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  1. I'd like the see the new game style start to take hold and by the end of the year we charge towards finals with some momentum, maybe Petty and Van Rooyen find their feet as a partnership and the forward line is functioning better I still think we can play finals in the bottom part of the 8, so i'd say a pass mark given the talent we still have even without Petracca is to make the 8, show this new game style can work and build some momentum heading into 2025, we sort of need this to be a repeat of 2020 where we found form in the back half of the year, just missed the finals but the momentum carried us to the 2021 season where the rest is history
  2. Not sure if you've noticed, but not many aspects of our game are in great shape at the minute, we can have the greatest defense of all time and it won't matter if we can't score or win the ball in the middle.
  3. From memory Charlie Curnow slid a few places in the draft because of a similar issue with drink driving, imagine if we took him instead of Sam Weideman! we'd have won the last 3 flags
  4. lets get Taj, Bowey, Rivers and Windsor into the midfield rotation, if we don't have the star power we once had, perhaps the best tactic is to share the load and change the look of that area. It's pointless to front up with the same B minus midfield mix and get beaten the same way for the next 8 or 9 weeks, we've got the rest of this season to try a few things, re-establish our identity as a team, work out who is going to help us win our next flag and re-launch for 2025 we aren't going to win a flag with Petracca out and Oliver and Viney so far away from their best footy.
  5. I think supporting the club also means admitting when we get things wrong, clearly we've made a huge mistake in the handling of this situation. I think the opportunistic media are very good at piling on with the benefit of hindsight but i also think we perhaps deserve it a little bit. Even the Collingwood players were shocked he was allowed back out on the field, but somehow our medical team cleared him? i don't get it, this mistake had the potential to be career ending or worse and i think Tracs family have every right to be as upset at the club as they are.
  6. Can we still re-negotiate the terms of the contract i wonder? for example bring 90% of the money owed into year 1, so that the impact would be lessened given the 90% cover?
  7. I think a lot of managers and prospective players will be watching very closely what steps we take to address any underlying cultural issues at the club like Clarry, Smith, Hunter, and so on. I think you're right on face value we will appeal, for the reasons you've mentioned. It would seem very likely we will be buyers in the market as well with what should be a significant amount of cap space opening up with retirements and departures in the next 1-3 years. If we're going to throw a godfather offer out there, Logan McDonald is one i'd absolutely go for, if we could get Stengle at his feet that transforms our forward line.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if the Clayton Oliver/Joel Smith situations are all playing a role as well. Clarry in particular, i think players might feel he was let back in too easily without perhaps having to earn it properly?
  9. It isn't up to the player if they're able to return to he field, the doctors have a duty of care to make the best decision for the player even if they aren't happy with it. I do believe the club possibly if they had their time again wouldn't make the same decision and allow him back out there.
  10. The challenge i see is that we built our list for the contest/defense/chaos game plan, and if we move away from that it's difficult to see how it can work without a re-build or re-set, we simply don't have the high quality ball users that teams like Collingwood and Sydney have. I think the decision to draft Windsor reflects a little bit of an admission of this. if we are going to move in that direction i think we have to look at potentially trading one of our gun mids to re-balance the list. but that relies on there being someone on the market that suits our needs more, and one of them that we'd be willing to part with having any significant trade value
  11. I'd like to see Taj step into the Petracca forward/mid role.
  12. I thought Windsor showed some class and composure at times, but really we didn't have very many winners on the day. I really hope Goody doesn't try the inaccuracy excuse for this one, the Pies were clearly the better team
  13. There is nothing worse than losing to Collingwood, but putting up an effort like that after what they did to Gus really hurts, it feels like the soul of the club is gone, the players don't seem to want to actually fight anymore.
  14. I definitely think there would be some benefit in shaking up the off field and the game plan, it seems we need to re-load if we are going to be a serious contender again anytime soon
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