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  1. Thanks for this great read, people. I was too young to be there in '58. The filth went in as rank underdogs and stopped our run to win 4 GFs in a row. I was at the game in '64. Once again, the mangy pies were rank underdogs and gave us a real scare. We will go in as favourites, but the doggies can beat us if we are not right on top of our game. Will Clarrie play on the Bont? Who gets Weightman and do we tag Libba again if he is fit to play? (Rumours abounding - misdirection?). Keep posting, people. Regards to all, Rollo. 😷
  2. I do have it out in a mate's garage... If he finds it, I will have one of my kids put it out for sale on the internet... hopefully, it will not be of any value soon when Simon and Max hold up the 2021 cup... 😜
  3. hey, people... things went sour on demonology when tim got sick... we always thought that demonland was too straight-laced back then, but most of us migrated when there was no other choice and, I think, demonland improved (especially in grammar and spelling)... 😇 My favourite poster from demonology was Rono. Like Toby Green and Oscar Wilde, he was always controversial, larger than life, and made you keep coming back to view the latest outrage. Regards to all, Rollo
  4. Hey, radar. I won't tell anybody you told this story many times back in the day on demonology. 😉 My recollection is that you were one of seven or eight people who made up the 1965 brigade back on demonology. My youngest brother (also a brigade member) has reminded me about 1965 many times. Hope we win for you guys. Demons to the fore and demons laid to rest after 57 years. Regards, Rollo
  5. We are footy tragics and we follow our tribe. I have a mate who barracks for the Swans. When they finally broke their drought after moving to Sydney, he was on top of the world. A couple of days later, he was asking - " is this all there is?" Enjoy the journey, people, because (emotionally) victory and defeat are the two sides of the same coin. Regards to all and keep posting. Rollo
  6. Hey, people. I love reading on this site but rarely post anymore. I was 13 and I was there. I was too busy bawling my eyes out when Hassa missed that shot at goal that I missed Compton's intervention. Who was Compton's opponent who drew him to the contest? I say it was one of the resting rovers. In those days, they always rested in the forward pocket. I say it was Bone, but I have a mate who insists it was Norman. 😂
  7. Never need to post these days. It all gets said better than I could say it. Let's harken back to the Northey days, when we had finally shrugged off the easybeats tag and had belief. Langdon reminds me of the Febey twins. There is only one of him, but it always looks like two of him out there. PS Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated, but the nusing home staff have learned better than to let me watch the dees games live. Too many solid objects thrown at too many screens.? Got my 50 year MCC membership earlier this year. Wondering if that trumps my 50 year ban from the members. ?
  8. Richmond used to own spot number nine every year... we have knocked them off their perch...
  9. Story goes this old dying dees supporter contacted the club and asked if some team members could act as his pall bearers at his funeral and burial. His son was upset and asked why not family? The old guy replied: "I just want them to let me down one last time."
  10. I was walking down the main street today, in my small Victorian country town, looking for some pub that would agree to switch on the dees game. I spied an old codger across the street wearing a demons scarf. I rushed across and told him we must be the only dees supporters in town. He said: "Sorry, mate. I bought this from the Op Shop to keep my neck warm." My small country town still boasts only one demonlander.
  11. old : well the team played fine in the year thirty-nine/ we're the demons that no-one can lick/ and you'll find us there at the final bell/ in the spirit of 1926... new: well the team played mean in the year seventeen we don't give up possession - no way and we don't need Max and we don't need Hoges they can play in the two's Saturday
  12. Sorry, mate. Just banter. It was you and the Tasmanian who used to wonder about the relationship between my drinking and some of my rambling posts back in the days of the demonology chatroom. Best wishes. Rollo
  13. Well,(expletive deleted), nothing changes. (Although I had lots of offers from well-endowered Young Russian girls while trying to get to this site. Hey, bush. I can think of 5 such wins since '64. Roger. Yep, demonology was a blast, but we are all serious demonlanders now and the thought police are monitoring our every word. Deestroy (!!). I would have thought you would have drunk yourself to death by now. Way to go, mate. I hope your liver makes it to the next dees finals campaign. Dazzle. You will pay for a Brown Brothers fine white wine, but give me a call. My number has not changed from the inter-forum days when we were [censored]-cared that dazzle had missed the train again. (m) 0408 698 328. Wise, we got beaten by Saintsational on a day you were not available. Captain Wise never played in a losing demonland/demonology forum team, but a Royal Commision has been announced into the goal umpy's call of our last gasp kick for goal in the very first saintsational match. Can't quite recall who that goal umpy was. :) I do recall the idiot demonlander who posted on site the next day that he thought his kick went the wrong side of the post !! Desciple, reading on here , I can't believe that 99% of people have not heard of the great TGR. It's like reality TV - you gotta have some bad guys. If we win a premirship, Rono will criticise the interchange decisions and call for the sacking of the coach. A poster on here once accused me of being TGR. I have never felt so insulted in my entire life. Finally, I don't think this site needs rollo when it has skuit. One intelligent and erudite person is surely too much?
  14. Dear All, I don't post these days, but am highly entertained by this site, and rumours of my death are somewhat exaggerated. I am pleased to see TGR has survived all the death threats over all the years. I did dispatch the Benalla bikies some years ago to end his career, but they got distracted by some good-looking women in Clonbinane. It may be fake news, but I have read that the Russians have paid Trump to send Special Forces personnel to protect TGR from harm, and Demonland gets a dollar for every TGR post from the Russian foreign aid budget. As a teenager in 1964 watching Hassa Mann miss from point-blank range, and the hulk Gabilich wander down the ground with no Demon in pursuit, I was crying too hard to see Crompton kick the winning goal to deliver our last premiership, but I watched it many times on the replay. His opponent (as back-pocket) would have been one of the Collingwood rovers, Norman or Bone, but they are nowhere in sight on the replay. The players all had day jobs back then, and match fitness and forward-line pressure had not been invented. Lots of the guys had a smoke at three-quarter time. My ticker did not skip a beat in '64, but I nearly had a heart attack today, and it was just a home-and-away game. Can we start a petition to the players? Win big or lose big, but no more close games please or the baby boomers might die. Regards to old friends and old enemies. Steely glare for TGR. Rollo
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