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  1. Then there’s 0 chance I boo him for the rest of his career.
  2. So Luke has no say on walking to the psd. I think you’re wrong
  3. I’m fine with Lever, he made sure Adelaide were well compensated by us. As long as Dogga does the same by us there won’t be any I’ll will from me. If he walks to the psd I’ll boo him for the rest of his career. It’s up to him
  4. Have You Checked Your Butthole - Tom Cardy (@tomcardy ... https://www.youtube.com › watch
  5. Is the 12 digit number in the email my barcode or is it the 8 digit member number in the app?
  6. Not sure JVR has the tank to play the TMac role just yet but we might be forced to find out. If we want to to get back to the structure that won us a flag, 2 talls and a resting ruck forward, we could try giving Weid a couple of weeks in the resting ruck role and challenge Jackson to play as a permanent forward in the TMac role. Jackson has the tank to get up the ground and is a better contested grab than Tmac. Gawn plays full time ruck with Weid giving him a chop out for 5 minutes a quarter. Gawn can park himself behind the ball and mark everything.
  7. You need to introduce this fella to demonland picket. We can use all the trackwatchers we can get.
  8. Wouldn't mind getting our hands on the pies future second, I'd trade all our picks (33 45 & 57, 1092pts) for their future 2nd and pick 48 (302pts). If they finish lower than 13th we're ahead and it should give them enough to get their stuff done. We use 48 and pick up Woey jr and AM_W cheap, maybe upgrade a rookie or two. We could end up with picks 18 and 19 next year to load up on kids with exposed form.
  9. I’d be optimistic and excited for what’s ahead, but not satisfied. Only a flag will satisfy me
  10. It's possible that 3 of 4 games in the first week of finals could be replays of round 23 games. Us v cats, port v dogs and Brissie v West Coast. Would be a strange week 1 if it falls that way.
  11. The worst , most biased umpiring I've ever seen was us v port in the last game at football park. This is a close second. I hate whinging about umpires but this is absolutely disgraceful.
  12. First chance to get to a game since 2019, haven't been this excited about going to the footy since 2018 finals. Get to see Kozzie, LJ and Riv live, and Langdon burn up and down the mcg wing for the first time. Going with a Geelong supporting mate and wondering if anyone knows how we get tickets together? Do I need to wait for GA to be available and will I still be able to enter the barcodes for me and the missus? Bugger all info available, rang the club but nobody was home.
  13. Made a $1000 bet 9 years ago that we’d win a flag within a decade. Last year of the bet this season. Hope this article is correct.
  14. I've been thinking about the compressed fixture lately and wonder if it could possibly be the way back to a fair and even competition? It would require an absolute revolution in the way we do footy. For decades the AFL has prioritised profit over an even comp but this could be a way to even the comp and increase profits. If we scrapped the preseason comp and started the season on the first weekend in March and ended it on the last weekend in August there'd be 26 weeks of regular season. If you compress each round to 5 days you could fit 36 rounds into the 26 weeks. Every club could play every other club twice and have room for 2 byes during the year. The AFL would need to make sure there are minimum 4 day breaks between games. To make it work you'd need to keep the shortened quarters, probably shortening them a bit more to 15 minutes plus time on. List sizes would need to stay at least as big as they are now and coaches would need to manage players like they do in the big soccer leagues. A 22 round season of 20 minute quarters is 1760 minutes of regular time. A 34 round season of 15 minute quarters in 2040 minutes of regular time. It's pretty much an extra 3.5 games of footy each club in terms of minutes played. 198 game season becomes a 306 game season and there is a game of footy on tv and radio every day from early March until late August. It would be a six month non stop festival of football every season. The shorter games would likely please broadcasters and there is an extra 108 games to sell. It could be the cash injection they need to keep revenue somewhere near pre cold levels. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Is it too much footy? Too hard on the players? Could it work?
  15. Don't bother with the minions, we need to organise a meeting with the umpires boss and one man rules committee. Hope Clarko can find time in his schedule.
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