction on an almost weekly basis. That they nearly won both finals, had they kicked straight, was almost miraculous. The horizon is bright, as I see it. Billings and McAdam are potentially great gains, as are the youngsters we chose in the Draft. Add the discernable improvement of Laurie and Woewodin, the regained strength and fitness of Tomlinson, the hints Shache has given that he has maybe turned the corner, the pressure for selection from Howes and Turner, the hoped for return of a fit Petty and Oliver, and it's off to the 2024 Finals we go. May the Injury Gods be kind.
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