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  1. This will be a really challenging game for us because Freo are capable of matching us or beating us out of the middle, we will have to score a lot from pressure, turnover and transition in order to win, which we're capable of doing but it'll be a grind, especially in conditions that might be humid and slippery again.
  2. It's always hard to measure the best in a defensive position, but he's been bloody good for a few years now, has lost a battle maybe 5 times in the last 5 seasons and consistently been around the All Australian mark
  3. I agree, but possibly we wouldn't offer him more than 1 year at this point so if he's got outside interest it seems likely he will go. he'd be a good fit at a club like North. Tmac is probably one more injury away from retiring, so really trying to enjoy his great form while he's going so well
  4. I think it's going to take some time for him to adjust to a totally different system than what he had at Adelaide which was a lot more aggressive all over the ground, he's showing some okay signs early but i'd say he needs another 2-3 weeks to really start to hit form. He was absolutely flying at times during the pre-season
  5. I think this move strongly hints that we will enter 2025 without Tom McDonald or Adam Tommlinson AND we intend to persist with Petty forward into the future. Battle isn't going to come to the MFC to sit in the 2's until May decides to retire, he would rightly want to come to a situation where he is clearly starting 22
  6. If nothing else it does suggest we're running out the games pretty well. i'd say first quarters is a mindset thing, i wonder if perhaps early in games the players are maybe trying a little bit too hard and they relax into it as the game goes on, but as we saw with Carlton, Brisbane and West Coast, by the time we settled into those games we were miles behind
  7. The only thing worse than losing is playing a slow, defensive garbage game style and losing, while at the same time having an deep lack of talent from systemically overrating and overestimating your list. I don't see a way forward for the Saints that doesn't involve bottoming out completely
  8. Early days in his career at GWS they tried to play him as a mobile tall forward and he was solid without being spectacular, i think given the way Brown is playing, it wouldn't hurt us to give him a go in the forward line. I really liked the signs from Turner though so when fit i'd have him back in
  9. 6. Max Gawn 5. Christian Salem 4. Adam Tomlinson 3. Alex Neal-Bullen 2. Kozzie Pickett 1. Jack Viney
  10. I wonder if Lever could play smaller and we could keep Tommlinson in? we looked really good in the air
  11. Taj is incredibly stiff, it's pretty rough to give a bloke a full game who's shown next to nothing in the 2's over a kid who's been playing quite well in the 1's
  12. maybe it's only just come on in the last hour or so? in any case it really does highlight our glaring lack of ruck depth. Jacob Van Rooyen rucking against Rowan Marshall for a full game is going to give the Saints a pretty big edge if Max doesn't get up.
  13. McKenzie is coming along really nicely at the Hawks.
  14. I think we're still definitely capable of doing some damage at the end of the season but we'd have to improve a lot, the gap between our best and worst footy is widening, the form of some of our really important players is still a long way off their best and we're relying on a 21 year old and a 24 year old to carry our forward line when one has always been a defender and one is still finding his feet at AFL level, we're asking a fair bit. The loss of Gus has been profound on the team. The big positive is that at the end of the season and moving forward we will have considerable salary cap space open and some assets to trade so we can plug some holes and look to re-load for 2025 if we don't get there this year. a gun key forward would be very very handy
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