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  1. From Thursday, we may have that remarkable clean sheet. The ultimate 'nice headache for the selection committee to have' awaits!
  2. That tattoo seems rather important in these 'discussions', almost uniquely in a negative way. But, could it have been a positive tattoo, albeit gone wrong? The many of us who had, or considered (confession time, @WalkingCivilWar...), a tattoo 2 years ago can contemplate there could be a 'positive' impulse. The 'gone wrong' bit could be just 20-something-ish.
  3. ...and, to @jane02's further credit, a much appreciated and sharing poster on the 'Show me the puppy' thread. What's to doubt?😊
  4. ...though his current n/n does sit well with the notion, on that other current thread, of a 'mini reset'.
  5. Mini, the hootchie-coocher, as our new coach, should perhaps warrant 'Cooch'?
  6. Somewhat of an antidote to that other current thread. 'Mini'? Pleez exploin!
  7. We finally got to experience what September 1964 felt like. Now is it possible we might get to experience what December 1964 felt like?...
  8. Personal troubles tend to hitch a ride in one's suitcase. If (if, if, if, if) he has them, he'd be unwise to hope otherwise.
  9. This. And, going only on what I read above, any difficulties Clayton has are personal and external to the club. How would a new club help him?
  10. And now, see 'Melksham set to play on in 2024' thread. McAdam to be one of his projects: 'C'mon, son; make it hard for me to get back in the team!'
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