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  1. Good teams win when not at their best and our forward efficiency was very poor tonight. I for one am very happy with tonight
  2. I don’t understand how that was called a goal, boot was over the line
  3. Go Saints, winning despite the Tigers having extra players on the field
  4. [censored] result, but found myself not really caring today. had a great weekend with kids camping and watching Finke desert race, only to find out an accident has led to the death of someone watching a sports event he loves... reminds us of the bigger picture in life.
  5. Still no kids on offer, such a wasted chance with such a wonderful jumper
  6. Articles talk about community matches being scheduled for the ground next year, but the first matches are scheduled for the last weekend in June. Is the AFL clearing out Traeger park oval to keep it free for potentially moving the Melbourne and Essendon game there?
  7. There is a bore there HB, let’s hope it doesn’t run dry. Santa Teresa is a community close to my heart, am friends with many in that video and have a deep love for the place. I saw the oval last Friday with the MCG goal posts, it looks amazing. I was invited to the opening, but due to work, couldn’t attend, but hope to get out there for a game soon (not this weekend though, Finke desert race is on! This effort by our club is just brilliant, so many teams make token efforts towards supporting indigenous communities (see Collingwood and Yuendumu) but to make a 4 year commitment, to create such a wonderful ground (right in the centre of the community) is just [censored] awesome, even converting someone like Nicky Hayes (Australia’s first professional indigenous skateboarder, ST local and founder of Spinifex skateboards) to AFL and the hordes of kids that worship him, it is just brilliant
  8. 20 points down at half time flattered us. 22 points down at full time flattened them
  9. 3 men hovering within 5m of the man on the mark in centre then, worrying signs. kick it Kossie!
  10. Not necessarily robbing you if you aren’t allowed to attend, regardless, may not happen, just passing on info, but if it does happen, surely members will get a make up game
  11. As posted in Alice thread, NTAFL believe we will still have a game here, should help bottom dollar
  12. See my previous posts, the cancellation of this weeks game in Alice is understandable
  13. Ever heard of state parliament, well the territory has one too
  14. From AFLNT: ”At this point in time we are hoping there will be another game scheduled in Alice Springs later on in the year but this is no guarantee.”
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