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  1. If this is the case I don't imagine family relocation is an option. And the club's 'respect privacy' stance seems to support that it is the case? The contract length discrepancy is interesting, as is the recentness of Burgess's apparent position vs nothing since March from C. Wilson. Anyone got any more? Re the Brisbane guy, Brisbane's last quarter against us isn't a ringing endorsement.... Mind you, our last quarter against Collingwood?...
  2. And as to your original question, the Friday night sample size isn't big enough - all that time without them, and then we've been winning them! But, for we of the 'What's-a-weekend?' retired, (aka the 'Not-so-much-to-think-about' retired) any loss is a mood killer. Flipping your question, though, I love the wins in first games of rounds, especially when it puts/leaves us at the top of the ladder and you know none of the round's following results are going to change that! (which makes this result a bit more yechhh!...)
  3. There's a mess of them down here under this huge pile of lids, Bingers. One of them might be yours?...
  4. And, to be clear, I agree with these observations about the coach's messaging and achievement, and believe that the players are very well invested in him and what he is coaching, and that the 'slack-offs' from this are not only by the players but also recognised by the players as being by only them (see Lever's post-match, for example). Thus my smartypants dig. Though, come finals time (though I prefer to be old school at my 'old' age and treat our Dees' exploits as a week-by-week emotional entertainment, as when I was a child, rather than as the look-ahead-the-ultimate-prize-is-everythin
  5. In the event this was me you were referring to, rpfc (as it was the next post after mine), and the good Doctor took it this way, I apologise to him. He was rightly speaking to the players' go-to-sleep-for-a-quarter(-or-two) tendencies. I absolutely wasn't trying to get a rise; rather, it was meant as a bit of a smartypants dig at the well-paid players. I did generalise the Doctor's theory to any quarter, because it was in the 4th quarter yesterday where the tendencies were most expressed, not so much in the won 1st.
  6. That ought to do it, Doc😉. The team is currently 'only' getting about $90,000 a quarter. Really not enough... Of course, the payment would need to be more targetted - they did win the first quarter yesterday; the mill would have been kept in the wallet until 3/4 time...
  7. Make of it what you will, but Goodwin in his post-match: - was not asked about Weideman's strikingly poor stats (thus no opportunity/requirement to restate or now distance himself from his 'Sam is a long-term player' stance) - was strong on the poor delivery into the 50 - named 5 players pressing for selection, none of whom were Brown (of either variety) Make also of it what you will: - In the most recent Casey game, to my eyes B. Brown 1. exhibited all the negative attitude, endeavour, mobility and playing characteristics cited in earlier posts and 2. was largely mark
  8. Oops, I forgot to do the quote thingy in my post for you above, LDC
  9. Thanks LDC (yours has always struck me as one of the more erudite tags - Commedia dell'arte-like). I thought about Peter Bell and 'For whom...[one]...tolls' but thought that might have been Shakespeare (so much is!) and moved on. I'm sure the 1971 HSC assessors would have jumped at the chance to shave my full marks for the shortfall! Now, reminding myself this is actually a football forum, Melbourne by 36. Go Dees!
  10. 😄! 👍 That's how I originally set it out but the 'Rules of' Cryptics' crept unwelcomely in, so I couldn't then help but put the 'Firsts' actually first. I'd hoped the '30s and '40s feel of the namings might have helped misdirect, as they say in cryptics.
  11. 'Tis only fair, good sir, that you should take home the Flag! I'm actually pleased it got such quick attention, and I don't mind 'early'; as you would know, the fun is in the setting! Did you need the '...team's Firsts spell...' wordplay?? And I see you weren't the only early bird!
  12. You got my juices going, too, Demonstone (and you other 'setters). We have Frank 'Checker' Hughes to thank* for this team's Firsts spell... F FANNING F. USHER R. CORDNER T. HF HEYWOOD D. SMITH N. IRWIN R. C ANDERSON S. SPENCER S. BARASSI R. Snr HB EMSELLE R. CORDNER D. ARNOLD L. B McMAHEN N. EDGE B. DOWSING R. Foll ELLIS N. McGRATH S. O'KEEFE J. 19th/20th NIVEN C. SPITTLE M. (*Thanks to Demonwiki, too)
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