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  1. I've voted. Poor old Frosty deserves a 'Chase Of The Year' nomination in the Geelong 'team goal' up against Kossie and Eddie. He at least gets deserved consolation from his teammate.
  2. p.s. I thought this thread was going to be about his second goal on Sunday!
  3. Well done Demonland! And kudos to the humble ol' cable tie...
  4. WD40? And this, I believe, is where I say, "I'll see myself out..." (Before I do, though, isn't it nice to see all the uneditorialised and fully filled 6,5,4,3,2,1s - and the '17 of 22' noted by P2J - that this strong start has fosterd!?)
  5. Ah, the '90s, when I rusted my three '80s-born kids onto the Dees (for which they don't always thank me...)! Jako's 8 were in R1 in an 11-goal dominance of eventual grand finalists, Geelong (we fell to premiers, West Coast, all 3 times, however...) He had 4 against the Hawks, as did do-we-remember-him-30-gamer Greg Doyle.
  6. Haven't seen this referenced anywhere else: Today's club website 'Stats That Matter' article features the combined 50 pressure acts of Charlie and ANB. Impressive, numerically and to watch, particularly in Charlie's case.
  7. One of only 2 teams to play every other finalist, and best W/L in doing so. Subject to COVID in QLD (at least), and success next weekend, difficult PF travel looms for both, but a Melbourne/Collingwood GF is a possibility🤤 'Do It For Robbie' reborn: 'Do It For Daisy'! - this week, at least, as there's some prospect of her being available for a PF. Notable that the Brisbane fightback and win came with her off after 2 minutes...
  8. "Crowds locked in for Round 4" I hope there isn't a fire... Or a riot when the Dees roll 'em by goals...
  9. I'm sure this image of deelightful deeversity warrants some respectful humour but blewed if I can come up with it myself!
  10. Just as straight ahead, fearless and fast - and also as what'll-happen-next - as RR but also Irish (yeah, yeah, I know SW was from Scotland) with the black hair. And not so bad in the air?
  11. And there's this little matter... http://baysidenews.com.au/2020/12/09/work-on-hawks-homebase-on-track-for-2021/#:~:text=The new facility is planned,the club%2C and administrative spaces.
  12. OD, so much metaphor(?) in so little time 😁
  13. For me, these rememberings highlight that possession-footy-past was about having the better person/people where the ball might end up, in contrast to possession-footy-present, which is having disposal rules and skills suited to keepings off. This included the forward line, where 'kicking to (unflooded!) space' was the operative phrase, with the forward/s moving to the space, able to compensate for inaccuracy in the kick (the exception, e.g. D3031's example, being the accurate (and rapid!) stab).
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