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  1. Gah that GST argument has bugger all bearing on this... the views of the 'larger states' who resent how the feds split up the GST revenue over the 'COMMONWEALTH'. SA, ACT and NT all receive more from other states than they put into the GST pool and it's more a factor of population (baring WA and the mining revenue) SA has two clubs and a population of 1.6-1.7 million? so what makes Tassie so completion unviable with 500k for one team? Over the last 2-3 years Tasmania was the best or second best performing state in the country, factoring in stats like unemployment, business and housing growth.
  2. Not true to say no one wants a 19th team, most of the interested parties in Tassie do. I don't have a problem with a 19th team, we have 3 reduced 'bye' rounds now through the course of the year, list sizes are being reduced which should in a limited way assist with the dilution of talent across having more teams, and having more teams in the competition takes us closer to an equitable fixture. current roster (not factoring in COVID)= 9 x 22 rounds = 198 (minus finals) equitable roster for 20 team comp = 10 x 19 rounds = 190 games (minus finals) Its a comparable product to
  3. Looks like the work experience kid posted something accidentally! That's a weird list, then again Champion Data's definition of Elite has always been .... curious.
  4. Would love to have him on the list, .... if he deserves a spot. That said, I think the odds are stacked against him based on the players at the club currently that would compete for the same spot.... our first two draft picks were small creative players. But hope he can prove me and others wrong and claim a spot based on merit.
  5. I don't have the stats.... but was Melbourne the most active player in this trade period? We traded picks with Brisbane (twice), once with Sydney and once with Adelaide I think, along with trades in for Brown and trade outs for Hannan & Pruess. I know the Dogs and Saints did well from their trades & Free agency, and GWS essentially didn't even need to take a pick in the 40s from Adelaide for Jackson Hately... but I'm very impressed with how we progressed our position over the course of the trade period ..... no massive moves, just subtle improvements to the point where we g
  6. Fairly certain Sydney has 2 top end academy players, Dogs have Ugle, then Port, Kangas and even the Pies have players that are looking likely first round players... That said, given the lack of under 18 comps, it feels like it could be a bit of a chook raffle.
  7. In this draft he well might be worth it. Pick 7 is probably more likely going to be 12 or 13. I don't rate Saad as one of the football elite, but elite players are also going for multiple first round picks too. I don't think pick 7 is paying overs... Losing a player that has essentially featured in the top 3 of your B&F every year he has played isn't insignificant. .... the issue won't be what Carlton offer, it's that Dodoro will not accept pick 7 IMO.
  8. Agree Binman, Irrelevant and lack of care is where I put the Bombers too... There is no point hating on them. Also, for those people thinking that first round is too high for Daniher, it's the AFL compensation system that judges it, and Daniher is going to net them a first round pick, nothing more certain than that!! Brisbane will rightly offer Daniher a 4+ year contract of at least 600k a season I imagine. Tell me how they don't get a first round pick out that contract. Similarly for those arguing that Saad isn't worth the first round pick of 7 or whatever the Blues have.... T
  9. In regards to a key forward, Hogan left because he was homesick and wanted to head back to WA, whispers about him being 'open' to his career being elsewhere. If his body is sound, and we now have Darren Burgess on board, Sure I'd be open to Ben Brown, but I would prefer Hogan returning, even with the baggage that is known.
  10. Before this thread goes back to being about Oliver, curious why the rumour about a player wanting to explore trades made everyone jump to think about our mids, Surely it makes more sense and the media has already indicated this that it is probably more likely to be a rumour regarding Pruess or TMac? Both have a couple of years to run don't they?
  11. Why are people comparing Fritsch to Brown? Ben Brown is a key forward, Fritsch is medium forward *SHOULD* be a third tall at best in our team and intentionally leads and drags defences wide. His kicking skills need to improve to where they were in his first year again, and that can happen. Anyone remember how poor Petracca's kicking was last year? Fritsch and Brown aren't an either or scenario. Compare Brown to TMac, Weid or Mitch Brown surely it makes a lot more sense?
  12. Other than the fact that they have been away from their lives and families in a hub for the last 11 weeks under strict quarantine conditions?
  13. Would love him to remain with the club, looking at Jack last night, his speech showed how much of a toll this season has taken on him personally. He let slip that he and his wife almost left the hub to return home cos the stress of being new parents away from any family assistance was incredibly difficult. So any form of elation or lack thereof is acceptable to me. The club has talked about being ruthless recently, but equally important, our club needs to recognise a culture and embedding it in. Happy with Gawn as captain, we want Viney staying, May showed how much he wanted to repay the
  14. Pretty certain clubs can't assign the penalty onto the players involved, the Richmond players won't pay that fine, the AFLPA has it written into the terms of their agreement. I suspect the reason the penalty is so severe is that we are also at the pointy end of the season, and the AFL has had enough of any form of excuse from player or club. They came out last week with warnings to all clubs and players around end of season issues... My take: Disappointed with the actions of Harley, but if he's body is good for next year then we offer a contract, I reckon any player currently would
  15. Agree, I think if he was coming back on a base salary, Watts is probably pushing for a spot as a medium tall rebounding defender, his foot skills alone would make it tempting,.. but I think it's unlikely.
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