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  1. I've secured a little midfield grunt and an outside, roving, tip rat of a forward. Hoping a couple of old team mates from the Shanghai Tigers days get along as well. Looks like we've got a healthy squad. First injured (and that won't take long) assumes coaching duties for the remainder of the afternoon. Just don't try to drag me. Rollo, as always, great work.
  2. I think Jack, Redleg & Rollo would sooner I didn't bump... Bugger it... BUMP! Love it!
  3. Doesn't matter... it become about who of the four destination clubs can get the deal done. Suddenly we're ranked 1st.
  4. How many points did we score on the weekend?
  5. Blease was sensational on the weekend against Sandringham. Far too good for VFL level. On form, he and Gawn deserve a senior recall. Hope he gets his chance.
  6. Apart from Malthouse in 2010 I think you have to go back until 2003 (Matthews/Brisbane) to find a premiership coach who didn't start at that club fresh and unproven. FWIW I don't disagree with you... just giving that argument some perspective.
  7. Someone tell me why Neeld always drags a player in? Most coaches don't... unless they've had a big win.
  8. No, he looked slow on a chase 30 seconds in to the game... What do do..?
  9. Essendon was a line in the sand game. The playing group made a pact that they would never play so badly (as they did against PA) again. No more line in the sand games please. Just a little effort and professionalism.
  10. Mate you had all of last year to watch Magner in the AFL... (irrespective of the fact that he was played out of position) he doesn't have the skills or the smarts.
  11. And then watch Neeld misuse him as a defensive half forward again!
  12. Plays well for a '[censored] mummas boy'.
  13. This statement should have been made weeks ago, when the Dank saga first broke. Instead we tried to [censored] the AFL and the press in a hope no connection would ever be validated. Jesus Melbourne.
  14. That's it. Why did we deny!? This board have not made a right decision since McLardy took the lead. Well +1 point for finally moving on Schwab. But even that was 18 months too late. Like everyone else, trying to get my head around how we thought we'd get out of this saga without a mention? That the club is meeting now gives me little confidence - this conversation should have happened weeks ago.
  15. This club needs heros. Rise to cult status big Maxy!
  16. Well put Jack. Curious how some here still think #1 was a mistake though...
  17. Well said. This is crap. We played a hard running style and Bailey and ran out games better than this. Hell we ran out games better last season. Fitness can't be the issue. Further, I reject the notion that we were so far behind it has/will take us 3 pre seasons to build back to an AFL standard.
  18. Demonland poll prior to the draft: http://demonland.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32253-poll-wines-or-toumpas/page-5?hl=%2Bwines+%2Btoumpas#entry671352 Wines v Toumpas (as preferred first MFC pick) Wines - 60 votes Toumpas - 143 votes We (the supporters) wanted him. We've made a few draft blunders over the journey (all clubs have) but honestly guys, to say the MFC "stuffed up (again)" with this pick is ridiculous.
  19. Agree with the last bit. Can anyone compile a list of senior coaches coming our of contract at season's end?
  20. Fair point. Can we dig up the poll? Most here wanted JT over OW. Ollie's been great and would be love him in our team right now? Oh boy yes. But the jury's out with this one till they've played 100 games.
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