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  1. It’s simple choice really , play Jones or play to win.
  2. How long are going to play Picket hoping he produces something?
  3. Do we have to start up a go fund me page to pay him out. worst coach and game plan ever.
  4. If Goodwin sees out his contract, he will be Melbourne’s last coach.
  5. Why do we continually hand ball to players flat footed and out numbered.
  6. Can’t tell me that Lions have not been told to jump in to Gawn at every chance.
  7. Maybe Pert and Bartlet are not the right guys also
  8. Also can’t stick tackles, strength training required
  9. Kicked 10 goals in a final
  10. It seems Goody and his assistants have escaped much needed criticism this season by the press. No one from the club has applied any pressure to the coaching or player group. just a weak club that is happy just to survive and be irrelevant members and supporters won’t to see some passion.
  11. Rubbish response, let people have their say and voice their thoughts.
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