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  1. It’s round 19 and our forward structure is still rubbish. This is on the players and coaching group. they say this is the elite level……FFS imagine being a delivery driver and dropping off your package to the wrong house every week these AFL players can’t get one of the basic skills right. It’s atrocious for this level.
  2. The elephant in the room is Goodwin. He might be sitting at the top of the ladder but his coaching against bottom 4 teams is insipid. It will cost the club a top 4 spot in the end. normally if your team is sitting in top of the ladder, you can mostly sit back with a cold beer and enjoy the game, no no no not with this club. It’s nerve wracking every week. I will be gob smacked if we finish top 4 and utterly surprised if we win a final. the mindset of coach and players to win big and at all costs does not exist. I have no idea what they think going into these games no idea whatsoever. Longggggggggggg way off!
  3. If Clarksin was coaching us he would never put up with this rubbish. They are a disgrace, pathetic front runners
  4. Sorry to say this but Viney is a krap kick, and slow as a snail.
  5. Honestly, can’t this mob put in a clinical display for once? Look at the opposition, they are playing hard, we just roll up to these type of games and it sh……ts me to tears. Every second week it’s foot off the pedal.
  6. Against all odds, I eat humble pie. Well done to the group and club. Awesome win.
  7. 4 quarters FFS, you had the momentum.
  8. Same as Optus, it so damn predictable . They burnt themselves last week knowing this was coming up.
  9. I can watch anymore, the umpires are trashing what should be a good game. I hardly ever comment on umpiring but truly we cannot win if this keeps up.
  10. Out of all the top 4 teams it will be Melbourne who blow it fair up their clacker. The underbelly is still there, and next week will be a drubbing. This club has done a terrific job to be where they are but then as every supporter is expecting they fail when it matters most. the backline has carried this team for too long. it all gets too hard when the tough get going.
  11. Time to drop one or two to make a statement.
  12. Still can’t trust this club. Coach has failed at selection and their heads are too big. When are they going to learn it just does not happen. Port away next week. Top 4 out the door. NO TRUST!
  13. Home ground, no travel been at home all week with family…….and serve this up.
  14. No wonder the media thinks we are imposters
  15. Well that was predictable. A total failure of all involved from coaches to players. We certainly know how to embarrass ourselves on the big day. All we will hear for next week is Buckley Buckley Buckley !
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