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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. Thanks for (re-?)posting this, Luci. Well-tilled ground, I know, but... Can someone please point out: 1. Where this table further subdivides into 'football action' and 'non football action'; and, 2. The asterisk* providing for MRO discretion? You can guess which recent historical incident I'm contemplating...
  2. I just have to... You could count them on one hand.
  3. Interesting that 'Clayton got the all clear to sweat...'. I presume this relates to surgical wound healing?
  4. I remember him specifically for his part in 'that' coast-to-coast, match-winning scoring chain!
  5. Welcome back, @Demonstone! Dame Nellie and 'The Voice', all rolled into one!
  6. Re Harrison staying or going, what do we make of the last part of Jacob's last response in this?... https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/1532559/rooey-signs-on-a-sit-down-chat?videoId=1532559&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1713423600001
  7. ...in 2026 or '27 ('24 and '25, at least, reserved for some unfinished business...)
  8. He does appear to have positioned himself quite selectively, towards one end of the spectrum of their cohort... Compare and contrast with Bayley's and Ben's backdrops...
  9. Can you make it a bit more accessible than Facebook, Fork?
  10. Was wearing special protection, I noted?
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