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  1. ......and in the same time has burnt first rounders picks on the likes of Lachlan Fogarty (pick 22),N.Cockatoo (10) , D.Lang (16) , J.Thurlow (16) B.Smelts (15) and Mitch Brown.(15)
  2. Why would North pay some of his contract when he is out of contract. That sort of deal only happens when you trade a player in contract. Ie if we traded Tmac
  3. Wells is a bit of a myth. Got it right and had unbelievable drafting in 1999 and 2001 but after that just average hits and misses like everyone else.
  4. Corr to North 2nd road pick compo to GWS GWS compo pick to Melb - Pruess to GWS Compo pick to North - Brown to Mleb
  5. 2 years ago we beat this team in a final with all bar the highlighted players playing in the GF. They have been replaced with Dahlaus, Rohan, Miers, Simpson and Stanley. We have the foundations, sure we need to alter a few things, have a bit of luck, players to prove but things can change quickly.
  6. I guess I needed to add the sarcasm emoji going by the reply's.
  7. Tigers will now pounce Big claim. Spill the beans.
  8. did anyone else notice Oliver laughing every time Viney got Brownlow votes. Definitely something not right there. Also Viney wasn't siting with Max or Clarry.
  9. I think he kicks perfectly straight 95% of the time they just go in the wrong direction. His kicks dont vary left, right or hook. It might be just a simple alignment problem.
  10. slightly off topic but can Geelongs tall slow back 6 contain Brisbane small forwards??
  11. Though similar. I read that they where not happy with the possibility of Viney using them to get a better deal. Thought it wouldn't put it past them to show some interest to make us pay.
  12. so the price would be Philips for Tmac while smith is still free
  13. Dogs need points for there NGA player. Offer them 23 + 39 (pruess) + 62 for 12 and Hannan. Turn 23 plus 2 non best 22 players into 12 and gives dogs extra points. Its overs but dogs not going to deal 12 unless the points are in there favour.
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