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  1. Hope to hear from you soon Curry.

    You and 'luded copped [censored] ridiculous penalties

  2. I guess what I mean is that 'your midfield' refers to a group of 5-10 players (depending on genuine depth) as a collective that make a premiership side. That means any one of them, or the loss of any one of them, is of much less vale than a player like a Hogan. Ps you forgot Cam Mooney. FMD.
  3. this is the no.1 asset in the comp, could be the difference between winning a flag or not wining one. there are plenty of bits of worrying info. heaps of current elite players have already set the precedent that loyalty no longer exists how anyone can think that this is a 'pointless' discussion is beyond me. It is hard to imagine a more important one in fact.
  4. and in terms of the momentum/belief that it will provide it is more important than all the others too is also the most important in terms of our image as a club, if you know what I mean, we will very much be noticed by the comp (and our own jaded supporters) if we get up for this one unfortunately, the other side of the coin is that there is plenty to lose. If we put in a rd2/rd6 performance we will be slaughtered and serious damage will be done
  5. imagining winning this smash the lions next week and port in the NT and be comfortably in the 8 at a win/loss of 7-3 just about build a statue of Paul Roos outside the MCC
  6. gee it's handy being super tall isn't it! You get to play AFL for 7 years despite doing zero damage, simply because you are a required backup plan. Very handy indeed
  7. well you did have to because it is superstitious rubbish. I'm surprised EFC aren't on top of the ladder given your argument... which seems to be 'getting injured is good because the opposition takes it easy on you and you catch them off guard'. right. Maybe we should deliberately injure max gawn and see how that plays out. We'll have to agree to disagree. I'm not going to waver on suggesting that if Dahlhaus, Bontempelli and Stinger were declared unavailable this week, then our chances of winning the match would increase, not decrease. Call me crazy.
  8. this is true, provided we do actually receive that 'remarkable' thing in return I actually don't think 2 x picks in the top 5 would do it for me although if it's Oliver + Petracca you can live with it, maybe again I'll say though Hogan is a much rarer commodity than even the greatest midfielders
  9. as many as the scully thread yeah that was a lot of talk about nothing in the end oh wait
  10. how can you call it a 'conspiracy theory' in light of Scully, Judd, Ablett, Franklin and Dangerfield ALL doing the dirty on their clubs after 'contract talks were put on hold' it is actually the norm now for players to just ship out whenever they feel like it, for their own selfish reasons, usually financial conspiracy theory fmd
  11. This is why the phrase 'family reasons' exists A total copout to hide the truth that everyone knows anyway Then you have brown paper bags which everyone pretends don't exist either The whole thing is farce
  12. well presumably we would have been absolutely smashed by the 'proper' Essendon side wouldn't we? That means those 'injured' players being out was the difference between a small loss and a big loss. You prove my point by noting that Riewoldt NOT being out injured basically cost us the game. So it obviously counts for something. Get it? I can't believe I am having to defend my position 'good opposition players being out injured is helpful for us'. Would you also like me to argue the Earth is not flat? I might need to go away again I reckon
  13. bottom line is that we are 68 points per week a better side than when Neeld finished. That's in 2 seasons plus 7 rounds. That is seriously impressive
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