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  1. and how do you stop low hard kicks to leading forwards??? Pressure!!! Pressure the ball carrier and force balloon balls forward which allows defenders to role off and intercept mark. Without PRESSURE defenders are useless.
  2. The above all come down to pressure and work rate which was well done. 2nd time this season we had an ave speed in attack greater then in defence for 2 losses which is defensive running and workrate.
  3. The thing to remember is Collingwood have admitted they still need to do some work with there salary cap, ignore what eddie says, and they need draft points for Daicos. A pick early 30's with some salary cap relief might be enough if Maynard request the trade???
  4. Baily 5 - Clarry 5 Trac 4 - Trac 4 Max 3 - Max 3 Clarry 2 - Baily 2 or Clarry 5 - Trac 5 Baily 4 - Max 4 Trac 3 - Baily 3 Max 2 - Clarry 2
  5. Well never know but I wonder if Melbourne interest in Nick Hind was to play the Hunt role out of the backline and when it fell through Hunt was plan B????
  6. those figures against where Bris against and not Melb
  7. Not to stick up for Carlton but Williams was a free agent and it was only 1 first round pick for Saad
  8. scores against in same time, 45, 85, 44, 71, 51, 74, and 65
  9. Really interesting game. Melb defensive system v's Bris attack. Melb has only conceded more than 73 points once this season, 96 points to Adel being the outlier Bris has kicked scores of 102, 103, 93, 95, 124, 102 and 129 the last 7 weeks. If we can keep them below 80 points I reckon we'll win.
  10. I think I heard Max say on 3aw sportsday last night that Lever is expecting a 1 week and Tmac in 2. Which Id say if I heard correctly would affect the team if we go to syd for the Bris game and stay.
  11. but a hot spot can be more than 7 weeks since thats the injury that Vin has. I assume your no medical Dr???
  12. just move it to the G and get everyone in
  13. I believe it was the highest score from turnovers from any team so far this year.
  14. First time this year our ave speed in attack has been greater than our ave speed if defence as per the AFL app. We just didn't work hard enough defensively compared to other weeks
  15. https://www.melbournestorm.com.au/news/2021/05/11/giant-step-forward-for-rugby-league-in-victoria/
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