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  1. Good suggestions Demon3. I do disagree re Trac and Dusty though. Dusty occasionally has quiet days whereas Trac has been remarkably consistent this season. Dusty is a big occasion player and what a player he is then. Getting a quality goal kicker would be exciting.
  2. Could it be that Harleys calf problem was always on his mind while playing and as a result we didn't see him stretch out and show his real speed and skills. Playing 'with the brakes on' was not conducive to being the player we hoped he would be. Reason for his non selection in the last half of the season? Just a theory anyway.
  3. OF course I meant COULDN'T agree more.
  4. Well spoken robbie. Could agree more. Cheers .
  5. Casey in his first year when he was just a skinny schoolboy. What about the other years?
  6. LOL What a statement. Have your opinion for what its worth. You wouldn't have many agreeing with you.
  7. Dr D. Your maths are sub standard. So 75% of Demonland is HALF. Oh well, we can't all be Maths teachers.
  8. Thanks for the memories Jack. I was one of a vast majority that didn't want you to go. What a class footballer and bloke you were. Your kicking skills, oh so sublime. How can I forget a bullet like pass over 55 metres to Dom Tyson for a match winning goal? Your gut run to score that QB goal against Collingwood of course will remain a highlight from all of your thousands of fans. Perfect revenge for their rough stuff in his first game. 'Pick on a skinny kid Collingwood.' You were the ultimate team man. Who was the first to run in and congratulate a goal or great tackle etc? Your enthusias
  9. You are a real leopard Dr. D. You never change your spots regarding JW. Always a biased hater Jack So sad.
  10. How many games did Jack play for Casey? Count them on one hand.
  11. AS long as Weagles don't win it. Those who live in Perth will know what I mean. Pampered and spoiled football club.
  12. Why isn't Oliver good enough? He is in a class all on his own. Guts, Skills what more does he need? He is a brilliant footballer.
  13. I remember another team who wore yellow and black known as the ninth place specialists. Look at them now and the last few seasons.
  14. Definitely another year. Should have played many more games in the place of Tom McD. I like a player with courage and smarts. Keep.
  15. Well, as expected its all over but lets look at the positives, 1. We rose from 17th to 9th; Quite a rise and a big percentage improvement . 2, We beat old rivals, Carlton, Collingwood , Essendon and Hawthorn all in one season. WHEN DID WE LAST ACHIEVE SUCH A FEAT? Long, long time ago me thinks. We also nearly took the honours against Geelong with a missed gettable goal after the siren and had a real chance to beat Brisbane losing by 4 points. We took care of St Kilda and North Melbourne, teams that have had the wood on us for many years. Finishing higher than Sydney and GWS too mus
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