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  1. What are the rules in the case of an appeal? Don't they have to claim they have new evidence that wasn't already considered by the original tribunal?
  2. Good luck for a win on Saturday night and good weather on Sunday!!!
  3. Of course it would be Stall 64!!!
  4. Someone even suggesting that Lobb be used as part of a trade. Lobb would be 30 by the start of next season.
  5. At least the AFL will give them a bunk up with priority picks that they refused to give us when we were languishing at the bottom of the table and performing just as badly.
  6. Strange about AMW. He was omitted from the Casey side last week because he was being managed. Turns out he has a groin injury.
  7. What’s happened to Ratugolea? He was supposed to be the next big thing but he seems to have dropped right out of the picture.
  8. Mitch has done okay on the rare occasions he’s been given an opportunity. It’s true that he didn’t shine against Collingwood when the team was very much under the pump with multiple injuries but quite a few others also let us down. He came back to the VFL last week and was on fire kicking 6.6 so I think he deserves a chance. The question if he plays is which of the Browns plays the second ruck role and which plays key forward? Or do they have a bit of a merry go round with Weid and both Browns sharing the ruck and forward duties between them?
  9. Even when it’s not about us the HS tries to make it about us
  10. My two bob’s worth - I find it extraordinary that one newspaper is running with commentary in such a tacky way about a defamation case against a rival newspaper.
  11. I just watched the dying moments of the SA v VIc Country game and it was a real thriller with VC’s Harley Reid taking a couple of strong game-saving marks. And yes juniormac, I understood those comments.
  12. I read this interesting match report of our win against Brisbane on The Mongrel Punt
  13. Casey have included a player Churchill Grey. Anyone know anything about him?
  14. Tomorrow’s HUN headline: Demons at War: Part 2 Ex-President: “Wouldn’t have occurred under my watch.” Exclusive pictures taken from under the table.
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