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  1. They still need to fit him into a salary cap and usually you have to pay a FA overs to bring them in. Other players will need to go out. I really don’t see what the problem is.
  2. Put him up back and he’d be every bit as good as Lever.
  3. Record against teams above us: 1 win, 5 losses Record against teams below us: 5 wins, 0 losses Games remaining against teams above us: 1 Games remaining against teams below us: 5 We’ll win 10+ and finish 5th.
  4. 12 goals from 6 games. Only 5 players averaging more than 2 goals a game this year. Of those 5, only Kennedy and Dixon are talls. He’s having a GREAT season.
  5. Again, some perspective is needed. In this round alone we’ve seen the following: Collingwood 1 goal in three quarters Hawthorn 1 goal in the second half Fremantle 3 goals in the second half Carlton 2 goals in the first half Adelaide, Richmond, Collingwood 5 goals all game West Coast 1 goal in the second half Are all of those clubs senior coaches [censored] like a Goody supposedly is?
  6. Unpopular opinion. In round 1, Weitering kept Tom Lynch to no goals, no marks and 9 touches in a Richmond win. Maybe the narrative should be a little more about how good Weitering’s start to the season is, rather than how poor TMac was.
  7. You edited this post and it still reads like this? Are you okay?
  8. Name it after Stynes? After he nearly destroyed the club though mismanagement... you’ve got to be kidding me.
  9. 1994 Best 22 H&A 12 wins 10 losses, 116%, 7th Finals 2 wins, 1 loss, PF, 4th FB - S Febey, Wight, Yeats HB - B Lovett, Neitz, Rhode C - Tingay, G Lovett, Obst HF - Lovell, Schwarz, Lyon FF - Pike, Jakovich, Charles R - Stynes, Viney, Dyson INT - M Febey, Hilton, Norrish, Kowal, Grinter Coach - Balme Most goals - Lyon (79), Schwarz (60), Jakovich (51) Most disposals - Viney (546), Tingay (539), B Lovett (537) B&F - Lyon (355), Tingay (319), Schwarz (316), B Lovett (237), M Febey (201) 2000 Best 22 H&A 14 wins 8 losses, 118%, 3rd Finals
  10. You’re absolutely right. And we should start referencing Casey games when measuring the success of Melbourne’s senior team... 🤦🏼‍♂️
  11. When you look at the research, they’re stating the bleeding obvious! 🙄
  12. And... and cancel the cricket so we can do a full pre season on the G!! 🙄
  13. Also, Dendy Park is looking a little under-utilised: https://goo.gl/maps/EHKPtdoKPThJQC8P8
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