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  1. Jack Viney has hamstring soreness and has been replaced by Luke Dunston. Chance for the ex saint to show his colours.
  2. I have always loved ANB's attitude and selfless approach to his beloved Demons. Works so hard week in and week out. Such a leader as our unofficial forwards coach. It is quite obvious he is highly respected and regarded by his teammates. Maxy , in his book was full of praise for Nibbler finishing with the words, "You don't win flags without guys like nibbler." Highest praise indeed and well earned. Thank you Alex.
  3. Looked very deliberate did Ryan's action. Should have been at least two weeks. Chandler hard done by. Thats how you are supposed to tackle. We are not playing netball here. No offence girls, Netball is a great game.
  4. Radar, I quite agree with your thoughts, but I did not in any way want to discredit the others. I guess I was saying if a team consisted of just 12 players they would have been my pick. Bowey, Petty, Kozzie, Sparrow along with others have huge potential. We are just blessed with so many good players. How many teams past or present could lose a third of their Premiership team and still comfortably hold off a tough team like the Hawks?
  5. Not in any order but here are my thoughts. Love to see others choosing too. Gawn,Oliver,Petracca,Salem,May,Lever, Viney,Brayshaw,Neal Bullen,Langdon,Fritsch, and Jackson.
  6. Dunstan as the sub makes a lot of sense. He is a versatile and good footballer.
  7. Stupidity to even think ANB should be dropped. He is the ultimate team player and would be in the first picked each week.
  8. What do you mean by limited athletically? ANB can run all day and he is not slow by any means. Before he became a footballing asset to us many branded him as just a fit athlete. The guy can match Langers in fitness and stamina. Like Langer he can run all day. Maybe you had tongue in cheek with your 'limited athlete' comment. Please explain what you meant.
  9. Thanks for that info Satan. Overlooked Dean's untimely passing. Another champion gone.
  10. Lets get back to the real situation. A very sad one . In the space of a few weeks world sport has suffered the loss of three outstanding sportsmen. John Landy, champion runner and person, the epitome of sportsmanship, Rodney Marsh, wicketkeeper/ batsman of the highest order, and Shane Warne greatest spin bowler of all time. Rest in peace my sporting heroes. You gave us much pleasure in your pursuits.
  11. My name is there but where are the ones whose name starts before the letter L ?
  12. Yes, I saw that from Neal-Bullen telling his co forwards not to assume it was over. Good leadership. It was only when he kicked his goal to give us a seven goal lead that he and many of us felt the flag was in the bag.
  13. Yes, it was John Winnike. I remember the incident but not the exact detail of same.
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