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  1. Wish him all the best at Sydney. Ironic that he is the November man on the MFC calendar 2024.
  2. Very true words Norm. Kate is an absolute jewel with her leadership, skills, and always going to a team mate with a wonderful smile full of encouragement and praise. She certainly leads by example and thoroughly deserves to be All Australian Captain. Huble and modest too.
  3. But NOT in September 2021. You can't beat that one!
  4. "About a dozen times this year" That's ONE per match. Not too bad really is it? She is an excellent captain and is loved by her teammates. Leads by example too and you can't do much more than that. Are you really saying she is not a good leader?
  5. Kate Hope soft????? She is tough and throws herself into packs adding strength to her obvious skills. Very harsh comment citing just one incident which I didn't notice. You are a hard marker. You don't be multiple All Australians being so called soft. Chill mate!
  6. Barassi One R and two S's. Not being nasty, mate just pointing out the correct spelling of our legend's name. You have quite a few mates who spell it wrongly too. Have a good day and let's hope our Demon girls have a win today. Cheers.
  7. Wonderful service. I watched the whole show from far away Perth and enjoyed it very much having watched regularly the great man in my youth. Played in a practice match trying for a game for the Melbourne thirds (under 19s). I was on the same team as Ron and he fed me at least 3 perfect handpasses. I didn't make the final list despite his help though. On the only negative side, I thought that maybe one of his old Demons mates like Brian Dixon might have been asked to say a few words. Maybe he declined.
  8. Good comment. Very true! The trouble is we do see too many umps gaining our attention for the wrong reasons. Have watched Stevic a lot particularly in 2021 GF. A lot!
  9. Matt Stevic is a clear winner for mine. Consistent and calm. Simon Meredith not too bad.
  10. Sublime player and inspiring leader. Love her celebrations and she is always one of the first to congratulate others. True Demon !
  11. Thanks WCW Sounds pretty good. How would it compare with Casey oval?
  12. I was wondering if this ground is up to the mark for AFLW games and VFL . Is the surface OK? Our girls seemed to play pretty well there on Friday though. Thoughts?
  13. NUMBER 2 Robert Flower, Stephen Tingay, Nathan Jones,Bob McKenzie snr and now Jacob Van Rooen Number 11 Max Gawn, Jim Stynes, Greg wells Gary Hardeman and the great Laurie Mithen. Have to add Laurie Mithen to that list. Absolute champion.
  14. Not at all surprised by Clarry's great sportsmanship. He is one of the bravest, toughest I have seen but going by opponents body language he is well respected by his peers and the opposition. They simply respect his toughness and fair play as well as his skills. Well done Clarry that action didn't cost us the game.
  15. Well spoken Jaded. Poor form by ucanchoose.
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