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  1. I admire Alex very much. His performance for the whole season was amazing. He is always hard at it and he can run all day like Ed thanks to his high level of fitness and sheer hard work on the training track. He has the ability to find space and is now feeding the forwards with pin point precision kicking. He is a real team man and has red and blue dyed in his blood.Always encouraging others and egging them on. So glad we kept him. Well done mate on a wonderful season.
  2. Donny Williams would have no problems adjusting to the modern game with his speed and class. Barass too.
  3. Not a bad looking team at all. A good blending of the past and the present. Maybe swap Stuart Spencer with Beames.
  4. That GF moment you mentioned was mine too.As cool as a cucumber he handballed to himself and gathered loose ball and deliver perfectly.(Like all his other disposals) This kid is a gun. Just turned 19 which is hard to believe.
  5. This one without a doubt. It was something very special. Until this season I always believed the 1956 team was the best Melbourne side ever but now the 2021 group take the banner. So young and talented with the potential to have a lot more success in future years.
  6. Thank you Dockers. Ed is an amazing talent. And boy, does he love his new club and teammates. He delights in kicking a goal or two and that happy grin of his is very uplifting. I am sure he is very popular with all the other Demons in the team. His running capacity with combined speed and endurance is unbelievable. Definite gun and should have been an All Australian. Owns the wing on a football ground.
  7. My happiness stems from the long, long wait and seeing people of all ages showing joy of immense proportions. Also, it is wonderful that I can now revisit at any time, the 2021 GF on my dvd in glorious colour. Something I haven't been able to do for the other 7 premierships I have had the good fortune to be around for. The other factor that makes me so happy is the group of young kids in our champion team( 9 under the age of 21). David Neitz and Nathan Jones must think, "Gee, I played over 300 games for my beloved Demons for no premiership medal while Jake Bowey has one after just 7 AFL games." These youngsters play with the composure of a veteran. Look at Bowey, no signs of nerves and 14, 17 and 19 disposals in his three finals appearances. Amazing. Tom Sparrow too thrilled me with his strength and beautiful, powerful kicking. Not to mention the brilliance of Jacko, Rivers and Kosie. Roll on season 2022.
  8. And Petty also was nearly strangled and no free kick. But basically, I thought umpires were OK.
  9. A report in a Canberra newspaper recently stated that Luke's family will be moving to live in good old Melbourne town .Lets hope that report is accurate.Such an impressive junior with so-so much potential.
  10. To say ANB is a dedicated Demon is a huge understatement. He is nearly always the first to congratulate a teammate after a goal or good play. Watch him run in behind Max's deciding kick for goal in round 23.He has become a regular in this super strong team.
  11. Another two oldies from Premiership years are Laurie Mithen and Brian Dixon. Must be others too. Neither Brian nor Laurie could match Noel McMahen though.
  12. Ken Melville, Best and fairest 1953, played in the 1956 Premiership team. Ken lives in Perth and would be around 90 years old. The other 1956 premiership player would be Clyde Laidlaw who would be a similar age to Ken. Both were fantastic players.
  13. ANB would have to come under serious consideration here. Always tough and competitive he has improved his skill levels immensely. He passes the ball by foot and hand well and rarely misses his target. Also sneaks in with one or two goals a game. Would rival Ed Langdon as the endurance player of the team. He also has a good football brain. I think he would be deserving of the award. What do others think?
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