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  1. I'm shattered. This is the worst I have felt in years. We had it all to play for Saturday. Win and you're in. And once again the players crap the bed. Some stood up. Most didn't. They just didn't want it or thought they could crap it in. And when they realised it was slipping, they panicked. Two goals. Closest miss in VFL/AFL history. Only Melbourne. This one will take me a while I think. This is worse than 186. All I wanted was another final.
  2. Now I have my account back thanks to Nasher... - Cam Pedersen's impersonation of Juice Newton's impersonation of Wayne Carey. - Viney. - Tom Mac wtf??? Cloud Nine.
  3. Just on the rough disposal that everyone is mentioning, I kind of think it's a good sign. Remember, these guys have been training together for months and some for years. They understand each others' patterns and plays. If the disposal is rough it generally means the pressure is immense, partly because they all know what they're going to do before they even do it. For example, Hunt at the intraclub last year. You could see what he was trying to do all day but it wasn't coming off because the other guys knew where he was going to run and move to. Eight weeks later he's setting the league on fire because the opposition isn't ready for those tricks.
  4. Now just need Collingwood to knock them over next week...
  5. I was screaming here comes nine in a row from the MFC members' area at Adelaide Oval, got a few chuckles.
  6. Pull out some of the old money suits from 4 years ago??
  7. So the question for the collective. If - IF - we win both and are in the box seat come Saturday night...are people going to the game? Fully planning on showing up entirely in Melbourne colours and turning it hostile for North.
  8. ACL you can test before the scans. You can put pressure on it pretty easily to make sure it's intact.
  9. OUT: Michie IN: Salem/Kent (whoever plays better at Casey)
  10. Chuck in the bid and see what happens. Right now we'd probably get him at the price the Eagles got Alec Waterman i.e. their last live pick in the draft. Not a bad thing at all.
  11. Kieren Lovell playing for Tassie in the U18 champs...son of Andy?
  12. Left field option but Viney giving Ablett a complete bath was totally unexpected.
  13. I'm so [censored] over this football club. I'm so [censored] over excuses. To lose to a squad barely half worthy of an AFL list is deplorable. Doesn't matter how you cut it. We were at all-but-full strength and completely [censored] useless. Why did I re-sign?
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