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  1. I like Neeld but it's results that speak volumes in this case, not words.
  2. Didn't the AFL article state that the AD's comment that the MFC were yet to respond was on a pre-recorded 3AW interview? This is a perfectly logical explanation so settle down!
  3. My son is 8 weeks old, still undecided on whether I will let him support this club.
  4. Watts has never torn it up. He has shown glimpses, but ultimately has been pretty disappointing thus far as a #1 pick. Still believe he will hit his straps soon, but it has been slow going so far.
  5. That was Jordon McMahon (Richmond)
  6. I was a bit angry and I was harsh, so have deleted my comment. However, you do realise that attacking Wilson for her "shoddy and pathetic journalism" can be seen as a personal insult too?
  7. Shock. Horror. Gasp. The MFC involve themselves in a practice that many clubs have engaged in due to a stupid system introduced by the AFL and we are the ones that get crucified and (probably) punished for it.
  8. Boak has signed with Port Adelaide http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/boak-to-remain-with-power-in-13m-deal-20120904-25cm3.html
  9. My girlfriend caught the end of it while I was in shower...what exactly did they say?
  10. Naitanui is better, but he would have gone back to Perth as soon as his first contract expired. So, given that, Watts was a better choice as he will be a 10+ year player for us.
  11. I reckon we will be bottom four again next year, just a terrible side and a few new players won't make that much difference - particularly if you factor in the quality of players we continue to draft.
  12. Has had a poor year but will be a very good player and leader at the club.
  13. We will win this week but that will be it for us. Adelaide won't drop a game to us when a Top 2 spot is up for grabs. As for the draw related question, it is bizarre that we have played several teams twice (e.g., GWS, Saints, Tigers) before we have played Adelaide once.
  14. If this is the case, all the best to him. A great club servant for many years. His form was down in the past couple, but this doesn't detract from his contribution to the club. Hopefully it was mutual and not another McDonald 2.0
  15. Not really worth every sense from a playing perspective, given he has missed most of his first season and has an injury with potential long term ramifications. In every other sense, I totally agree (e.g., interaction, work to promote club etc) but having a paid player actually play is important in assessing the overall worth.
  16. Not a win get excited about. Needed to maintain the tempo set in the first quarter, but we just coasted along the rest of the day. Some good invidual performances though, but a largely boring and uninspiring game.
  17. Still far too early to be making any calls on whether we win out on this. Certainly, at this stage, he has been underperforming big time. I check the stats for GWS games each week and Scully is consistently accumlating far further possesions than his midfield team mates. The likes of Greene, Bugg, and Ward seem to perform consitently well, but not Tom. His dreamteam scores are also mediocre. However, as I said at the outset, it is too early to call and we'll see how things look in 5 years time.
  18. Stupid thing to do, and also a disgusting thing to do. Deserves whatever gets thrown at him really. 2012 continues to provide new ways for the MFC to dissapoint.
  19. It's easier to think of the few good years we've had rather then all the years we've sucked. 2012 has been awful, there is no sugar coating how bad we are. Still, it is a poignant comment that Neeld inherited this list, not created it. Give him time to mould the list in a way that he sees fit, and then see what happens.
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