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  1. 😆 But, what happens in SW Gippy stays in SW Gippy... Cue jokes about gene pools...
  2. Scene: Yesterday; long, rather remote, deserted SW Gippy beach (aka Paradise btw...) Two dots grow bigger to each other from their respective ends of this picture of isolation (the nice kind...), finally closing to conversation distance, and realisation... Dees-capped him: 'Great to see another Melbourne supporter!' Dees-capped me: 'Yes! Hey hey!' Snappy. 🤦‍♂️
  3. She got votes from me on Friday for that, Tony, and for the ground she covered, up and down the ground. The goals were a bonus.
  4. I've also since watched the full replay, D_I_O. Couldn't get EZ into my tops. I agree on KP; I was just pleased to see her playing after the letdown for her last year (same round, same oppo? - that must have been a little challenging)
  5. Just watched the replay ( thank you, https://www.womens.afl/match-replays ) - my 'live': 5. K. Paxman 4. E. McNamara 3. T. Harris 2. K. Hore 1. L. Pearce OMs to E. West, S. Goldrick, D. Pearce. And special mention to E. Zanker for the tucked-in jumper. Stuff tailored style; gimme old school discipline. Unique in the league?
  6. Re this thread: to (slightly mis-)quote the Good Doctor Seuss, "Oh, the places we go!" Clearly endlessly, always reliably, and occasionally surprisingly, good fun. No need to name names; I'm sure its regular inhabitants will see this appreciation.
  7. So, on a straw poll, that'd be a 'No', a "No', a 'No', a "No', a 'No', a "No', a 'No', and a "No'. Where might I find a case for 'Yes, that's a good idea'?
  8. Though you were probably referencing the boys WCE game last year, the real oh no not again for the girls would have been the very first game, at Casey, against Brisbane. My family group left the game when the lighting and rain storm set in at half time, and, though it seemed almost certain the game would be called off, Muggins stayed on, through the extended (and wet!) half time. Against the odds, the game resumed, the girls could not adapt to the wet, and we were overrun. Depressing. The inability to adapt to the wet was our downfall in that first year - the later wet game, against GWS, saw us again trying to apply our 'skilled' kicking game, while their 'just kick it long' game won the day and saw us miss the finals.
  9. Thanks all posters and just watched the highlights. Must have been a bit like Anzac Eve last year, with Richmond's 'Uh-oh!' start but, again like the boys, being behind means nothing to the girls. I do like this 'reset' attitude that seems to be a whole-of-club thing. Also liking that - again again like the boys - the girls have the 'if x is down, y stands up' capability. Great depth and the ability to maximise its application. Zanker 2 from 2 BOGs it seems? And Harris, on a trajectory yet? - 1, 2, ...? Gee, she's a 'presence', too! Good to see KP back and (from the 'gameday gallery') firing.
  10. Tyranny of distance for me again this week. And no FTA. So, looking forward to reports, from those of you in another "very vocal Melbourne crowd".
  11. I was over the page and missed this, Mazer! Humble apologies. And double points for the humorous hoick! Wave-ed dorna it is! And another 0.1 for you, @WalkingCivilWar, just later to the party. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Sorry, no, Salem, though that dynasty is tempting. You've all played very nicely, thank you; WCW most entertainingly, with creative flourishes of her bat. He's a genuine opener, as the rest of the team is genuinely used (with a bit of shuffling in the middle order). Think what could swamp a boat? Then say it with a separate-syllable '-ed' on the end.
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