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  1. @The heart beats true, @Demonstone, @Demons11, @Jaded No More, @binman: I'm afraid - and somewhat surprised at the mildness - that Where's Wendy might have been saying, 'That sucks!' Headed for Memehood, I wouldn't be surprised...
  2. OR, for some weird reason, it didn't come through to my feed until just now... Well done you other smartypantses.
  3. Jack Riewoldt and Shane Edwards move into equal top spot, with 3 others, in most draws played in (7). Hah hah!
  4. Thanks @layzie! Rex and Dermie. You can close the thread now, mods.
  5. Simon was questioned in today's presser about 'the commentary on Daisy's commentary' (and - good on him - dismissed it eloquently and forcefully. And absolutely correctly imv - she is head and shoulders (metaphorically!) above her colleagues). I wasn't aware of this; nor is Demonland generally, it seems. Can anyone fill us in?
  6. Thanks @Little Goffy and aren't they a great read, Bim? Scrolling further down, it turns out Sunday's team was the most experienced ever fielded by the MFC, with a total 2705 games. Thanks Bowser>Tommo / Clarry>Melky? (22/23 players vs the old 20 also helps of course...)
  7. Express-posting the gold back to you, DS.
  8. Sorry about my obtuseness earlier, @Neil Crompton and @DeeZone. I was being a smart**** by obliquely linking @Demonstone's Latin shorthand to his conundrumming, claiming a gold and throwing to others for the silver and bronze (compounding my smart****dness). I then edited a Caro reference in as a lame afterthought to be on topic i.e. would Caro know 'QED'? I'll stop myself there (having shown myself out...)
  9. I'm claiming Aurum on this one, Mr Stone! Who's up for Argenti and Aereus? (are you there, Caro?)
  10. And @Demonstone, I presume including Messrs Brown, Hibberd, Langdon, Lever and May would have made it a real dead giveaway? Would 5 be a record too, btw? In the AFL era at least? Would Tomlinson have made sure of it?
  11. Me too. Grandkids my excuse. And you were all too quick!
  12. Just lifting the Cone of Silence for a moment: Did Dogs n Dorks do 14 goals 1 behind in the last quarter? Some kind of accuracy and/or volume record? (would you believe?)
  13. I'm afraid I place myself at the end we're kicking to each quarter, so I don't fully appreciate the work of the backs (though Sinead Goldrick is a quirky fave I keep an eye on at a distance!...though I was on the 'grand'stand wing near the toilets for the last 5 minutes!), so the following includes some of Mick's post-match observation. The 5 for Alyssa B starts with her gut-run off half back to put herself at the end of the coast-to-coast chain for her first goal. Bannen D.Pearce Heath Lampard Mithen HM to L.Pearce; I love the way she throws herself at everything, belying her size
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