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  1. He is most definitely ahead of Chandler who has done nothing in his limited games.Much more valuable. Young Chandler has a lot of developing to do.
  2. Yes, a poor game from Ben should not make him an inclusion next week. Reward best performers in twos.
  3. Would it be such a risk if his form in the twos was good? He is not completely hopeless you know. Just saying.
  4. Sadly, but understandably, it appears that Jonesy has been gently placed on the football scrap heap. In view of his magnificent contribution to his beloved Demons, I would hope, that IF we make the Grand Final, he will be named as medical sub. Then, in the last 10 minutes with us safely in front(knowing Melbourne it would have to be at least 8 goals!), one of our boys would be "concussed" and Jonesy given a free run to be on the field when the final siren sounded. What a fitting end this would be to a wonderful career. Thoughts?
  5. Agree. Sam is a major disappointment. Give Ben and Mitch go. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Mitch is very versatile too
  6. Bad Sport Joe Fairweather supporter Joe
  7. Sam is trying very hard and leading well BUT he has to hang on to those marks. Too many being dropped lately. Jackson too at present must hang on to his marks but boy he is going to be a ripper very soon.
  8. Agree, and he runs down plenty!!! Always thought he was quick but maybe not as quick as those my list. Could be very wrong here.
  9. Not very long ago we were rated as being too slow. Not so the case today. Ran Brisbane off their feet. My top speed demons are (not necessarily in order) Jayden Hunt, Ed Langdon, Kossie, Clarry, Charlie Spargo and Rivers. Have I missed any?
  10. Mitch was right up to AFL standard in his last two games last season. Brownlow votes v Essendon. How does that equate to not up to AFL standards?
  11. Agree. Couldn't do worse than Weid or BBB at the moment. He leads well and has greater versatility and agility. Even can play in defence if required.
  12. Thanks again mate. I thought I thanked you yesterday though. Don't know what happened to my reply. Cheers.
  13. Excuse my ignorance. Who are the two boys on Steven May's right? Maybe Bedford and who?
  14. Agree with all the comments on Rivers. He really is an absolute pearl. Fancy drafting Jackson, Kozzy and Rivers all in the same year. The huge improvement in Neal Bullen Spargo and Hunt has given us so much team depth. ANB in particular is so hard at it and knows where the goals are.
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