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  1. I don’t mind it at all, can easily be a win/win. In the example given, one team gets the benefit of a youngster getting experience and exposure that he would otherwise get, while the other team fills a short term gap. Would not be hard to say the player can’t play against his normal club and as for a team competing for a finals spot, then you just don’t do the loan, as it would make no sense.
  2. 4-0, lock it in,father a close three quarters we will run away with it in the last, Dees by 45
  3. Hope they keep it up, preferably not blow whistle, wait 20 seconds, see what happens then with blow whistle for free or play on
  4. I wonder how long until we read a story like this about Liam Jurrah, whose alcoholism controls him and whose family have pretty much given up on him. I have contacted and spoken to the AFLPA to try get him help but never heard back from them, the impression I got was that they have done enough in the past... Sadly, with Liam’s dad having recently passed away, I suspect things will get worse for him, tragic really as his community would benefit enormously if he could get himself sober and be the leader that he should be.
  5. He was lucky to only collect the body, but seeing that is exactly what he did, I don’t understand why that is a free kick (or a clear free kick as Ling said)...
  6. Leaders set examples. Olivers defensive running is not the sort of example a leader sets.
  7. Good luck to him, gave his all for us.
  8. Didn’t say it when he went to Whorethorn, but good luck to Chip
  9. Pretty frustrated that we are playing in Cairns for next two games, should have just stays in Alice for the 3 games
  10. That was awesome. Can hardly talk. my daughter described me after as a “mental psychopath AFL dad”, she thought I was going the try hit the umpire in the last 😂 and I think I called her teachers mate a dip [censored]. unbelievable peRformance by Steven May.
  11. AFL have only opened two gates for game, 30m line, no social distancing
  12. https://www.facebook.com/Atyenhenge-Atherre-Aboriginal-Corporation-AAAC-1301261669943569/ This is a group on Facebook I follow, they are helping make Santa Teresa one of the best communities in Central Australia.
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