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  1. Hird would not put his hand up without a really good wink wink nod nod! If that club goes with Hird they have learnt nothing. Steeped in the past and arrogant beyond belief. Ooze should give them a wide berth!
  2. 2nd spot was a total waste, two final losses to interstate teams on our home deck. This MCG hoodoo is a worry for the MFC, we dont play this ground well and it’s our supporters who turn up to see the cluster. Don’t get me started on the other issue regarding the home base which is taking forever.
  3. Had an absolute gutful of getting done by Collingwood. Even at our best they do us over!
  4. We seem to be a team that gives away far too many free kicks in opposition forward half. Frankly, Goodwin can’t fix our forward problem. Just can’t believe Collingwood are making a laughing stock of opposition coaches in close games. Hats off to McRae he is one smart operator.
  5. Shame on coaches. They can’t and have not learnt after weeks of seeing pies how to close them down. Our mob can’t kick straight to save themselves.
  6. Weid has tried and simply has not progressed. Finished at MFC!
  7. Did Jackson’s head knock stop him from being in the team song?
  8. Jackson needs good advice, currently disrupting team with constant talk and frankly dont take him next week to freo game.
  9. Doggas head at Fremantle. Drop him for next weeks trip
  10. Move Weed on! He is not going to be best 22.
  11. As. Thirty year plus member of this club I am getting heartily sick to death of this poo. STFU and get in with winning a premiership at the MCG. As for Warner, it now seems he is hellbent on bringing the club down. Bartlett if threatened, then go to the police if it’s that serious. This is really annoying the khrap out of me.
  12. Weideman, not the only one flat but his chances must be coming to an end.
  13. ‘Jackson on cusp of godfather deal’ According to Ralph in the West Australian. Cannot access paywall.
  14. So there were 4 people in this Zoom meeting. Who were they?
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