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  1. You're missing the point. We're talking about players who promised the world and failed to deliver. Cam Hunter was a low draft pick and a speculative selection at best. While there are high hopes for all players, there were no great expectations placed on Hunter. It’s really no surprise he was delisted after three seasons.
  2. Cutherbertson. First name... Darren! For mine, Jackovich and Schwarz promised so much, but due to injuries did not fufil their potential. They both could/should have dominated the game through the mid-late 90's. Travis Johnstone (despite a stellar season) should probably still be on that list. Two good seasons out of eight is a disapointment. I expect he'll make amends over the coming years though.
  3. No surprises to see Collingwood players mentioned. The profile of the club raises the profile of the players. I have to say though, you're well off the mark with Hamill. When he's fit and firing, his value to the Saints is immeasurable. A fantastic player!
  4. Looks the goods Robbie. Funnily my computer did not pick up your Avatar change until I did a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) <_<
  5. Don't mention it Robbie. I'm sorry I couldn't find any more pictures of the great man. Are you going to go with the first picture? I look forward to seeing it uploaded as your Avatar.
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