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  1. While Jacko served us well for three years before departing, we missed our opportunity to pick Hayden Young who was being considered by Melbourne for our first round pick. He is a brilliant player and being a Victorian, we would have had him for 14 years. One of the best kicks I have seen in the AFL. So strong, penetrating and accurate. Really pleased about Caleb, he certainly is a star of the future. Now we have get Langers to sign up.
  2. Another fine running game from Langers. Has he re-signed yet? Does anybody know?
  3. Having lived in Frankston for many years, I think that coast to land would be more accurate. I do remember the stiff westerly wind very well.
  4. Interesting that one was Stevic who did a great job in the 21 GF. Do umpires have form lapses like players?
  5. Exactly. His stats are not bad at all for our cause. Just not his usual high standard ones.
  6. Well done Andy ! You have certainly earned this opportunity. Nickname? Could be the VICAR after the classic novel, The Vicar of WAKEFIELD by Oliver Goldsmith. Then we would have clerical mate for the REV (Neale Daniher)
  7. Well said Deelectable. You have summed up the situation beautifully. Couldn't agree more.
  8. It saddens me to read all the unpleasant, nasty comments about Clayton. He is a champion player who has won four best and fairest and has been twice the winner of the coaches award. A higher, more meaningful award than the Brownlow in my humble opinion. He is battling to show his true form at the moment as a result of fitness and past personal issues. He loves the club and was looking delighted when Kynan Brown's debut was announced. I would hope that I am only appealing to a small minority and that the vast majority would agree with me. Talk of trading is ridiculous and an insult to the man. Show some fairness please and give Clarry some breathing space. Negativity does not help his cause.
  9. After that last quarter fade out I too had the feeling of a loss and not a narrow win. What is happening with Fritz?
  10. 6. Max 5 ANB 4 JVR 3 Windsor 2 Ollie 1 Tom McDonald
  11. No fluke. We finished minor premiers, and thrashed our finals opponents with a huge win in GF, One of the biggest margins of all time. Silly comment to suggest we fluked it.
  12. You think Caleb Windsor is a failure? Early call I would reckon.
  13. Laurie instead of Oliver? Are you kidding ?
  14. For me it is Hayden Young Love his skills and desire to win ( We could have had him but went for Jackson instead for, as we know, just 3 years. Young, being a Victorian, would have give us probably 14 years,) The other to me is an obvious choice, Marcus Bontempelli. Would be very useful for us right now. Great player and person.
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