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  1. For me, these rememberings highlight that possession-footy-past was about having the better person/people where the ball might end up, in contrast to possession-footy-present, which is having disposal rules and skills suited to keepings off. This included the forward line, where 'kicking to (unflooded!) space' was the operative phrase, with the forward/s moving to the space, able to compensate for inaccuracy in the kick (the exception, e.g. D3031's example, being the accurate (and rapid!) stab).
  2. Don't forget the equally relic subset, the stab pass! Any in the posted footage? I haven't checked.
  3. Ditto, OD but, like me, wouldn't you add Hassa's 29 and perhaps John Lord's 4?
  4. There was also the brief few years of the roast beef n gravy rolls. Even better 🤤 ...
  5. I think this was the most recent 'new facilities' post before - cough! - some other stuff got in the way? Has anyone got any thoughts where the development could possibly be, given the (apparent) 'proximity-to-MCG' requirement? What is undeveloped already, except Gosch's site itself?
  6. ...with an incomplete 2020, continuing new teams, constantly-changing season structure, etc.
  7. Is anyone aware of how (if??) the match-ups were made to avoid the imbalances that the first year of conferencing led to?
  8. My good man, we ARE sivulised sivillised silivised cillivised human down this way!
  9. He just needs to ditch the clean-cut and away we go!... SAMSON Weideman?
  10. Ouch!😏... ...And I think he actually says he and Jake have invested in an (existing) family business. So not so risky, that support by the club! Maybe an investment in a future sponsor? (cue discussion on how we might 'use' an insect repellent association...😉)
  11. Can't help. But a wooden spoon year? Ploise exploin!
  12. I presume you meant the first name, not the second? If the second, not Nigel, I presume. It certainly is an 'active' one much more locally, where Rhyan hails from! Any relation? And another Indigenous lad therefore?
  13. Re OP, not as an indicator of government attitude, I would say. At best, a negotiation leverage for Rennick, Mahoney, et al, if well grasped (to go with all those OTHER leverages listed above!) Seems to be strongly based on its community credentials in the Gamadji and Houli aspects, while our plans are viewable, by those who might want to, as self serving. Fascinating that a club that has won 3 of the last 4 flags can make a case for "...improvements and much needed upgrades to (its) men's...football facilities..."
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