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  1. Kid needs to keep developing, could get second year blues. Let’s not expect too much and jump on him next year if his development slows, as long term, he will be valuable
  2. And from Alice it should visit the green grass at Santa Teresa, Ltyentye Apurte would love it
  3. Tv shows a bunch of people in blonde wigs, sitting there in stunned silence, all dead quiet BT- “the Bailey Smith cheer squad sitting talking amongst themselves “ The [censored] just makes it up
  4. Apparently the club were very bullish (is that a word) on him preseason, was looking great, the good work was undone by injury, hope he explodes next year and we have fierce competition for spots. Love that he has backed himself and re-signed with us
  5. Alice Springs is our second home, hope to see it here
  6. Bit of a different scenario, there was a murder in Liams community, he felt guilty as he wasn’t there and Yuendumu itself descended into not much better than a war zone. Slightly off topic, locals at Yuendumu think Liam’s 16yo son has inherited his dad’s football ability
  7. I am another who thinks the old traditional GF replay to kick start the season, sick of waiting for first game of year just to have to sit through another Carlton [censored] show
  8. During the GF he was taken in a solid tackle, got free and dished off the handball, shortly after he crunched Treloar in a tackle, forcing a ball up. Ruckman don’t do things Dogga does!
  9. Wish this forum would just ignore this irrelevant [censored]
  10. Love this, especially the end with Steven, he is a genuinely good bloke who means what he says
  11. The fact Sam has been on the phone trying to get rid of players is staggering, how can he expect loyalty after that!?
  12. Incredible development…. something that was lacking for so many years at our club
  13. It’s where my user name comes from, the “Dermott Brereton riot squad “ threatened to kick the [censored] out of me at Waverley, I invited them to try, they didn’t 😂
  14. A Geelong supporter once told me Melbourne was her second favourite team until she sat behind me. I don’t care for people’s sympathy, I don’t care for hyper aggressive tossers, but I want passionate fans, fams who have earns the right to enjoy being on top and if others don’t like it, we’ll they can get stuffed
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