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  1. Good summing up of our brave, fearless girls Kev. I just love the determination and guts shown. Like having a team of Ron Barassi's. Go Demons on Saturday and Sunday!
  2. Think Barassi would be at least Robbie's equal. So lucky to have seen both play. Different styles but the same value to the team.
  3. Barassi was a magnificent player BUT he wasn't in his early games. Played as a forward but flew for the ball too early and was dropped back to the twos at least twice. Melbourne tried an experiment here by playing him as a ruck rover( new concept). He was brilliant in this new role and promoted back to the firsts. History tells us the rest. True champion.
  4. Stuart Spencer is my choice. I can still see those long raking drop kicks with his left boot. A real champion. Coming over to Perth I remember Perth full back John Quartermaine, His drop kicking was also a delight. My namesake had a brilliant stab pass hitting team mates right on the chest.
  5. He certainly was not! I retract my earlier reply. Came to us from Portland. Sorry to doubt you demonstone.
  6. So Brad Green didn't measure up to the lofty standards of DeeSpencer? Many would strongly disagree with you here. I suppose Cameron Bruce was also soft in your opinion? Guess you didn't see first year players Green and Bruce in the famous comeback win in a FINAL. Flat track performers here too? They won the game for us.
  7. Couldn't disagree more. You obviously don't like Mitch. Must have missed watching his last two games of the season. A big reason why we beat GWS and Brownlow votes v Essendon. Oh well everyone to their own thoughts and beliefs. You are in a big minority though.
  8. Langdon not a speedster? How fast do you want him to be? Moves like Jayden Hunt across the ground. He's quick mate have no doubt.
  9. Mitch Brown shows versatility and moves well for a big man. Deserves at least one more season with his marking and kicking skills alone. A couple of Essendon mates were not happy when he was delisted at Essendon. Lets not make the same mistake. Showed that he can play as a defender as well.
  10. Good suggestions Demon3. I do disagree re Trac and Dusty though. Dusty occasionally has quiet days whereas Trac has been remarkably consistent this season. Dusty is a big occasion player and what a player he is then. Getting a quality goal kicker would be exciting.
  11. Could it be that Harleys calf problem was always on his mind while playing and as a result we didn't see him stretch out and show his real speed and skills. Playing 'with the brakes on' was not conducive to being the player we hoped he would be. Reason for his non selection in the last half of the season? Just a theory anyway.
  12. OF course I meant COULDN'T agree more.
  13. Well spoken robbie. Could agree more. Cheers .
  14. Casey in his first year when he was just a skinny schoolboy. What about the other years?
  15. LOL What a statement. Have your opinion for what its worth. You wouldn't have many agreeing with you.
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