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  1. Not sure I get the reasoning why putting bids on GC academy players makes our draft hand look worse? If someone puts a bid in on Ethan Read a little earlier (such as Nth for example) Sure all the other picks slide back as they match it, but so do all the players on the table as well... in addition all the picks that occur after the ones that the GC need to use to match the bid move forward. The only picks that hurt our position are those obtained via free agency compensation (such as the Ben McKay one) or any compo that is granted to Nth for being so poor.
  2. He is the twin brother of a "rare talent". Himself... not so much. He struggled to play the style that Clarko wanted of him this year in playing in a zone. He plays ok one on one off of the back shoulder, otherwise he seems lost. McKay is just fortunate to be coming out of contract at a time where there is a shortage of key defenders around the competition.
  3. Perhaps the better statement is "If Essendon is prepared to pay McKay, a player who has averaged less than 10 games across 7 seasons $800k + a season, then they are fools." Not sure why it's worth blaming the compensation system, blame the clubs stupid enough to pay FAs ridiculous money. How has it worked out for Essendon with Stringer, Shiel and Devon Smith. Now they are looking to pay overs to land McKay, Gresham and possibly Goldstein. They obviously enjoy mediocrity.
  4. I expect that they will, but taking a key back out of the draft... you are not going to be playing that player for a few years at least... It will still be a weakness for them for a few years yet.
  5. Add in Larkey too. What he managed to do this year was pretty impressive. North's biggest concern is that they lack key backs to build their defence around. Initially I thought Clarko's comments about losing McKay was purely about bumping up his value to ensure pick 3 (and I'm sure it is) but I seriously think they'll match the bid if it's not pick 3, they have nothing else!, Aidan Corr isn't a player you build your backline around, Griffin Logue out for most of the season with a knew, and most of the key backs in the market seem to be taken. Who else do they have?
  6. This one is dodgy!!. Hope it's not cleared by the AFL... it's borderline tampering IMO. They offload Shiel and a high-ish pick, in return they pay Gresham (as a free agent) more than he is worth, and as a result the Saints get a 1st round compo is how it reads to me. So basically Essendon are going to pay Gresham the same as they paid Shiel, they get a good pick from the Saints for doing it. In return the Saints land a higher compo pick than they deserve or would otherwise receive for a player like Gresham.
  7. 1.6 or 1.7 goals that he is rated at would have seen us into a prelim ;)
  8. McAdam is a single player! If we get him and Melk is delisted, we lower our age profile just by this single action! Our list has some very specific needs, really don't give a toss about whether we identify the fix as a 28 year old or a 20 year old. The window thing is rubbish sorry Brisbane - 25.1 years (3rd oldest list) Collingwood - 25 years (6th oldest list) Carlton - 24.6 years (8th oldest list) GWS - 24.1 years (12 oldest list) Melbourne is 24.7, that suggests we have a pretty good profile. We might have a gap in the 23-27 year bracket, but we have a very good contingent under 23 who have gotten a good number of games in 23
  9. He's a year older than Petracca. What does our age profile have to do with anything when we are in a premiership window that is likely going to be 2-3 years top. 28 years of age, his statistics are very similar to Kozzie, and importantly his tackling is exceptional as is his goals average per game. He's an ideal replacement for Melksham, and as harsh as it sounds I can't see Melky getting another contract. I'd love to see the club keep him around, but don't see that being as a player.
  10. Will be annoyed if Nth got an exemption to match him in the first 40 places. They sound like they will land 2 and 3 with the McKay deal, I get that they have not won a lot of footy, but look at their list as it stands... they have some seriously elite talent coming through. But to allow Sanders onto the NGA (when he's had bugger all to do with them or their academy, he has trained with the Pies more than Nth!) It's wrong because Nth has put NO investment into this player's development. I remember watching his dad play for Nth Launceston when I was a kid. His old man was tough as nails, Ryley won't be a lot different. Personally there are a couple of things I like with Sanders over McKercher, bigger body (186cm) but honestly like both and wouldn't be disappointed with either of them if they were available. Very interested to see how our draft and trade period goes given where we landed, the picks that we have landed, and the creative way Taylor and Lamb have managed to trade up picks over the last couple of years.... very confident that we can end up with the player at the top end of the draft that we are targeting.
  11. But they play different roles, Chandler plays more forward pocket and closer to goal and crumbs, and didn't get on the end of things nearly as well in the 2nd half of the season. But was probably our best small forward in the first half of the season, and was very accurate. Spargo plays a higher role on the HFF and looks like he's there to connect up with the forwards. But he can't score... It's a role more like Gryan Miers.
  12. I think the biggest issue with Spargo is that he can barely kick 30 meters. So he hits targets up well inside 50, he does chase and tackle as you say, but he can't be the final link in the chain and convert. ANB and Kozzy do all of the bits you are saying Spargo can do, and they can be the final kick to score as well. Chander can hit the scoreboard, but needs to work on his defensive craft considerably in the off season. For what it's worth, in the final Spargo was probably close to our best player in the first quarter and a bit, I thought he faded out in the second half... far from our worst.
  13. He equalled NicNats vertical jump record when he was at the combine.... so yeah, not a bad leap.
  14. I agree BBO, I feel pretty good about the game today. Reckon we'll be fired up in the 1st quarter and likely have 3-4 goals on them early.
  15. either grab the app on your phone, or if you have a digital radio you should be able to tune into SEN radio. Under Fanatics there is a biased call for Carlton: Wayne Johnson, Andy Maher and Mark McClure doing commentary Melb: Russell Robertson, Tom Morris and Lily Mithen. None of the [censored] with Brian Taylor etc, it's a one eyed call where they scream at the umps like we do....
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