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  1. Our pants will be pulled down. We had a win last week, now time for the usual inconsistency. Happy to be proved wrong, but dont go putting your hard earned on this team at Marvel against Saints.
  2. Frankly after 35 years as a member, most of which has been premium family at a high cost, I could not be more disinterested in the MFC at the moment. Fatigued by too many false starts for anyone as a football supporter. so far this year there has been sweet little to get enthused about and for the first time in 35 years I won’t make a decision on membership until after the first 3 games. I have had a gutful of the over promising and undelivering.
  3. Frankly this club gives me no confidence again after Browns injury. It smacks of poor due diligence prior to signing him up. I for one will not expect anymore from this club. I will see after first 7 rounds where we sit, however cannot trust them at all after nearly 60 years of mediocrity.
  4. When it comes to trades, the MFC always pays overs and frankly we are a beige underwhelming club. May is a win, still not convinced of much else. As usual the MFC shot itself straight through the head after losing those two games in Cairns. I still don’t believe we manage our salary cap or have any effing clue compared to Geelong.
  5. Having watched Petracca develop into an elite player under Burgess, I now think Burgo should do the same with Brayshaw. Get him super fit and to the level he should be. IMHO.
  6. Goodwin says Ruthless .....it’s his team, his brand. If they are not ruthless then who do you think is responsible for that? His game plan or whatever you care to call it is at best confused. I think he must be very close to career ending unless the next two games are out of the blocks. I’m calling it, he is done.
  7. The battle of the lightweights. I can see a free flowing game with lots of goals and circle work. Simon Goodwin chaired off the ground with a big rendition by the players...We Love you Simon.
  8. It’s culture, toxic MFC culture. Brendan McCartney took Harmes under his wing and Harmes became a better player. So what does the MFC do....bring in Richardson. Can anyone tell me his value so far?
  9. Both McDonalds trade. Go and spend the dollars on a key forward, and speed with kicking skills. finally Goodwins brand and game style does not suit the list he has recruited. Goodwin is all over the shop, apart from players, this dumb club should go after a proven coach, proven footy dept head and leadership advisor. if they can be lured, I would get Lyon, Yze, Balme and Hodge. clear out the failed ones.
  10. Toxic damn club. Roos changed up things for a while and Jackson was terrific. Then Pert came along and it’s a total mess again. i don’t know what to say about the list anymore, It’s the toxic culture combined with poor choice of coach. The football department is a failure under Mahoney and Goodwin cannot harness talent.
  11. We as a club just keep making the wrong decisions on and off field.
  12. No matter the money, Goodwin has shown he cannot cut it with some of the best young players in the league. He is shown up by a coach of15 games when finals on the line. He has to go now, the club placed all their faith in him and dragged the supporters along. to lose two games in a row when everything is at stake is an appalling failure. The playing group are not buying in, otherwise it would be different. I would go for the best tried and tested coach available. Clear out Mahoney and Pert as well. the Club is the leagues worst performing team over 50 years and is t
  13. Have stopped buying into this club. The leadership still ordinary, the coaching bewildering and the list has too many inconsistent types who can’t kick. Tom McDonald totally out of favour whilst on big coin. Fremantle will go past us, as have other clubs while we continue to talk it up. Goodwin has not met expectations and frankly how long? love to know the percentage of members supporters who do not trust this group from week to week.
  14. Nathan turnover Jones FFS This club are programmed to take a sleep when they are in front. what the hell are young team mates supposed to think when they see Jones do that? Whatever his past, Jones is cooked and costing the team.
  15. Good to see TMac out. He is on notice. I think he should be on the trade table.
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