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  1. What is counted in the membership is MCC members who are also MFC members. And so they should be. I think you will find that out of the 20k?? MCC members who affiliates themselves with supporting MFC there are 12K who are MFC financial members.
  2. Thats no different to whats been happening for 10+ years The whole nomination is to stop the non ruckman going up and being blocked in the process and causing any confusion about who was going up. ie if Jackson was playing on ball and wanted to go up instead of Max and his opposition player denying him a direct path to the ball up. You can block a players path as a defender but not as a ruckman.
  3. Hunt has been moved back for a reason.
  4. in Melbourne as in the city not the club
  5. North one of the better teams in the strongest Victorian league outside of the VFL coached by ex AFL player Jason Heatley.
  6. You do realise that Holmes was never in the picture for our first 2 picks and Geelong believed the media hype and Wells was spooked and used a first round pick on him.
  7. Cotchin and Selwood where a long way from elite last season
  8. The thing with Vin is it was just a small Plantar fasciitis release, something you can snap and not get fixed so im not too worried about it, hopefully.
  9. Any handball over your head is a throw unless you grip the ball in your hand.
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