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  1. The Pre-season Supplemental Selection is for a rookie and your last list position. Isn’t it better to get the best quality player for your list where your future wants are. Another versatile defender who could move into the midfield would be terrific.
  2. Why? If they take him, it might leave another player in line for selection who we could prefer.
  3. No offence to Fox News but I would rather see confirmation of this on the AFL site.
  4. What an awesome experience for a young up and coming ruckman to get his grounding in the art of ruck play from the two big G’s!
  5. Wow. Talk about going out on a limb with that draft prediction. Jefferson - who would have thought?
  6. The fact of the matter is that Cook was selected as the All Australian CHF off the back of some very solid form at Under 18 level while Lynch had only recently shown draft worthy form. At the time, it looked like a solid drafting decision but after one training run, he was cooked (pun intended).
  7. Does anyone know if it’s true that we have opted not to nominate Emilie-Brennan or whether we can’t pick him because we’re limited to 2 Category B rookies?
  8. Although he looks spindly thin, there have been reports that he’s put on weight since the start of the season. Does the AFL have any data on the latest height and weight information for the current draft prospects?
  9. Also comes from Hampton Rovers which is the Brayshaws' club.
  10. Finn Emile-Brennan Height: 181cm Weight: 62kg D.O.B: 07-05-200 STRENGTHS + Kicking 
+ Speed 
+ Rebounding IMPROVEMENTS: - Strength/size 
- Versatility “Finn Emile-Brennan is a Melbourne Next-Generation Academy member, and a small running defender. He has some outstanding traits that catch the eye, but at 64kg, the Dandenong small still has a way to go to compete against senior bodies. One benefit of Emile-Brennan's game is that he is quite often the chosen distributor, with his kicking ability among the best of the crop. At times, Emile-Brennan can bite off more than he can chew by looking for that 45-degree pass, and he is inconsistent in terms of his impact per game, but when he is on, he can certainly influence a match. He has that speed and evasion combination, but the fact he is quite light and raw, as well as not having played much outside the defence, the Vic Country representative is expected to slip outside the first 40 picks. That is good news for Demons fans, who should be able to add Emile-Brennan to the mix if Melbourne opt to do so. He has high upside for his strengths, and though likely a long-term prospect, he still competed for Vic Country at the AFL Under 18 Championships. Naturally he is a very outside player, with just three of his 32 possessions at the carnival being in a contest, but he fortunately uses it well when given time and space.”
  11. Port Adelaide has signed delisted Geelong small forward Francis Evans.
  12. One problem with Gysberts was his poor engine, something he appeared to be unable to work on. I recall that he was always at the back of the pack when the team went on runs. This definitely impaired his development and ability to improve at the elite level.
  13. I believe the cut off date is 31 October so the new year for players begins on 1 November.
  14. I think that’s a stretch but 13 & 37 for 20 & 26 is almost a perfect match in terms of points.
  15. Why not? Max Gawn was drafted by the club while recovering from an ACL injury while Christian Petracca injured his very early on in his first pre season. Both are premiership players and the early setbacks didn’t prevent them from becoming All Australians. I’d like to think also that the faith the club placed in them during those dark times when they went through the long process of recovery helped create that bond and loyalty between club and player that led to them entering long term contracts further down the track as their careers unfolded.
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