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  1. Playing a year or two didn’t harm the reputations oh Hodge or Mitchell
  2. Playing a year or two didn’t harm the reputations oh Hodge or Mitchell
  3. Important to win this, winning form heading into September should not be underestimated
  4. I can’t see us getting pick 1, so want the Suns to finish above Freo to give us a better pick
  5. I want the top 4 to remain as is, really want the Pies as our week 1 victims! Also want Freo to lose, Suns to win, rest of round I don’t care about
  6. Nice win, just need Port to win, am really keen on beating the Pies in week 1!
  7. Lost 3 of 4, no way are they resting, they are not in a good shape right now and are ripe for the picking. It’s not easy to just flick the switch
  8. Can’t believe they didn’t take a bit extra time on the score review theft
  9. Currently 4 points seperate 5th from 12th, yes a couple of games to play in the round, but amazing fight for the 8 this year
  10. Couple of big and clear dissenting decisions by GWS, just ignored by the umpires
  11. My mates cousin is involved with us for the academy, but I don’t recognise this name. I know Kozzie was over at his house a bit when they were here. Is there a list anywhere of our NT academy kids?
  12. Last quarter is the standard for rest of year
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