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  1. No agenda Frank, like most of us I'm just a member (with no official ties to the club) who has an opinion. My opinion, in the context of this thread, is that Stynes & Lyon did us no favours and Schwarz is not the messiah. In fact he's been a very naughty boy.
  2. FFS. Can somebody please tell me when a past player then led that club as president to a premiership!? We don't need another ex-player 'hero'. Let alone a questionable (but sure, yes, passionate) one like Schwarz. We had Stynes and look where he got us.
  3. I read it and agree that they've set a great example of what should be done. With that in mind you talk about the "right people" but all you can offer up is Schwarz and a bunch of his ex-teammates.
  4. Ridiculously ill considered statement from Nick Bowen. Every established club that finds themselves in this position (on its knees and in need of draft concessions) is there from it's own making. Well run clubs don't generally bottom out... and if they do they don't dwell there.
  5. More important question. If we start to turn around our form, should we tank for one? Honestly...
  6. So the new board should be made up of past players who were good footballers, but nonetheless part of the post '64 era of mediocrity? And again, were better at running around chasing a ball than running successful organisations. By the way. G Lyon stood up and offered an opinion - we selected Neeld on his opinion alone. Look where that got us. And McLardy signed off on Neeld knowing the recruiting process went something like this... Lyon promises to land Clarkson. Lyon fails to land Clarkson Lyon sits down for a coffee with Malthouse and asks who is the pick of the league's (or maybe just his) assistants. Malthouse nominates Neeld. Lyon speaks to a few people who worked with him. Good reports. Neeld tells Lyon he's in the final 2 for the Adelaide gig and needs to make a decision (he's bluffing). Lyon offers him the job. Calls Jim to tell him he's appointed Neeld. Jim says okay, tells him to let Don know his decision. Don signs off on it. McLardy should stand down.
  7. Mate I'm not a fan of McLardy but if his boards primary goal isn't to build a club that can win a premiership, then what the hell is it? Of course their set goal is to win a flag. Humour me. What are his "connections elsewhere"? Racing connection notwithstanding!
  8. The board appoints the CEO. The president is Chairman of the Board. Yet you'd rather a face than a mind at the top?
  9. Help me understand your point? If a guy who helps run a country can run a football club then a guy who, just generally ran around a paddock can as well? Hard to argue with that...
  10. Wins unite supporters! Jimmy was a great fundraiser, a tin rattler. He showed that with Reach and again with the MFC. And on the face of it, he was good for the club. But he sent us down this bloody path... The botched appointments were on his clock. The botched sackings were on his clock. G Lyon was got involved on his clock. Tanking happened on his clock. The rot started on his clock and set in on his right hand man (Don's). Sure Ox could play and sure he had ticker but come on!
  11. Brilliant site for the kids! Did anyone else do the which player are you quiz and get Jack Watts!? FML There must be a bug because I ticked "lead by example" as the thing I most love to do on field.
  12. It was our worst EVER loss at the MCG. We were that bad.
  13. What's not to like? KD Lang is actually spot on here... Is it wrong that after reading the first 4 lines I thought bring back PG?
  14. When you're right you're right. If our board was 100% online, think of the club savings!
  15. The article says "Melbourne has asked permission for its mini-draft selection, key position prospect Jesse Hogan, to play in the NAB Cup."
  16. So sad when people lose control of their lives. A few years ago LJ was one of football's feel good stories; how much has that changed. As for the rubbish being written in this post. Condemn the act but please lets have some compassion for the person. Is Liam dealing with the difficulties in his life badly? No doubt. But few of us can comprehend the extent of the challenges he has faced and many would struggle cope just as much. It's never too late to turn it around Liam. All the best.
  17. Now you have: http://innocentbystander.com.au/moscato.php
  18. Simple question for discussion, who is actually the better prospect among the two? My assumption has been that Viney was the man - but given he wasn't nominated until pick 7(?) and Wines is touted to go (to us) at pick 4, is there an argument to say otherwise? Both are old fashioned, hit the pack hard, win the football types - but who has done it better?
  19. We have a winner. Brock was invited to leave, told it was in his best interests to look elsewhere to continue his career. It, as you could imagine, hurt him deeply. He might have been disillusioned with the club due to the '09 results, but he did't walk out on the club because of it. We showed him the door...
  20. I don't arrive back in Aus until Monday (22nd) morning. Terrible timing. Hoping for a draw so we can play a re-match the following week.
  21. Good job Rollo. 28th suits, more likely to be back in town then. First weekend in Nov would be even better...
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