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  1. De Goey didn’t even look as if he wanted to kick that goal.
  2. Great win for the Redlegs in the SANFL tonight.
  3. Timely discussion because today’s Herald Sun discusses the needs of the various clubs and what it means in terms of the upcoming mid season draft. For Melbourne - “MELBOURNE THE Demons are tracking to have two of the last picks in the mid-season draft, however , there is every chance they don’t use both. Season-ending knee injuries to Marty Hore and Aaron Nietschke have opened up the list spots, despite the Demons listing Majak Daw and Deakyn Smith in the preseason . Coach Simon Goodwin’s game plan is based on chasing , tackling and harassing, with the Demons ranked
  4. Three years on the list = Year 1 at Casey with Bayden Preuss occupying the ruck position for most of the season. Year 2 in a hub with zero matches other than some Mickey Mouse make up games. Year 3 (one round played) You call that 3 years? And what statistical information due you bring to the table about the changes in his playing weight over that time?
  5. Not sure that “handicapped” is the right word. You need to remember that in those days our #1 ruckman was Mark Jamar who made All-Australian in 2010 and Spencer and Gawn had to fight it out as the understudies. That’s how it should be at a football club. You should be given time to develop and grow. With big men, it’s only the very exceptional who make it at a very young age. Also, we shouldn’t confuse getting an odd game here and there with “making it”.
  6. Best result apart from the Demons would have to be Carlton losing at home by 1 point to Southport after leading all day.
  7. Bring a skateboard with you and you’ll be fine.
  8. Wow. That’s closer than the leader board at the Augusta National Golf Club.
  9. Interesting the reunion of former Demons experiment seems to have failed at Hawthorn with Chip and Scully gone and only Sam Frost around these days.
  10. The stories of Rod Owen and Robbie Muir before him warrant an investigation by St Kilda into its past culture and what the club can do to make good the sins of the past. If honours and awards have been given to people involved in the past, they can be revoked. An apology and a pledge to do better in the future would also be helpful.
  11. I take this with a grain of salt after Channel 9 was hacked a few days ago.
  12. Great finish to the season. I was worried a few weeks ago that Carlton might overtake us because of their easy draw but justice has prevailed!!!
  13. Just a guess but I would say that Oskar will be the sub and Petty would be there as an emergency in case of an injury before the game.
  14. The commentators kept banging on about the players being fatigued but I thought the umpires were the ones who struggled to keep up. They seemed to get worse in their decision making as the game wore on.
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