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  1. Per fortnight for me, QD (accordingly, all posters since, please accept this bulk Like / Laugh / Clap / Thanks / the odd Thinks) Returning to the brief flourishing of poesy several pages ago, may I paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning: 'How do I miss thee? Let me count the ways. Finished.'
  2. Nice little thankyou to Ben at the end of Kate H's interview with him at the B&F, on the Club site. She speaks a truth.
  3. Speaking of No. 31, though: in another of many happy coincidences associated with our 14 months' worth of premierships, weren't the two 31s the players centrally involved as the goalkickers in the 'turning points' of their respective games?
  4. 150km on a Saturday morning was a bridge too far for this old bod, WCW! Sounds like it went well, though. Super day!
  5. A quiet word in their ear, one of you track watchers? A link to a Benny highlight* reel, perhaps? (* noting, never limelight) No word yet on 'Bursty'? Person? Place? Club?
  6. Do you have any nieces named 'May-eve' or 'Sin-ed' WCW? (Asked cheekily but with utmost personal regard )
  7. Mark O'Connor almost achieved it this year (gag!...) after a BOG in an All Ireland Minor Final win for Kerry. The minor final is the curtainraiser for the major final.
  8. Alright, then; Fawkner Park? NW corner, say, with Admin and indoor football facilities in St Kilda Rd office precinct (conversion, or demolish/new). Though my real money's on the 'G redevelopment per earlier post.
  9. Big grins here, and a thank you, @Mazer Rackham Ditto to your respondents. I join them with: 21 pending posts on the Smile File
  10. I know you weren't referring to yesterday's outcome, W. However, now only one remaining! I've thought to spend it on you, that you have a deserved good time with The Girls. But you won't need that wish, so it remains in my pocket for The Boys in 2023
  11. Loving the passion here and in other related threads. Delivered at the ground and through the ether, I reckon it'll provide that required 1%. Place and time didn't pan out for me, and I'll be 'on stage' throughout, but I'll have the live score pinned. Demon Spirit, your time has come.
  12. @Demonstone, @Mazer Rackham, @Lucifers Hero, @La Dee-vina Comedia, @layzie, @tilly18, @Deemania since 56, @Ethan Tremblay, @mo64, @Neil Crompton, @reynolds46, and a few others from previous quizzes who I can't immediately bring to mind: Actually, not such a bad participant list, that (maybe we're not as far as I thought from putting together a 'What links this group' team of our own?!) but what could we do to attract more players? Cash prizes? Or liquid ones? (quality of course, [email protected] but optimistic and your more retiring 'Lander comesting fraternity)
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