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  1. Deakyn Smith had an ankle injury recently but it’s a bit of a concern if he’s had a recurrence and we’re not being told about it.
  2. So you reckon he’ll go at pick 3?
  3. 6. Christian Petracca 5. Tom McDonald 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Christian Salem 2. Max Gawn 1. Steven May
  4. Danger game next week vs Hawks because we struggle against teams outside the 8.
  5. Laurie didn’t play -> mystery injury of the week.
  6. He’s not on the official injured list so it can’t be too serious … could it?
  7. Bombers a chance for the finals if they get up in Geelong tonight.
  8. It was a fractured eye socket and I believe his first game. With Nathan Jones it was a pity the club didn’t test him out v Collingwood on the SCG where we would be better served by him on the smaller ground. ,
  9. Concussed and will miss this weekend’s trial games as well. Wishing him good luck for a speedy recovery.
  10. Time for an independent review into all aspects of the Richmond Football Club?
  11. We had that sniff when we went to Cairns last year and look where it got us?
  12. It’s been reported that five Victorian teams played a combined scratch match yesterday. Does anyone know if our players were included in the game and if so, how they went?
  13. Melbourne has beaten every other team it’s played against in the top eight but it’s efforts against the lowly clubs have been somewhat shabby. Adelaide beat us a few weeks ago at their own dung heap and we struggled against then winless North Melbourne and even Carlton. Over the next month, we have three games against teams outside the eight - Collingwood, Essendon and GWS Giants. We will have to take our best game into all of these matches which I classify as danger games. An inexperienced Collingwood did to Adelaide last Saturday, what we couldn’t do - beat them at the Adelaide Oval. Demons beware!!!
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