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  1. Won't argue with that: Ilove the guy, I wish him all the best...
  2. I note the face palm from Lord Nev: don't get me wrong, it's not a put down, I know someone who knows him, he's a great lad, but he didn't manage to hold on to his marking opportunities. That's an unfortunate fact which would be difficult to argue with. I wish him all the best, but I can't see that aspect of his game improving. Then again, and this is something I'm not privy to, Sam was possibly pulling down the same one-grabbers when he was at Jefferson's stage and I'm aware that because of the sheer pressure AFL games applied in AFL football, Jefferson's marking capacity will be tested. Peace, brother.
  3. Unlike some recent Demon Forwards - I emphasize 'some', I am referring to a recent defector who I saw kick a swag against Box Hill, who marked 3 in 20 after that - this lad can hold a mark. A commodity not to be sneezed at.
  4. More to the point in this discussion, is the simple fact that Melbourne's forward entries were a bloody shambles and the ostriches who plan the Forward Line strategy need to learn that only fools keep making the same mistakes with an expectation that some day, something might change. Here's hoping. And as for Jackson delivering Bell's expectations? Let's wait and see, but methinks he's doing something akin to spitting into the wind.
  5. Which means ipso facto, the two Pells are not related.
  6. They 'umpire': none of them would know much about footy: some of dem don't even know da rules!
  7. Ya know the saying, Even dwarfs started small.
  8. Hawkins wasn't getting a kick in those days...
  9. And we've got Gawn, Fritsch, Petracca and Oliver and Pickett
  10. Ours was keep it away from Number 7 - Osborne - cos he'll kick it to the opposition - much like Dom Tyson...
  11. So have I . Can you loan me a buck till my next dole cheque comes in????
  12. Made me chuckle. I'm married to an award-winning author...I've been trying to teach her the basics of being a Housewife since I met her. That was a joke, Joyce...
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