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  1. How quickly things change... http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-04-02/garlett-one-of-the-games-best-forwards
  2. Courtesy of @sirswampthing on Twitter... MELB in the past 6 weeks have score 765 points and conceded 372 (205.6%) 205.6% is their BEST EVER percentage over any 6 game span. (We are in the best form in the club’s history.) Prev: 204.4% in 1897 R01-06, the first 6 games the club ever played. It’s the best 6 game run in the AFL since Hawthorn in 2012.
  3. Presently, this is our best start to a season since 1988. IF we get up against the Pies on QB it’ll make this our best start to a season (first 12 rounds) since... 1964.
  4. Not quite. 96 points in the false dawn of 2011.
  5. It’s not every week that stats are on our side, so let’s go through some of the numbers to put this run of form into perspective. - First time in club history that we have won three consecutive games by over 10 goals. - First time in club history that we have won two consecutive games by over 15 goals. - First time since 1993 that we have won two games in a season by over 15 goals. - 18 consecutive quarters won. Club record. All-time AFL record is 21. Next week!! - Highest ladder position since round 20, 2006. - Best start to a season (first 10 rounds) since 1988 (8-2). Three times since we’ve gone 7-3 but with lesser percentage. - Victory over Carlton was our eighth biggest ever and best win since 1993 v Richmond 121pts. - Not only are we the top scoring side in 2018 but we are the only club to have scored over 140 points in a game... and have done it three times. - Best five game streak since 1900. Here are the top five: 5W-0L 235% - R1-R5 1899 5W-0L 223% - R7-R11 1900 5W-0L 217% - R1-R5 1897* 5W-0L 207% - R6-R10 2018 5W-0L 206% - R20-SF 1987 5W-0L 205% - R8-R12 1963 ... what else?
  6. Hey DV, can I please get a code. Can't remember what league I was in last year. 2018 name is 'Squad Goals'.
  7. 2017 numbers: 382 frees for, 384 frees against. Do you honestly think there's a deliberate biased against the club, or that umpiring is inconsistent and, as supporters, we remember the ones that go against us...
  8. Average crowd for a Port Adelaide game at the MCG is 25.5k. Nothing wrong with 27k today.
  9. At least the Demonland Dees seldom subjected you to nail biters. I think Carlton once got within a kick on the soccer field at Gosch's Paddock, but that was about it. Enjoy Rollo.
  10. I think come round 21 we won't be in the 8, and we'll need to win the last three to play finals...
  11. Whenever Pedo has played he has demonstrated that he is best 22. Anyone disagree? He just hasn't, for reasons of injury and prejudice against age, been able to string a season together. Thrilled he'll get a block of games to re prove himself.
  12. I'd say it was quite intentional that he was given a week's rest...
  13. I want in. Any other takers to make 8?
  14. Is The Darkside dead?

  15. Astonished how people (and clubs) continue to overrate draft picks! This is what pick 25 has snagged since 2000. I count TWO players ahead of Melksham. 2000 - Mark Coughlan - 92 games since drafted 2001 - Steven Armstrong - 79 2002 - Callum Urch - 8 2003 - Harry Miller - 18 2004 - Adam Hartlett - 11 2005 - Wayde Mills - 16 2006 - Nathan Djerrkura - 25 2007 - Tom Collier - 27 2008 - Jack Redden - 129 2009 - Aaron Black - 50 2010 - Patrick Karnezis - 25 2011 - Sebastian Ross - 37 2012 - Spencer White - 2 2013 - Daniel McStay - 29 2014 - Daniel Nielson - 0 Still think we're paying massive overs?
  16. "Paul Roos was an amazing get and Peter Jackson needs to be congratulated on that." "Off field with Glen and Peter Jackson, they certainly seem to have steadied the ship, which is good." - PG ​Seriously destabilising words.
  17. Calm down, he's hardly sinking the boot in, calling for the board to stand down, or coach to be sacked. PG takes dozens of calls a year from journos looking for a quote after a bad loss (they don't call him after wins)... he declines to comment nine times out of 10 and in this instance it's hard to disagree with his measured commentary on the clubs current plight. And why don't you cut a bloke some slack for missing a footy game when he was participating in a charity walk. (You reading this too C&B and daisycutter?)
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