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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. I don’t think we’ll play Tholstrop tomorrow night. If we were going to select him for his debut, then they would have made an announcement like they did with Billings, Howes and Windsor when they made their debuts for the club.
  2. Casey have the week off due to the representative state game on Saturday between the SANFL and the VFL which is part of the Gather Round.
  3. He wasn’t prolific but he showed class whenever he had ball in hand and he has a great set of wheels. I refer to Caleb Windsor and I think he’s definitely in contention for the NAB Rising Star nomination this week.
  4. Seven or eight missing from that team next Thursday but I think we’re better now.
  5. I have a feeling that Tholstrop is going to be one of those players who will relish playing in the AFL when he gets there. For that reason, I think it might be worthwhile for him to be earmarked for an early debut at the MFC … provided he keeps on performing at the same level as his debut for Casey. I reckon he’s definitely a goer who could play 200 games at Melbourne. Please don’t let him become mired playing on a half forward line in an underperforming team.
  6. Definitely missing players like Dunstan and Munro to get the ball out of the middle.
  7. I like the look of Caleb Lewis. He might be worth looking at in mid season.
  8. The Gold Coast bubble well and truly bursting today.
  9. Collingwood dead set robbed there - De Goey didn’t get the free. Then Higgins out of bounds when he kicked the goal. Love it.
  10. More young guns to come - Young Doggie and the Kolt.
  11. 6 Jack Viney 5 Steven May 4 Christian Salem 3 Clayton Oliver 2 Blake Howes 1 Bayley Fritsch
  12. Is there anything of significance in that observation that the Herald Sun can use to base another story about the club and its culture?
  13. I could be wrong but I thought it was simply an “unnamed source”. How do you think that the source was implied to be coming from SIA?
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