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  1. Kudos to our magnificent Captain Max. He was just immense today. I must say that I was filled with trepidation when we heard pregame that Max was out on the MCG doing an emergency fitness test because of a tight calf. If he had any niggle he sure didn't play like he had any problems. He absolutely monstered the Saints. His 7th All Australian jacket is within his grasp. Honestly what would have happened if he didn't pass that fitness test. Fullarton was already replaced on the emergency list by Ben Brown. By all reports Brown was already playing at Casey while Max was being assessed at the G. TMac and Rooey or perhaps Petty in the ruck all day? We are in serious trouble if Max goes down.
  2. This might force us to abandon the failed Petty forward experiment.
  3. We'll be making a few changes this week I think. Lever with concussion will be a forced change. If Langdon's personal reasons is not too serious then he should be a walk up start. Rooey should be over his concussion so he will be back. What changes will we make this week?
  4. Great get. Love Chin. Looking forward to the interview.
  5. Anyone know why there aren't flights between Uluru and Alice Springs any more. I'm sure I took one about 6 or 7 years ago.
  6. We're really going to miss Kozzy but I'm loving the decision to blood the Kolt. That's 3 debutants in 6 games. Very unlike Goody with the exception perhaps of 2020 with Jacko, Kozzy and Rivers. Reckon Lachie Neale has a dodgy ankle. They'll play him and he'll get a heap of the ball but that ankle could buckle at any time.
  7. Redjacket


    Absolutely disagree. Perhaps millenials and gen z need all their info in short sharp tik toks. I really like the long form conversations and detailed analysis with the use of stats. I also love the questions and comments from Demonlanders which provide other viewpoints from the audience and Demonlanders. I have zero issues with the length and you can fast forward bits if your attention span can't handle it. The guys put in a lot of work and there is no issues from me in thanking people that take the time to post a review. @Demonland @george_on_the_outer & @binman don't listen to a couple of sour pusses. I love all the content and the length of the show is fantastic. I consume the show in bits and pieces if I have to to make it last. I crave Dees content and you guys provide it in spades. Thank you ums and all.
  8. Redjacket


    lol at the censor filter that made my post seem more aggressive than it was intended but considering the mean spirit of the OP which could have been a PM or here's a thought just keep your [censored] opinions to yourself.
  9. Redjacket


    What a miserable [censored] you are.
  10. I'll see you and raise you this one. Surprising because he's usually a very photogenic lad.
  11. Clarry had a relatively quiet game but was involved in some crucial contests in the last. Perhaps his hand injury is hampering him. Viney was sick during the week and he too had a relatively quiet game. But how good was our big bull Petracca. He's having a ripper season. I have a cheeky pineapple on his for the Brownlow. Sparrow was solid too after a quiet start to the season.
  12. Absolutely huge win on the road at Feral Park. Lost my voice watching from home which I rarely do when not at the game.
  13. 6. Neal-Bullen 5. Gawn 4. Oliver 3. Viney 2. Brown 1. Rivers
  14. Just following up from my comment last week and checking to see if there are still any Nibbler Knockers about? Another excellent game. 3 votes for mine.
  15. If fit Maysie is a certainty to come in but who goes out? Woey jnr? Hore as the sub?
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