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  1. Payback is a genuine thing in indigenous culture we owe north 1 + 1 = 2
  2. This weekend we should be playing in Alice Springs, of all rounds, this should be played here
  3. Yet another example, one of so many, that Gil’s job performance is massively overrated and that his replacement must come from outside of his pathetic cronies.
  4. No mercy, let’s continue embracing indigenous culture and todays lesson can be on payback…
  5. So many examples of open dissent, so few actually paid…
  6. The Blues defence is why top 4 is their ceiling
  7. 16-6 frees I should not be surprised to see Carlscum make a preliminary final, I would be surprised if they went further this year
  8. Can’t say I am thrilled with Melksham being the in, but I can say I am thrilled at the thought of him getting to 200 games.
  9. Love Spargo, desperation personified and great decision maker. That said, please don’t play for frees, you are better than that!
  10. But part of it is also the stupidity, just like BT… Underwood telling the viewers that is we continue winning, then we are on track to pass Geelong record in round 23… Really??
  11. I said last week that I want them to finish this round below 50%, we did the bare minimum and they are now 49.9%. Kelli Underwood was horrendously bad today, her excessive talk of the contract just shows her knowledge base to be minimal at best
  12. Clear mark to Fritta, then push in back. Umpire pays free kick… why not 50? Why not pay mark, is it because paying the in the back helps even out a lopsided free kick count??
  13. Brilliant result for us with Suns getting up. Could last week and this be the beginnings of the club..
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