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  1. The article on Woewodin also refers to Josh Cripps and says he “would love to play in the AFL alongside his brother, Carlton captain Patrick”.
  2. Good luck to Deakin. College sport in the USA is a big deal. They attract big crowds and the larger colleges get nationwide exposure on tv. Hope to see him soon on ESPN.
  3. Just take the example of Christian Petracca who isn’t resting on his laurels and training himself to get better. That demonstrates his attitude to improvement. The younger set need to respond and do likewise.
  4. Good if we could get Neville Jetta's brother and his father to play like we did against Carlton :)
  5. I don’t understand this. Lynch is a damn good ruckman. Possibly the only one who had the better of Max Gawn all year.
  6. Blast from the past Colin Wisbey on the Collingwood In Black n White Board when mention was made that the Pies had put in an offer for Hill … “player who thus far gets little ball, kicks few goals & tank good for only 50% or so gametime.”
  7. The club put on a function for a small group of supporters a few days before the draft. JT and Todd Viney spoke. It was very clear that in their view it was between McCartin, Petracca and Brayshaw followed by daylight and Jake Lever wasn’t in the top ten. I don’t think Lever was even mentioned. Most of us left the evening believing we were going to take McCartin. Happy to get views from others who were there.
  8. The problem in assessing yesterday’s game was the fact that both sides missed 3 or 4 top players which meant an automatic diminishing of the standard of football which was not helped by the windy conditions at an open ground. I don’t think Thebarton Oval was such a good venue and assume the Adelaide Oval is being prepared for cricket. If you’re looking for a ruck prospect, none of the ones on show yesterday would qualify IMO. Williams would be a part timer at best - like TMac or Weed. When the two states played a month ago, WA’s ruckman looked ok but nowhere near as good a prospect as Toby Conway of Geelong Falcons who is the best of the young crop and I reckon would be available in the mid 20s.
  9. Late in the draft period the media guys usually get the top ten pretty close and then it veers away from there. Logical really because the top five or so usually stand out and the next five aren’t that far behind. It’s after then that the discrepancies occur. Often this happens with players who are difficult to categorize. Mac Andrew is one of those players because he’s so different to the usual draft prospects that we see. Have we ever seen such a raw project player feature so high in draft calculations before?
  10. And now a challenge to J G Kennett. Grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy.
  11. If someone is most certainly top ten then you really have to be “certain”. There are 18 clubs and they all have at least 4 or 5 on their recruiting staff. Using your criteria, there might be more than 50 players who are top ten. And none of that means he still would make top 10.
  12. It’s going to be interesting to see what Fremantle can get from GWS for Rory Lobb. If they don’t want to pay part of his wages then you would expect that they wouldn’t expect much.
  13. DEMONS RE-SIGN A FURTHER SEVEN PLAYERS And bang! Seven players all signed up in one day including Kade Chandler.
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