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  1. That is not correct. There are friends, family, potentially carers, the whole sporting community, not to mention ambulance-chasing class-action lawyers as players in these tragic events. This is the prime reason the AFL is now bearing down big-time on head-high collisions and tackling. I dare say the current form of the game will be obsolete in twenty years time, when the full impact of head trauma is better understood and appreciated by sporting parents and the community in general.
  2. It only takes the flimsiest pretext to follow a team when you are a kid. Ie Getting taken to an International v seeing Ron Barassi on TV shows.
  3. Slightly off-topic, but well worth a mention! Overnight saw my team Everton def. Bournemouth 1-0 to narrowly avoid relegation from the English premier league. What then is the Everton / Melbourne connection? On May 16, 1964 my father took me to see Everton (then a top Div 1 team) play Australia. In spite of Everton smashing Australia 8-2 Everton, Everton became my team from then on. If my father wasn't so anti-Australian rules l might have been taken to junction oval (the previous Saturday) to see my first VFL game v Saints. Despite winning the flag that year Melbourne were soundly beaten by a rising St Kilda. Crowd comparisons were interesting: the Melbourne game drew 35,000 whilst the international at Olympic park drew 32,500. PS We walloped then in the August re-match, 8.7 to 5.7, but the crowd - at the MCG - was only 33,000.
  4. Hand of God is right. It's a Malcolm Blight on our game, and if you scan across KAYO over the weekend there are plenty of nonsensical calls and gift goals awarded by Hollywood umpiring. And what happened to push-in-the-back? It's a lucky dip which way the umpires call it. Won WCE a premiership couple of years ago and gave us a fright (Johanssen) in '21.
  5. Getting sucked into the contest: i know this is an asside, but Steven May (gloating about who was in the flag 18) and Ed Langdon's (Collingwood are a one trick team) hubristic behaviour last year tarnished our team-first ethic. And it's mighty hard getting back on that pedestal.
  6. Don't need to roll the dice withh BBB, didn't he have a 3,3,3, or similar? Correction: 4,4,1.
  7. Don't need to roll the dice with BBB, didn't he have a 3,3,3, or similar? A 4,4 and a 1, to be sure...
  8. That free to South was a shocker, makes you want to switch to... darts? The penalty was far worse than the offence. A free kick from a designated spot, sure but why oh why do umpires step in and virtually gift the four points like that.
  9. Ahem..."Aerial pingpong". What's empty stadiums go to do with Saturday afternoons? https://www.google.com/search?q=aerial+ping+pong+meaning&oq=&aqs=chrome.2.35i39i362l8j46i39i362j35i39i362j46i39i199i362i465j35i39i362j46i39i175i199i362j35i39i362l2.-1j1j7&client=ms-android-samsung-ss&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  10. The AussieFL creates dud 18s in the rugby states then handcuffs young victorians et al to go and live/play in those same states via the draft. I for one would like to see some international standard table tennis facilities installed right across the country courtesy of us tight****- taxpayers. After all, if we can subsidise aerial pingpong then there is no reason why we can't challenge the Ma Longs, Fan Zen Dongs and Alex Le Bruns of the world down here on the ground.
  11. Yes, thank you. .y impression of the game is that we played well but would have been punished bigtime in turnovers and better finishing by the higher placed teams.
  12. Does this game tell us anything about our potential top four opponents: Collingwood, Brisbane, Geelong, Port and Adelaide. Apologies Essendon, who walloped us.
  13. Watching all the games on kayo you get to see the completely random nature of umpire calls in all its glory: pushes in the back (while player in front is flying for ball) unpunished start to finish, second to the ball rewarded at all times, neck tackling allowed at all times, players held onto too long after they no longer have the ball, taking that player out of the next contest. Excessive 50 metre penalties for frivolous reasons. And my pet gripe: hand tackling. I thought players were only allowed to be tackled within a certain range of their body. This is chickenwing 2.0. There is no intention to win the ball here, only to draw a free against the player who went in first.
  14. Stay humble, Dees. I remember the scoreline was the other way round...one notorious day at vfl park...
  15. It was replayed in both Hawaii and San Fran Cisco which Melbourne won 2-0. That gave us the flag 2-1 on aggregate. A bit like Liverpool and A.C Milan in 2005.
  16. It's called flying under the radar. All will be revealed on King Charles' day.
  17. Quite right. Rot set in after our 60 flag. Thence, Kennedy's commandos.
  18. I'm a deep-state conspiracist myself. In the 60s the Hawks dethroned Melbourne when Percy Cerutty turned the Hawks into Kennedy's commandos. The Hawks then narrowly got past us in a '63 final (Barassi suspended) and that premiership marked an unbroken and unparalelled run of premierships for every decade since. Meanwhile Melbourne fell apart under the weight of its hubris only to wipe the smile off the Hawks' faces as stated by Slartibartfast. Now in 2023 the tables are totally reversed. We are the no 1 act in town and The Two Poos have sunk to the bottom.
  19. We have Fritta to partly thank for reverting to the mean. So now Choco has to get some positivity and good vibes into his head so Fritta can get mean again!
  20. I think i'll wait for a three-word game review by The Four Yorkshiremen.
  21. It's amazing what a little push in the back on GF day can achieve.
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