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  1. We essentially gave up Lachie O'Brien & Liam Stocker for Lever Not the worst thing ever but still no player is worth that unless they are elite. It was the IT thing to do trade two first round picks. Thought he was okay in first half. The whole backline was dysfunctional May, Lever & Smith all flying for the same ball. Cost us 2 or 3 goals on poor positioning.
  2. This guy could be the next Liam Jurrah minus the machete. 14 goals so far in the WAFL in 6 games. Can mark, run and great height around 6'2 Can someone with influence at our club get our brain thurst to interview this guy next week when we play in Perth then draft him mid season. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thewest.com.au/sport/perth-football-club/perth-wafl-captain-corey-yeo-urges-afl-clubs-to-roll-the-dice-on-michael-bennell-ng-b881163571z.amp
  3. He's training well right now mate. But yes from a mental health point of view for sure hes been struggling. Don't worry Dees he will come good.
  4. Yep hes been battling through a relationship break down. It has been very hard on him and no excuse but contributing factor to a few things. Roosy, the club and most journos out there know this. The club has and is putting they're arms around him. The meeting tomorrow is a non issue Gutter Journalism to a good bloke having a rough time.
  5. Kennedy will come in for Oscar. Frost and TMac will take on the pies tall forwards.Cloke will be dropped Witts will come in I believe.
  6. He has been super impressive,I thought he should have been dropped this week after a poor game last week. Roos kept the faith and he put in a super game and proved me wrong. Still his first touch is not as clean as it could be but that will come with experience. Love him and Wagner in the back both take risks but never seem to panick.
  7. Leg issue soft tissue type. Nothing serious pulled up sore won't make short turn around for Sat.
  8. Ha ha I only found out the history of those two last week.
  9. Looking forward to Buggy going straight to Cotch and giving it to him all night. So much ammo for a sledge thanks Brooke ha.
  10. Anyone asking about Brayshaw hit. He got absloutely crunched by a Collingwood players hip unsure which Pie it was but seen it on the replay today sometime In the 3rd QTR, commentators also missed it and was not mentioned when it happened. Watch the replay and you will see it Punt road end.
  11. Haha said the same thing on post on Instagram @ashgalati
  12. I think this is the most realistic change too, although could be a wet moist night where clearances are key and would love Oliver smashing into the Tigers.
  13. Gaff, Shuey and Duggan all Vic boys and the present and future of the Eagles midfield. No go home factor for these boys. That old saying make a good environment where no players want to leave. Having the Ox a great of our club taking shots at Hogan on radio in my opinion would not help Jesse feeling a part of the club and would definetly sway his decision in some way.
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